New Jock Tales—Chptr 4—Me and Mrs Jones by DiamondDawgDillon

Jock Tales

Me and Mrs. Jones—

Meeee and Mrs. Jo-ones—we got a thing—goin on. Well, actually it was Mrs. Clark. She lived over on the west side, in a semi uppety neighborhood. Mark had called and asked if I would like to come with him to clean her pool—said he would throw me a few bucks, and of course we could swim a while while we were there. I said ya, sounded great.

We arrived around 2:00 that afternoon, and went right to work. Mrs. Clark wouldn’t be home for a couple of hours, so after we were finished with the work we started doing some laps in the pool. And then just generally horsin around. Mark complimented me on my awesome bod—he said for just 15, I had a great 6 pac, and it was looking like numbers 7 & 8 were about to pop out as well. I actually kinda blushed, cause Mark being a few years older was really looking hot himself. I had a good bit of leg hair below the knees, but Mark’s went all the way up—jet fuckin black. And the most awesome bushy pits.

Anyways—Mrs. Clark finally shows up about 4:30. We had reverted now to just laying out, soaking up the hot Texan sun, working on a deep brick red tan. Mrs. Clark simply said– “Oh my” as she walked up to us. “Hey Mrs. Clark” Mark remarked in a boyish voice. “How are you boy s today” she responds teasingly. “Oh we’re just pretty hot n sweaty right now, thank you” remarks Mark in still his boyish voice. “I see you are. How bout some lemonade” ? “Oh yes ma’mm, that would be great” ! Exclaims Mark. I look back and forth between the two of them, just grinning.

Mrs. Clark disappears into the house, and return in a few minutes now clad in a flowing bathing suite, and a tray with lemonade. As we all begin to sip our drinks, the conversation continues, mostly just chit chat. Mrs. Clark is slightly rubbing her fingers up and down her belly, which was kinda of making me a bit nervous. Suddenly Mrs. Clark just pipes up with, “So Mark, how does your young friend here measure up”? Mark responds with “Oh he measures up just great Mrs. Clark—I figure a good 8” I checked him out just the other day—he’s a real good fuck” I choke up on my lemonade, and drop my glass on the patio. Fortunately it was plastic. With my mouth now hanging open, I just look at Mark and mouthing the words “what the fuck dude” ? Mark and Mrs. Clark just chuckle, but continue their conversation as if I weren’t even there.

“Ya, he’s super tite—almost couldn’t get it in. But he took it like a real champ” ! By now I was turning red from the embarrassment, not believing I was being talked about in third person as if I wasn’t even there. “And the most awesome cocksucker—No one has ever took me all the way down, until Matt”

By now I’m looking around the back yard, trying to find an escape route. Mrs. Clark just putters under her breath, and starts rubbing on her pussy. She finally says “ohhh how bout a demonstration”? I go into a panic, and just flash a look at Mark and say “yo homie, I think we need to go—I got homework”

Mark flashes an evil look at me and responds in a low throaty voice “naaa homie, what you got is 10 inches of dick you need to get to work on—gotta please the customer”. Mark had already pulled his massive throbbing cock from his swim shorts, and was aiming it right at me. Mrs. Clark started rubbing her pussy even harder, and breathing a bit heavy now as well. Mark snapped his fingers at me ( a thing I truly hated) and pointing down to his dick, just commanded “now home boi”

In terror, I did as Mark had ordered me, and walked over and dropped to my knees at the end of his lounge chair. I quickly grabbed his vein poppin cock, and went right down on him, swallowing his entire 10” of thick jock cock. I immediately started up and down his shaft, making lots of slurping noise, as I wet him up at the same time. Mrs. Clark simply exclaimed “oh my—he is good ‘ !

“Wanna try it out”? asked Mark. “OH yes hon—oh yes—lets see how that tongue of his works on some pussy” I am now about ready to pass out from the panic. Mark told me nothing of this kinda deal, or asking me If I would participate. Mrs. Clark had now slid down in her lounge chair, laying flat on her back. She raised her legs up, and placed her feet on each side of the chair. Mark now grabs me by the back of my hair, and with one word, commanded me “eat” Still in terror, I fall to my knees yet again, and slightly leaning forward on my belly at the foot of her chair, I place my hands on each side of Mrs. Clarks pussy lips, and spreading them just slightly, plant my whole mouth right on her, and ram my tongue right up the center. Instantly I start fucking her with my tongue, running it in and out of her in rapid succession. While munchin her whole mouth, and tongue fucking her at the same time, Mark had now planted two well lubed fingers up my tite jock hole. I let out a groan, and Mrs. Clark pipes up with “oh honey, I think he likes it” Mark responds with a mischievously giggling voice, “oh ya—he digs it”.

Mark places his hand on the back of my head, and pushes me down harder on Mrs. Clarks pussy, and just said “eat it good homie—get that juice all over that pretty face of yours” And with that I feel a searing pain, as Mark slams his thick 10” jock cock into my tite jock hole, and begins instantly fucking my ass like a banshee. “eat it” he yells, now grabbing me by the waist, and relentlessly continues invading my guts with his pulsing cock. Slam after slam he continues for about 15 minutes, all the while Mrs. Clark just moaning from my awesome tongue action juicing up her now sopping wet pussy. Her juices were now ozzing out all over my face. I gave an extra hard push with my tongue, causing her to exclaim rather loudly. At that moment, Mark then slams my ass extra hard, about 5 rapid thrust’s.

Mark lets out his own rebel yell, and explodes his massive load of thick jock juice into the depths of my guts. At that time, Mrs. Clark convulses, and starts creaming herself, and all over my face, dripping down to my chest. Mark grabs me by both ankles, and flips me over on my back in a split second. “Watch this” he says to Mrs. Clark in the same mischievous voice. With that he grabs my pulsating dick, and begins to stroke me up and down in rapid strokes. He slaps down on my belly making it turn red, and it started to burn. The vise like grip he had on my dick made me suddenly erupt, convulsing myself, as my thighs and abs tightened to almost a painful level. I shot 3 str8 ropes of my thick jock jizz right over my head, catching Mrs. Clark on her belly. She gasped as I continued shooting another 4 shots of rope, right into her torso. Mark slapped me on my belly again, splattering my jizz into the air.

Finally subsided, everyone lays calm for a few moments, until Mrs. Clark jumped up and simply said “who wants more lemonade “? Mark kinda chuckles, and says sure. Mrs. Clark disappears into the kitchen again, and return in a few minutes with some towels, and a fresh picture of lemonade. Mark and me wipe off, then jump back into the pool for a quick rinse. We chat for a few more minutes, enjoying Mrs. Clarks awesome lemonade, and oh ya, awesome tits ! I almost hadn’t noticed, with all the other shit going on. Soon Mark jumps up and says we should get goin, cause I had some homework to do. He finished that with a smirk, and Mrs. Clark smiled as well. He told me to head for the car, and that he would be there in a few minutes.

Finally he comes out, and fires up the GTO. Romping on it a few times, he then hands me a bill. I unfold it and stare at it–$100. “What the fuck is this”? I ask him confused. “That’s you cut, homie” Mark replies with a big shit eatin grin. “HUH”? Was all I could say. “Your cut homie—for todays work. And there’s plenty more of that if ya want in” “IN “? again was all I could say. “Ya homie, ‘in’, ya know—clients–as in a grand a month”? I just dropped my jaw, and softly said “ya dude, sure”

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