New Jock Tales–Freshman Year–Chptr 10–Sweet 16, Pt 2 by DiamondDawgDillon

New Jock Tales Freshman year—Chptr 10–Sweet 16 PT 2

I grab my shaft, and start rubbing my thumb across my piss slit—causing my ‘fuck juice’ to start streaming down over my fist. I oozed a lot of juice, that not only myself, but most others as well loved. Kirk uttered a low ‘ohhh’ , and I gave him a grin as I continued a slow stroke, up and down my thick meaty jock cock.

Bringing my left hand down, I began tickling the hairs on my balls, and tightening the grip on my dick. Picking up the pace just a bit, I relaxed my back and head, and just kinda slumped down in the lounge chair. Using the first three fingers of my hand, I start rubbing my balls in a circular motion, and closing my eyes began a low moaning—mostly for dramatic effect 🙂

Kirk whispers “oh my god” as I bone up to my full 9”, and I flash another slight grin. I guess I was more horny than I thought, being how I hadn’t yet jacked off that morning. As my toes began to curl upwards a bit, and stretching my calf’s, I spread my legs a bit more, I picked up the pace even more, now pulling my pulsating cock at a moderate pace. I started a slight ‘grunt’ with every few strokes, kinda like ‘uhh—-uhhh-uhhh’ and Kirk responds with another soft ‘fuck’. I open my eyes, and tilt my head upright, and flash Kirk my best shit-eatin Elvis grin. “Here it cums”. Dropping my head back, and clenching my teeth, I squeeze my thick vein engorged cock, and began to beat the fuck out of it. With thighs trembling, and abs at full ‘pop’, I arch my back up slightly, and then, BAMM.

Three unbroken ropes of thick jock baby batter go flying over my head—even over the back of the lounger. Four more ropes I aim right for my mouth, and catch each one, as the rest leaves a trail from my face down to my pubes, in a perfect line right down the middle of my torso. I let out a loud cry as I continue pumping my cock, and emptying the contents of my balls. Three more shots land between my pecs, and trail down to my belly, where my abs are contracting like I was being electrocuted. Kirk continues to utter “oh fuck—oh fuck” and finally I subside.

A rake up a couple fingers full of my thick jock goo, and bringing it to my mouth, suck my fingers clean of my sweet juice. Kirk up’s his expression to “oh my fuckin god”. I smile slightly, still shaking from the intense massive explosion. Finally totally relaxed now, we both grow silent. Just laying there a few moments, neither of us moved, or spoke a word. Getting a sudden thought, I relaxed and shot a few short squirts of my hot jock piss up to my pecs, mixing with the puddle of jizz. . Kirk lets out another ‘oh fuck me’, and flashing another big grin, I cut it loose big time.

Grabbing my still half hard dick, I aim right for my face, and opening my mouth, catch a few seconds of my stream right in my mouth. Did I swallow my own piss ? He He, Im not tellin. I continue hosing down my body with my piss, nearly 2 minutes, mixing with all the thick junk already covering me. Becoming more of a slime, it begins to drip down my rib cage and belly, puddling on the concrete below. Kirk jumps from his chair, dropping his coffee cup and it shatters on the patio floor. Slapping his palm against his forehead, he let’s out yet another “oh my fuckin god”.

Finally calm, he speaks. “Matthew, how would you like to up the offer on the mowing job”? I sit up in the lounge chair and slinging the juice from my hand, ask “maybe—what you got in mind”? “Well, Matthew—that was by far the biggest load I ever seen a dude blow. And I mean grown men here too. I would really love to feel that going down my throat, and possibly later up my ass”. “Sure Kirk, I can do that. Ya know—ur a pretty good lookin man, I think I could tear that ass up” I says with a shit-eatin grin. I was so fuckin cocky. Kirk continues with, “That’s great Matthew, so here’s the deal. You come every week to mow—rain or shine”. “Rain”? “Ya, even rain—we’ll just come back here on the patio and go straight for the dick down, lol. You do this every week, I figure about 20 mows. If you agree to that, then after you clean up a bit, we will hop in my car and go down to Carlise’s. As it turns out, I know him. And we will get you your jeep. Today—right now, on you birthday, just like you wanted. I’ll annie up whatever you need with the money you have saved up”.

I sat up on the edge of the chase, and bending over, resting my elbows on tops of my thighs, bury my face in my hands. I didn’t actually start crying or anything, just collecting my thoughts. I look up at Kirk, and simply said “what”? Kirk smiles, and replies “You heard me straight, Matthew. And not only that, you come over Monday after school, and I’ll take you to my insurance man and get your insurance for you. Full coverage, and I’ll pay for the whole year. Then over to the DMV to get your license—they will be open till 6:00”.

Kirk pauses, and again I just look up at him. “Are you 4-reals”?

“Jeez Matthew—have you looked in a mirror lately—Yes, I’m for real”.

I reach my arm up towards him, and he helps me up, and walks me to the mud room off the patio to shower up. We go down to the car lot, as promised, and in a short time I drive off the lot in a brand new, 1975 Jeep CJ7. I think I pissed my pants on the drive home. Kirk followed me since I didn’t have any insurance or a license yet, and we arrive with me parking the jeep safely in the garage.

I tell Kirk how forever grateful I was, and if he could swing by about 6:00 and pick up me and Dustin, he would be invited down to the diner with us for what Im pretty sure, a surprise birthday party. He would just simply be my newest yard client. Kirk agreed that it sounded fun, and I finalized the arrangement with “and by the time the party is all over, and we get lil bro back to the house, Im pretty sure I would be ready to get my big jock birthday cock sucked on all night long.

Kirk just grinned, and replied with “sounds like a fun night Matthew”

“Call me Matt”

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