My wife’s giant boobs

My wife has giant boobs, she can dress modestly and her boobs are still prominently busting out of her top, she can make anything she wears look like shes a good time, I always notice people looking at her boobs, I’ve caught quite a few wait staff at restaurants looking at her boobs quickly, over the past while I’ve developed a liking to people looking at her, so I’ll get her to dress in a way that shows off her chest and flaunts it off and people are blatantly looking at her tits, it’s so hot and so much fun watching wait staff at restaurants get flustered and turn red because of her boobs, both guys and girls have done this, it’s so much fun. Whenever we stay at a hotel and I get her to dress like this it always leads to hot dirty sex after and it feels so good. I also love talking to other married women on here who do the same and talk about their experiences and feelings towards it, talking to guys who get their wives or girlfriends to dress up is so much fun as well, good things to think about while I fuck my wife too

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