Naive Memories by IslandGirl

I felt the tip press into me. Just enough to feel his intentions.

“Are you sure about this?” I could hear the heavy breaths behind his voice. I knew there was no going back from this point. A part of me was excited, here I was about to commit to something that would either change my life forever or do absolutely nothing for me. But I suppose I should explain this a little.


Puberty came for me in ripples, and by that I mean in small insignificant waves. I watched my friends grow taller, get those shapely hips, and most importantly, boobs! Me, I still looked like a grader, years behind the others. I guess I wouldn’t have minded so much, and probably could have waited it out, but my BFF Lauren . . . wait, it really wasn’t her fault. It was Jared, he couldn’t stop staring at her boobs. I mean, it was no secret that is why he liked her and that is when Lauren and Jared became an item.

Again, not something to grumble about, but I had a crush on Jared since 5th grade. Now he was with Lauren, and all because I couldn’t fill out my bra like Lauren could. That was depressing and made me notice how small I was compared to the other girls.

That is when my dad caught me stuffing my bra and told me about man milk . . .


“Yes.” I closed my eyes just like I do before I get a shot at the doctors office. Was I expecting it to hurt? Not really, but then again, I had no idea. I had seen some x-rated stuff online and those cocks, that’s what men had right? Those were huge. At least they looked larger than life up close. I had also seen my dad’s, not to say he could be in porn, but it looked like something that shouldn’t eXactly fit without effort if you know what I mean. But before I could psyche myself out, I felt him pop inside of me. Almost like pulling a blow pop out of your mouth, only he was going in.

“Oh god.” He gasped.

“You okay?” I wasn’t sure if something was wrong. It didn’t hurt, but I could tell my tiny little slit was being stretched or had been for that split second. Again, like getting the shot, I was curious and looked down between my legs, just in time to see his dick start to disappear into me.

“No, yeah, just feels so good.” He pushed in further. It was such a new feeling, a good feeling. I had to agree, it felt amazing. It wasn’t long before his entire length was gone from sight and his body pressed up against mine.

“Now what?” I had no idea how this worked. All I knew is his dick was inside of me and it felt so alive. I mean, I actually felt it twitch. For a moment, my thoughts betrayed me. How did I get here?


Thinking back, I thought he was crazy. I take that back, I knew for a fact he was. But he dove right into a calm explanation of how breast milk is nourishment for babies and how it helps them grow, and not just that, but is designed to be super-food that makes them grow fast. I mean, he was right, my brother and I were both breast fed, and the pictures proved beyond a doubt that we could pack on the pounds. My parents, to this day, always tell the story of how my brother and I went from fat little babies to skinny little kids. I know, it’s embarrassing, but it proved my dad’s point.

As if he was some sort of expert on the subject he continued to explain that man milk has a similar Effect with a couple of differences. The first is that boys only get man milk post puberty. The second is that man milk is only potent as an adult.

Said it was all about enzymes and some other amino acids. Even compared it to a growth hormone.


I felt him moving, in and out of me. I couldn’t believe that his dick could make me feel so good. Each time he pressed up against me I could feel this intense spark just above where he entered me. It was a hard little nub that seemed to make things feel so much better. I wanted more stimulation and wrapped my legs around him to keep him close and each time he thrust, I pulled at him, used his body to massage that little sensitive spot.

I tried to imagine how this was anything like suckling milk from mom’s boobs and honestly, a part of me visualized my pussy sucking on his dick, trying to get that milk out.

I could hear the conversation playing out in my head.


“So let’s say this is all true. Where does this milk come from? Don’t tell me I have to suck on your nipples.” I almost laughed at the idea. My dad loved walking around without his shirt and to think those little nipples of his could produce anything substantial was kind of funny.

“No silly. It’s from here.” He pointed to his crotch.

“Your dick?”


“I am not sucking your dick!” I blurted, blushing at the thought.

“You don’t have to. In fact, the best way to take the milk is vaginally.”

“You mean my pussy?” I paused for a moment. He immediately began another explanation of how the walls of the uterus are designed to absorb the nutrients, not to mention that it increases production of estrogen by the ovaries and then he proceeded to ask me if I knew where my ovaries are.

As soon as I pointed to them, he exclaimed, “Precisely, and the closer to them the better.”


His hips pressed up against me, thrusting deep. Almost felt like he was deep enough to reach my ovaries. A good thing according to what he had said.

“So, um, how long does this take?” My words stuttered out, the air in my lungs forced out each time he thrust. I didn’t mind and actually wanted it to last a bit longer. I could feel something building inside me, kind of centered around my pussy, at least in the general area. More like just inside. Point is I wasn’t sure what it was, but I knew it would take some time to reveal itself. The more he thrusted, the more my body responded.

I wanted to grab him and pull him to me, but his thrusts were building speed. Out and in, his body would bump into mine, and even if I was considered small, I was holding my breasts, desperate to keep them from shaking so much.

“I’m getting close.” Faster and a bit harder, now my entire body shook each time he rammed his length into me. His strength grip my hips and basically moved me at will. Back and forth, pushed and pulled, in and out. I sacrificed my breasts releasing them to the fury of his pounding as I gripped the sheets below me.

Somehow, it started to all make sense to me, it dawned on me that this feeling building inside of me was my ovaries getting ready to take his milk. I sensed I was getting close as well.

“Oh, god! I’m going to cum!” I felt him swell, push deep into me and feeze, just a moment before exploding inside of me. The moment I felt the pulse of his milk, the rush surged through me. Each time he twitched inside, my body responded with its own uncontrolled tremor. From my pussy to my fingertips, I felt it, almost as if his cum created a ripple that grew into a wave, intensifying as it searched to escape the confines of my body.

Eventually his dick stopped pulsing and my pussy began to relax. That was amazing and I couldn’t believe it was so much better than I had expected. As I watched him pull out and saw the white milk start to leak out of me, a part of me panicked, but he assured me there was still enough inside of me. Then he said we should probably keep doing it until we saw some growth.

If it always feels that good, I was not about to complain about taking his milk.

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