New Freeuse law just Announced (Final part)

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That’s when i felt it, the thickness of my dad’s cock rubbing up and down the entrance to my soaked pussy and pushed, both of us letting out a loud gasp as his cock was plunged deep into me, I moaned loudly and my eyes widen looking over at Jack and mum beginning to have their own fun, I smile at them and they both smile back before I feel dad’s tight grip on my hair pulling it back as he began to thrust harder and deeper.

I didn’t think that I could get fucked any harder than when Jack was pumping his thick cock into me but the tight grip on my hair and my ass as dad fucked me was unlike anything I’d experienced. I now understand why mum was making the noises that she did, dad was merciless and relentlessly pounding my tight pussy.

Anyone walking by our house would surely be able to hear my moans that were almost turning into screams the more dad’s magnificent cock pounded into me, I was so turned on and I could feel a deep intense orgasm building, one that approaching fast as my body began to quiver under the sheer amount of pounding I was taking “OH FUCK…. DAD… IM CUMMING” I screamed “OH GOD.. OH GOD… DAD….” I continued as i couldn’t hold back any longer as my body went into uncontrollable quivers and the only thing keeping me in the same place was dad’s strong hands.

I thought that me orgasming and screaming out of ecstasy would make my dad want to slow down and give my pussy the rest it needed but he had other ideas, he pulled my hair more and more until he could place his strong firm hands around the back of my neck, as I panted and moaned trying to get my breath back he relentlessly pounded my sensitive pussy with more force than I’d ever been fucked with before. I could only imagine that Jack and mum were watching on in amazement at how rough and controlling dad was being with me, his little girl.

Dad pulled his thick cock from me and then positioned me onto my back, moving me further onto the bed as he pulled my already unclasped bra off and throwing it in the same pile as my ruined panties.

Dad’s large frame climbed on top of me with one of his hands moving up my body, tightly gripping my face as he kissed me just like he kissed mum earlier, tasting my own pussy on his tongue before he pulled away and turned my head to stare at mum and Jack who were extremely close right now, mum was sucking on Jack’s thick cock as he reached down and fingered her soaked pussy, soaking the lingerie that she took from my drawer. “See your mum is just as slutty as you are Lottie… that’s where you get it from… your submissive slutty side” dad said into my ear just loud enough for mum to hear with a dirty little smile on his face.

I couldn’t stop my flushed face from smiling as dad sat up slightly and almost bent me in half, lifting my legs up and plunging his thick cock back into me. He’d only been out of my pussy for a couple of minutes but I craved him more than ever, now that I knew Jack was being taken care of.

As I looked up into dad’s eyes and moaned with a cute little smile on my face, he smiled back, like he’d finally broken me, like he’d converted me into his little slut, but what he didn’t know was I was always his little slut. His strong grip wrapped around my throat as he went back to mercilessly slamming his thick cock in and out of my pussy, driving me to my second orgasm in a very short space of time.

My body was his, my mouth was his, my pussy was his, I was his little fuck toy but I just hoped that mum would still get to experience this but mum was currently preoccupied by the second thick cock in the house, over my moans I hear a faint but increasingly loud moan. I look out of the corner of my eye to see mum knealing on her makeup chair and Jack sliding his thick cock into her pussy, pounding mum just like I was getting pounded by dad.

I was impressed by the amount of stamina an older guy like my dad had but he had to be getting close, there’s no way he would be used to a pussy as tight as mine, unless mum was just as tight and he was fucking me exactly like he fucks her. The thought of being a younger version of my mum was so hot to think about, our tits are pretty much identical so I wondered if our pussies are too.

As I laid there with my legs spread wide apart and high up in the air as dad relentlessly pounded my pussy, his thrusts started to become slower… longer as he was pulling his entire thick cock out of me before thrusting back in. He was really making me feel his huge size as my body began to shake and quiver as my body lost control once again but then dad pulled his cock out on last time and were quickly replaced with two of his fingers as he rapidly fingered me until my orgasm was in full flow.

I screamed as I orgasmed harder than the first time and possibly harder than I ever have done before, my hands gripping the bed sheets as I closed my eyes and allowed the orgasm to take control of my body, as I writhe around in pleasure, I felt my dad’s fingers being pulled from me and a moment later, heavy breathing and a couple of involuntary grunts as thick ropes of cum splattered all over my body, my tits were covered and I even felt it on my face as I opened my eyes to my dad stroking his thick cock over my body, moaning and groaning as the huge load he’d built up from everything we’d done was unleashed onto me and I was immediately covered in the very seed that created me.

As I sat up and felt my dad’s huge load dripping down my body, across my stomach and onto my pussy, soaking the bed sheet under me. It seems like our display was a little much for Jack and mum as Jack had just dumped his big thick load inside our mum and groaned loudly as he pulled his thick cock from her and a flood of his cum dripped out and onto her makeup chair. All mum could do was use her hand to scoop some up and taste it like the cumslut she was.

Mum stands up and walks over to me “come on sweetie, let’s go get cleaned up” she says to me with a smile, Jacks cum leaking from her pussy and dad’s cum dripping over my body as she led me into the bathroom but as she did I looked around the room at my whole family naked and satisfied was so exciting to see and I knew that nothing would be the same after this, I was completely at my families use and now it seemed like my mum was too.

Thank you for reading my story, I tried to come up with a better ending and I couldn’t, so I’ve decided to end it here. Thank you so much for the support throughout this horny couple of months.
Lottie <3

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