New Jock Tales–Chptr 2—Pony Party by DiamondDawgDillon

New Jock Tales—Chptr 2—PONY PARTY

“Jesus Fuckin Christ Dillon—where you learn to fight like that ?”

“LOL, my dad. He started teachin me shit a couple of years ago. Then I started boxing last year—won my first match, got my silver gloves” As I pointed above my bed at my prized possession, I went over to the mini fridge to fish out some beers. Four of the guys plus Ricky, the bat b o y had showed up from the invite earlier that day. Couple of the guys had argued that the bat b o y wasn’t part of the team, that he was just a little k I d. But I insisted that yes he was, he did his job with great enthusiasm, and it made him feel like a ‘big dog’ to be around us.

“So Matt” started Benji Mattox “I liked to lost my shit dude when you made Bradly suck your dick, dude. I just couldn’t fuckin believe it”. “Ya” I respond with a grin, “I guess it was pretty ballsy. It’s like, once I get an idea in my head—it’s happening. And Cheers to Kelso for jumpin in there and helpin out !” Couple of cheers and whistles, and high fives spread around the room. Ricky, the bat boy, was just kinda sittin around, timid like. Not sure yet why he wanted to come, but I thought it was kool that he did. But I had noticed one day he had a few hairs now on his lower legs. Once they got hair around their dick, they old enuff to learn to suck dick 🙂

As I sit down at the coffee table and start to roll up a joint, Kelso speaks up next “Damm Dillon, how you get this shit man ?” “Oh, I got some friends—I can get all I want. But dudes, we got to be kool, and on the down low—just one beer, and we share the joint. Do not want to get caught, specially being on the team. And I got mouthwash and pit wipe for when you guys get ready to leave. Benji jumps up and points towards the stereo, and I nod yes. Bradly speaks up and says “well dudes, Im not sure I need to be hear” I look over at him and tell him “Look Bradly, you was an ass-hole, and we ain’t tolerating that shit on this team. No bullies either. Now, you got your punishment, so get over it. You can party with us, or you can leave. But if you stay, then hit this joint and chill out”. With that I fire it up, and hand it off to Bradly. He takes a slow light pull on the joint, then hands it off to Kelso.

As the joint makes it’s rounds, I stand up and walk over to Ricky. Smiling, I hand my beer to him, and he shakes his head back and forth. “Do it dude—just take a sip” Nervously, he takes the can, and turns up a small sip. His face sours, and we all chuckle at him. As he starts to hand it back to me, I just say “naa lil dude—one more– take you a chug” Ricky does as I ‘ordered’ and swallows down one drink of the beer. His face sours again, but as he wiped his mouth on his tee shirt sleeve, a grin comes across his face. You could see it in his eyes—hangin wit the big dawgs. S0—was I a corrupter ? Ya, I guess so, but I wanted all my buds to be ahead of the game, not left behind, classified as wooses or pussy’s.

Next, as the joint comes back to me, I take a hit, then over to Ricky again. “Open your mouth” I say to him in a commanding voice. He does as I told him, then placing the joint in my mouth backwards, blew the smoke into Ricky’s mouth. He started to choke and cough, but I told him to hold it in, and don’t breath. “Hold it in lil dude—long as you can” He held it in for about half a minute, then blew out with his face reddened and tears in his eyes. We all just laughed at him, and I tosselled his hair. In just moments, the b o y was already fucked up, lol.

“So Matt, what do we do now” Asked Jimmy Dixon. “First, we send Ricky upstairs to put some pop corn in the micro. Then, I drag out the porn, and we start playing with our dicks” I say proudly, grabbing my own. There was a momentary silence, then Ricky jumps up and giggling says “hell ya”. We all start laughing again, as the weed began it’s duty. I decided ‘fuck it’ and begin rolling up another.

As I fished out the VHS from it’s secret hiding place, I ripped my tee off. Couple of the guys followed suite. Placing the cartridge into the player, I knock off my kicks, and plop down on my bed with the remote. As the porn starts, with some big boob bitch playing with her snatch, I hear my lil bro Dustin at the top of the stairs. I shout at him no, he can’t come down, “your too young” He didn’t say anything, so I assumed he went back to his room. “Bradly, go up and check on Ricky. And get a bowl and take some corn to my lil bro” “Sure, Dillon”

As the porn takes hold, we all begin to rub on our dicks. Me, on my back, and head on a pillow, give my legs a slight spread. I pop the buttons on my 501’s, and run my hand inside, now rubbing on my dick in an up and down matter. Couple of the guys get brave, and actually shuck out of their jeans, now kicked back in their undies. I issue the first ‘rule’ of the ‘club’, “Aight you fucks, after tonight, no more tighty whities. Even if you don’t got a big dick yet. It’s boxers, or commando”.

Bradly and Ricky return down the stairs with three bowls of pop corn, and Ricky’s eyes pop out like, I guess it was his first naked woman, lol. It was so cute. “That means you too lil fuck—no more whites. He just grinned nervously, like he didn’t now how he would pull that off.

As we all settled back now to get into the porn, I motion over to Ricky, and patted the side of my bed. He came and joined me, laying back beside me. The other dudes settled down in the several bean bags, and a couple of chairs, and we all get real quite. By now the dude has showed up in the porn, and is stroking his big porn sized dick. Couple of the b o y s mutter ‘damm’, or ‘oh fuck’. They glance back at me, and I just throw them a big smile. Bradly was the first to actually pull his dick out, and start stroking. Not as big as me, or Kelso, but a pretty nice piece for just 14—prolly about 6” Ricky, just laying there watching the dude eat out the bitches pussy, is totally mesmerized. I grin at his innocence, but that would be all gone in just a few. I shuck out of my 501’S now, leaving just my jock strap, cupping the large bulge of my junk. Ricky’s eyes widen in dis-belief, and he exclaims ‘wow’.

Couple of the b o y s look around, and one just says “damm Dillon”. I grin with pride, and mischief. Jimmy Dixon, and Bradly, are just glued to the screen, not paying any attention to the rest of us. I reach my hand into my jock, and straighten my dick to point straight up, as I’m now reaching a full boner. Oddly enough, the pop corn is getting munched about a hundred miles an hour, lol. I spread my legs just a bit more, and wrap my left leg over Ricky’s right. He looks over at me , just cupping his dick, and smiles. One of the b o y s hollers out “Hey Matt, got any lube”? This, I surmise, was not his first jack—in fact prolly done had him some pussy, and was already used to the slick slimy feeling.

Ricky watches in awe as Jimmy slicks up his dick, and grabbing his balls, and tugging down, starts a full on don’t give a damm who watches’ jackin of his really thick 7” of b o y dick. I grin at Ricky again—I guess it was all new to him, prolly hadn’t even jacked off yet. Well, after tonight, he would sure know how 🙂 Bradly snapped his fingers at Jimmy, and motions for him to toss the lube. I reach over with my left hand, and tap the waistband at the top of Ricky’s shorts, indicating for him to pull them down. He shakes his head back and forth, from what looked like mortal fear, lol. I grin again, and grab his right arm, and pull it over to my jock. “Relax” I tell him, “just rub it, up and down” Ricky, now fixated at the porn, where now the girl is blowing the guy, starts rubbing on my dick as instructed. It only took a couple of minutes for the drop of wetness from my young fuckjuice to start appearing at the top of the jock pouch.

Kelso taps one of the other dudes on the ass with his foot, and motions his head towards me and Ricky. Everyone else also turn, and are now watching us instead of the porn. I of course, have eyes locked on the tv screen, as the dude in the flick begins to fuck the girl from behind.

I reach over to the nite stand, while Ricky stills rubs on my dick, and pick up the roach. Taking a good strong pull, I inhale it rapidly, and hold it in. Grabbing the clamps now, I place the remnants of the joint to Ricky’s lips. He looks at me, with eyes wide. “Suck” I tell him in a low throaty voice. Ricky does as told, and begins to sway side to side. The b o y s laugh at him, and I tell him to rub my dick harder. I’m swelling up pretty big now, prolly my full 7 ½”. I can feel the veins poppin up, and my mushroom head is swelled up like a dog. Most of the guys now are stroking their dicks inside their pants, but I decided it was time to bare the junk, so as to not be out done by Bradly, I softly tell Ricky to grab the band of my jock, and pull it down. He does as ordered, and out pops my massive young jock dick, and everyone in the room gasps. It was an awesome sight, even to Bradly, who had been the first to get it in his mouth.

Ricky just stared at it, with his mouth open. I motion over to Bradly to toss me the lube. Grabbing Ricky by his left hand, I pull him towards me to make him turn over on his side. Pouring a stream of the lube into the palm of his hand, I show him how to rub his fingers into his palm to get his hand all slicked up. I then grab his hand, and wrap it around my swollen dick, and grabbing my balls, tug down on them. I show him how to stroke my dick up and down, giving a slight bit more pressure when he slicked up over my cockhead. He had a look of terror in his eyes, but the excitement was also there. I told Ricky to ‘squeeze’ and he does so perfectly, now causing a steady stream of slimy fuck juice oozing out of my piss slit. Now instructing him to go a bit faster, I roll my head back into my pillow, now staring up at the ceiling. Some of the b o y s now have gathered around us, now with their dicks out, and stroking them up like a bunch of monkeys.

“Jack it lil Rick—jack it” “Oh fuck ya—that’s perfect—keep jackin it, Im getting close” With that, Bradly explodes his nut all over my belly. It was quite an impressive load from just a 14 year old, but in a matter of moments, I was about to show him up. My thighs begin to tremble, and I let go of my balls, and bring both arms up behind my head, locking my hands together. The sweat was pouring from my bushy stinkin pits, running down my rib cage. Something about that scene made the next b o y blow his load, and I could feel his nut hitting the insides of my smooth silky thighs. That was enough to set me off. I let our a Rebel yell, “FUUUUCK”, and arching my back up off the bed, blew a load of my hot thick boy juice straight up to my face. I could hear the b o y s cry out in amazement, and in a split second I shot another thick rope of my creamy juice, catching me just under the chin. “Jack Ricky—Jack” was all I could mutter. I hear another cry out, as another of the B o y s unleashed his juice, also hitting my belly, and pubes. I continued to nut my junk, and shot 5 more times, leaving a trail of mess down my chest and abs. It was, epic. The last of the b o y s , apparently excited like a mad man, jumps up on the bed, between my legs, and unleashes his nut all over my belly and pubes. I looked like I had been hosed down by a horse, lol.

Ricky finally lets go of my dick, and falls back onto his back. I sit up and look over at him. “Uh-uh lil dude—you aint done”. He looks at me confused, and I reach over and yank his gym shorts off him. A look of terror once again appears on his face, embarrassed at his still little dick, but as suspected, was hard as a piece of granite. I scoop up a handful of the massive load of b o y junk now covering my belly, and grab lil Rick’s dick, and start jacking him. It only took about 5 seconds for Ricky to explode, as his body convulsed in his new found pleasure. He shot 4 quarter sized drops of jizz on his belly, and was still shaking when I let go of his dick. He lay there on his back, smiling, and huffing from being out of breath. He seemed to be no longer shy about his small hairless dick, but rather overwhelmed at his new found sensation of bustin a nut. . I scooped up a couple of fingers of the jizz on his belly, and directed them to his mouth. He just looked at me and I stated “suck it”. He did as told, and sucked the cum from my fingers. Licking his lips, and grinning at me, I just went on with “It’s good for ya—grow hair on ur ass” He just grinned again, giddy from the weed, and his new found experiences. He ran his fingers around in his warm jizz, fascinated at the feel.

As the room settles, and grew quite again, that awkward teenage ‘guilt trip’ sets in. I broke the silence by saying there were plenty of towels in the bathroom, or if anybody wanted to take a shower, to help themselves.

Bradly picks up a tee shirt and tosses it to me. I catch it, but then looking at the still massive load of hot jock jizz still covering my belly, and chest, I just put the tee on, leaving the sticky mess, and grabbing my jeans, jump back into them.

Rick is still swaying around, as he gets up from the bed and walks toward the bathroom to take a piss. That was one fucked up lil dude. I tell him he might call his mom or dad and ask if he could spend the night. Tell them there are a bunch of us here, and we will go to the game tomorrow from here.

In the morning, we’re all gonna wake up with a massive piss hard 🙂

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