New Jock Tales–Chptr 5–Me and Mr Jones by DiamondDawgDillon

New Jock Tales—Chptr 5—Me and Mr. Jones

“Hey great game guys—gotta jet” “What’s up Dillon—gotta hot date”? “Ya, I think so” “No shower ? Hope she likes funk” ! “ya, me too”

I grabbed my duffel bag from my locker, and quickly ran out the shower house. We had a good game that night, and I was pretty excited. Even at 10:00 at night, it’s was pretty fuckin hot in East Texas—about 80. I was sweatin like a pig, and damm near smelled like one. I hopped in the GTO with Mark Mattox. Catching me right after the game he said he had a ‘client’ set up for me that liked young hot sweaty jocks. He said this would be an easy gig—just kick back and let the dudes mouth do all the work. He fires up a joint and takes a hit, then passing it over, I suck up about half the dope in one long pull. Mark just looks at me and comments ‘damm homie’. I just grin and reach inside my uniform pants to pull out my cup, leaving my dick and balls bunched up inside my sweaty jock.

We arrive at a dark warehouse on the South side. One of those spooky looking places late at night. Opening a sliding door that screeched like an air raid whistle, we walk across the concrete floor to some offices. The sound of my cleats on the concrete echoed throughout the building—no sneaking in here. Inside one of the offices, , we find, OMG it’s Mr. Clark ! I flash a look at of horror at Mark and he just grins and says “roll wit it homie”

Having his back to us when we entered the room, Mr. Jones turns around after fishing some buds from the mini fridge. One look and he just says, “oh fuckin Jesus”. Mark chuckles, and replies “I told you you would like him”. Mark grabs a beer from Mr. Clark and starts heading out the office. “Yo homie—where you goin” ? “Chill dawg, just down the hallway to the break room—just holler when ur ready”

Mr. Clark gives a big smile at me, and just says “have a seat”. Pointing the the large leather office chair behind the desk. I did as he said, and sitting in the chair, extended my legs, and crossed them at my ankles. My jersey was open, and you could clearly see my sweaty chest and abs drenched. Even my pits were still dripping, and the warehouse had no fans running at the time. I figure it was close to 100 degrees inside. I continued sucking on my beer and Mr. Jones instructed “this will be really easy. You just kick back like you are, and no talking. I will do all the work, and you just do as instructed.” Odd, I thought, so I just gave a nod.

Mr. Clark then walked between me and the office desk, and went down to his knees. He started by unlacing my cleats, one at a time. Then laying down flat on his belly, he pulled each shoe off, and tossed them aside. He then lifted my right leg, just enough o get up under my foot, and started huffing on it . He took several deep huffs of my stinkin jock foot, then swapped over to my left. Repeating the process, huffing deep into his nostrils my foot funk. Then, slowly peeling off my socks, he again lifted my right leg, this time taking my foot into his mouth. Slowly sucking on my toes, one at a time, then licking the length of my sole, once again moving to my left foot and doing the same. He uttered an occasional groan—I guess that meant it was ‘good’. I took another swig of my beer, and Mr. Clark then moved up to my right tit, and started sucking on it gently. I threw back my head, relishing the awesome feeling, as no one had ever done that to me. I spread my legs a bit more, getting into the feeling, as he moved over to the right tit. I begin rubbing on my now swollen junk through my uniform pants, but Mr. Clark grabs my wrist and moved my arm back to my side. I complied with a smile, and swallowed down the rest of my beer.

Now running his hands up both side of my chest, he moved his nose to my left pit. Running into my hairs, which were pretty long for my age—about 2”, he wet his nose in the moistness of the cavity. A low groan came out from deep in his chest as he moved his nose up and down my rank pit. Then sticking out his tongue, he began to lick the ripe funkness of my sweat. I turned my head to the right, and took a huff of my pit myself—damm, I was ripe as fuck, and this fucker was loving it. Finally he moves over to my right pit, and went straight to lick it up. Another groan lets out, so I know now why Mr. Clark wanted Mark to bring me right after the game—fresh jock funk. I was ripe, and he was diggin it.

Finally Mr. Clark stands up and simply says, “take off your pants’. Unbuckling my belt, and raising my butt up off the chair, I slide my uniform pants down to the floor, the kick them off. “My gawd” Mr. Clark exclaims— “your a fuckin ape” !!

I grin real big, then pull my legs up and placed my feet on the chair, mostly exposing my hairy jock ass crack. “Oh fuck” was all he could say. Mr. Clark went back down to his knees, and grabbing me by my thighs, went straight to my hairy jock hole, planting his tongue right into the center. This time, it was me that let out the groan. It was one of my favorite things—to feel a strong tongue slobbering over my hole. Mr. Clark paused just long enough to says “damm, your dirty as fuck” and went right back to work, running his tongue in and out of my ripe, greasy hole. He did this for what seemed like a long time, and now my big jock cock was at full attention. Finally coming out of my ass, he gently grabs my jock, and pulls it down to my feet. I kick the jock off my foot, and across the floor. Now grabbing me by the ankles, Mr. Clark pulls me down the chair to where the small of my back was on the edge. Pushing my legs up now, and bending them at the knees, to where they were now at the back of the chair, and my hairy jock ass was now fully exposed. “Magnificent” was all he said. He the returned his mouth to my ripe hairy ass crack, and munched down on it like he was eating pussy. I loved the sensation, and now free of my jock, may hard jock dick was now fully boned at 8”, and leaking fuck juice down the underside of my shaft. After about another 15 minutes of eating out my ass, he then raised his head up, and licked up all my fuck juice, and then started on my low hanging hairy balls. Ever so gently sucking on them, both at once, I started groaning my self at the incredible feeling. My piss slit was still oozing juice, and Mr. Clark was now going back and forth between my piss slit and my balls, with his awesome hot mouth.

Suddenly he sat back on the floor, right at the edge of the office chair. Looking up at me, he simply commanded, “piss”. I just looked at him as if I didn’t understand what he said. He said it again– “piss”. It took some concentration, being as I was fully boned up, but I just rested my head in the back of the chair, and closed my eyes. After a couple of minutes, my dick finally softened enough that the flow began. I cut loose gallons of hot jock piss, landing on Mr. Clark’s face, and shoulders, and chest. I pissed him up real good—he was soaked.

Finally, he came back up on his knees, and at long last, took my throbbing jock cock into his mouth. Being only about half hard at the moment, he went all the way down, until I could feel my pubes in his nose. He immediately started up and down my thick shaft, making loud slobbering noises, and in just moments I was rock hard again. Grabbing my ball sac, and gently pulling them down, he continued sucking up and down my b l o o d engorged, vein popping shaft.

After only a few minutes of this treatment, I started tightening up my abs, and thighs. With the heavy breathing, and trembling setting in now, and sweat pouring from my pits and chest, Mr. Clark detected I was about to blast. With that, he came up off my dick, and grabs it in his fist. With a strong clench, he begins to jack me up and down, and in moments, here it came. BAMM—5 thick ropes instantly shoot from my piss slit—with three striking me right in the face, and the other two hitting my chest. But it wasn’t over—4 more shots left a stream of thick jock juice down my chest and belly, and finally the last few shots leaving a puddle in my pubes.

Mr. Clark finally stood up, and just stood there, staring. Finally speaking, all he said was “I never seen that much cum come out of a dick” I just grinned at him, then he returned to his knees, and started licking up my jizz from my body. He got every last drop, and finished up by licking his lips. Picking up the phone on the desk, and punching a number, he said into the phone “he’s ready”

In a minute, Mark returned to the room. I’m still sitting in the chair, buck naked, still dripping in sweat. Mr. Clark hands Mark a bill, and says “thank you, I most likely will be calling for that again” Mark just grins, and says “yes sir” Turing to me he hands me a few bills and says “you were amazing—hope you can cum again” I respond with “I’m sure I can” and Mr. Clark continues with “I would like to give you a tip on top of the fee, if I could keep your socks, and jock” I replied with “sure”, and he slides another bill into my hand. “And another tip if, as you guys leave, you walk out naked, carrying your uniform” I just respond with “Sure Mr. Clark, what ever you want” He slides yet another bill into my hand. I pick up my uniform pants, and shove the money into the back pocket.

We both walk out of the warehouse, with me buck assed naked, and head for his car. The concrete was warm under my bare feet, but it felt good. I started to ask Mark “so—” but he cut in, giggling, “yep==Mr. And Mrs., both diggin that young jock cock”. All I could say was “fuck me”. As we enter the car, and Mark fires up the GTO, I fish the money from my back pocket. “Holy fuck” I proclaim—”200 fuckin bucks” ! Mark looks over at me with a big grin. “Your birthday is in May, right “? “Ya, I replied curiously. “Why” ? “You know that jeep you been eyeballin down at the dealer” ? “Ya” “Well, stick with me, and I promise you, on your birthday, that jeep will be in your driveway”

I just stare at Mark, and stare at the money in my hand. “Head for the diner dude—my treat”.

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