New Jock Tales Chptr 1 Pony League by DiamondDawgDillon

New Jock Tales—Chpt 1—Pony League

I guess I was just a born jock—I considered myself lucky. You could say, I guess, that I was overly developed for my age. Not real big, mind you, only about 5’10” , maybe 125 lbs on a wet day :). I already had hair on my legs, and up in the crack of my ass, and a pretty nice ‘bush’ in my pits, and hanging 7 1/2” of dick. To most of the other guys on the baseball team, I guess I was intimidating.

Girls came at me like crazy, and I was smart enough to detect a few glances from the guys as well, ‘specially in the locker room. Pussy was easy—I got my first piece last year.

So—PONY, if ur not a sports nut, is an acronym for Protect Our Neighborhood Youth. It was organized in 1951 at Washington, PA. Probably mostly Italians at that time period, It served as a transition league from tykes, or pewee, to the up-coming high school.

So—anyways, back to PONY, and the locker rooms 🙂

We had a pretty hot n sweaty practice this one afternoon. Even though a spring sport—it got hot in Texas pretty fast. My shoes had gotten kinda tight as my feet were growing like I was feeding them fertilizer—already at a sz 11, I truly had some big feet, and dick 🙂 I shucked them, and my socks off, and tying the laces together, slung them over my shoulder—a jock thing 🙂 Walking across the soft grass of the field to the field house, barefooted, and into the locker room, I wasted no time stripping down and heading for the showers. A lot of bios that age were still timid about being in front of another dude naked, mostly cause they really hadn’t developed much. Only about five or so of us actually showered up after practice. I just did it mostly to show off 🙂

So I hit the shower head, and turn the water to ‘pretty fuckin hot’. I loved the feel as it hit my back, and I held my arms up behind my head, exposing my stinkn pits. Some said I was always showin off, cause I didn’t face the shower heads. I just told them, naa—I just aint shy.

So it came to be on this day, that the team ass-hole, Johnny Bradly, decided he had to make a comment about my big dick. I don’t really remember what he said, but I responded with something like he was weird for making fun of the dude with the biggest dick on the team. He shot me back with something like, I was a freak, and I just laughed at him and said something like “Ya, that’s what ur sister said last night too”. He came at me across the shower floor, but just before he got within arms reach, I pulled back and cold cocked him upside his head. He jumped from the floor, but again I got 3 quick pops to his mouth, busting him up hard, and the b l o o d streamed down his chest and stomach, and washed down the drain.

The whole room got really quite, and Johnny just laid there for a minute, collecting his thoughts, I guess. I took a glance across the room at the other guys, and grinning, just said ‘silver gloves’. Deciding that this wasn’t going to end it, I walk over and grab him by the hair, and pull him to where his head is just level with my dick. “So Bradly—you like my dick, huh ?” “You like how it hangs down, half way to my knee, all bushy and shit?” “Bet you wish you could touch it, huh ?” “Fuck off, Dillon” “Fuck off you say,? Ya, I might fuck off—fuck off in ur mouth, maybe” The others kinda bunched up together, and a few grins and elbow punches gave me the juice to go through with it. I never stood down.

“I seen you checking me out dude—admiring my big jock dick. I mean, it’s kool and all, be kool to see who sucks better—your sister, or you” I guess still nobody knew—it was in fact Bradly’s sister that I busted my cherry over a couple of years ago. This, of course, got me just the reaction I wanted. As the other bois started laughing, Johnny jumped from the floor and reared back to take a swing. But, I blocked his awkward swing, and once again, delivered 3 hard pops to his mouth, right at the same place. The b l o o d was now flowing profusely down his torso, and I heard one of the bois exclaim that ‘this was going to be epic’.

Again, I grab him by the hair, and at this point Im about half hard, and running my left hand into his mouth, I say to him in a deep growling voice, ‘suck me’. The expressions on the bois faces were pricless—was I really gonna make this dude suck my dick—right here in the showers, in front of half the team ? You damm skippy I was—no fear. “I said suck me punk, or I’ll go for your teeth next”.

To my surprise, Johnny Kelso (whom later would become my best friend in football) ran up behind Bradly, and grabbing him by the hair from behind,

f o r c e s him forward, and himself demands “suck it, fag” Bradly hesitates, then Kelso hits him in the back of the head. I heard a couple of the dudes mutter “fuck this shit—were outta here” Finally Bradly opens his mouth, and I shove my now hard 7 ½ inches in, and push it all the way down his throat, burying my jock cock to the pubes. “Ya—that’s it” exclaims Kelso, quite excited. “Suck ur masters dick b o y”. As I hold on to the top of Bradly’s hair, I begin pumping his throat like a porn star. In and out, in rapid fashion, I dicked him down like a piece of meat. It took only a few moments for me to blow my junk down his throat, and he choked up my jizz from his belly. I just looked at him, and laughed like a crazy man.

Assuming he was done, he started to stand, but I grabbed his hair again, and just said “uh-uh punk—you gotta take care of my assistant now”. As Bradly opened his mouth in disbelief, Kelso grinned realy big, and just said “oh hell ya” I glance over to the lockers, and see the few that were dressing begin to leave. I shot out at them “Anyone that leaves, will get the same treatment. Im the captain, and you will do what the fuck I tell you” They just sat on the benches, some of them watching. Guess they decided not to test me.

“Suck him punk—suck that big jock cock. Suck him good too—or I’ll bust you up some more” Bradly sucked down on Kelso’s cock like his life depended on it. I guess from a certain point of view, it did. Don’t know if he had sucked a dick before, but the b o y was damm good. Kelso, in like fashion as my self, skull fucked his throat like a crazed mad man. It only took moments for him to blow his wad down Bradly’s throat. Grabbing him on both sides of his head, Kelso slammed his mouth about 5 times, pubes to teeth, blowing hot jock jizz down his throat. Pretty impressive, I thought to myself. It would be a couple of years yet, but eventually I would come to know the taste of that thick jock jizz, and it was really good 🙂

Finally I yank Bradly back straight up. Grabbing him by the throat, I say to him in a loud voice “Had enuff Bradly—that enough cock for one day” ? He shook his head up and down that he had. I shove him backward, into the locker area, where he fell into the small group sitting on the benches. After a quick rinse, Kelso and me exited the shower room, and joined the rest to get dressed.

“This is real simple— Anybody that repeats one fuckin thing that happened here today, can expect waaaaay worse punishment. What happens here, stays here” A few months later, most of those guys present that day, would become the founding members of, ‘The Diamond Dawgs’.

“Now—Anybody that wants to come over later, I got beer, and dope”. I look over at Bradly, still sitting on the bench, looking like he’s waiting on his next order. “You too Bradly—you got ur punishment”

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