Naughty masseuse. New client. More referrals from Beth

I got a text from another Beth contact. Terri. It’s good to have someone like Beth doing the ground work and sending clients. That way there’s no screening. If they’re friend of hers it’s all good.

Door bell goes. I open the door. Okay. She’s not 40. She says she’s 18. Yeah, okay. Turns out it’s Beth’s daughter. Never got that part in the text message.
I’m mainly for mature lady naughty fun. Younger girls have no problem getting laid. I’m younger and I get older women off. I do dirty things to them their husbands wouldn’t. But okay, 18, yeah *rolls eyes* is usually a no. But it’s Beth’s daughter. We go into my room. She strips naked, and hops on the table. I looked at her. What would you like? She says, “I want you to rub and probe every area. Finger my ass, my pussy. Titty fuck me. I laughed. “Can’t be done. You’re maximum AA cup boobs”. Okay then chizz on my face. Treat me like my mom. A dirty cumslut!! I’ll treat you worse. You’re a little stinky slut.

I decided I’d get her on all fours. I oiled her all over and rubbed her. She had a Brazilian wax job that was just about due for a redo. I rubbed her bum. I got my face in and sniffed her bum. I got a couple fingers in her pussy and pulled on her clitoris. I pulled on it with this gentle pressure. I kept pulling gently yet firmly. It works all the time. Her clit was nice and swollen and engorged, much longer. I got under and sucked on it. She had a quick forceful orgasm. So much juice. She apologized. I wiped my face and played with her little boobs.

I worked her up to the edge like usual. Then I walked around front of her and undressed and masturbated letting my cum land on the floor. She goes “what the fuck!!? You could have cum in me you know?” I looked at her. You don’t get it yet. I’ll tease you and when you cum your eyeballs will roll back in your head. She stayed on her hands and knees. She was at the perfect height. I licked her ass. She was moaning. I moved around front. I dangled my cock in her face and let her suck it. I came in her mouth and said swallow. She gulped it down. She said, I was going to swallow it anyways. I stepped back and played with my cock till it got hard again. Once up she watched as worked up to another orgasm that I shot on her face. I wiped it all over her face.

I got her off the table. I leaned her over the table and moved her legs apart. She asked. “Are you going to fuck my ass?” Yup! Use lots of lube. It’s my first time and I’m little. I squirted lube on her ass. I pushed it in her ass with my finger. I went in fairly slow and easy. I pumped a few times and she was right into it. She started repeating “fuck me fuck me fuck me” I came in her. She stood up. She goes, “great. I get to poop that out I guess, right?” I nodded. That the deal.

She got dressed. Thanks, awesome massage. She says, I’ll be back.

She texted and booked another massage when she got to her car.

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