My wife loves giving mercy sex to older guys and virgins

This has been a turn-on for my wife for a long time now, and ever since she told me about it, I actually find the idea really hot as well. She loves helping out guys (who are usually much older) who have gone without sex for a very long time due to divorce, being widowed, or just being stuck in a stale marriage. She is very turned on by knowing that she’s giving them such immense relief that they have needed for a long time and knowing how excited they are. But aside from the erotic thrill aspect of it, it generally just makes her feel happy for them as well because she’s a very empathetic, caring, nurturing person by nature. So much so that even her one and only kink revolves around empathy. I guess she just has a thing for “helpful” sex if that’s even classed as a kink lol.

It’s not just merely sex either; she will go out on a date with them so they can both spend all day cultivating a social bond so that way the evening will be more romantic and intimate. She makes it really intimate and loving for them too and prefers to make love with them and sleep overnight with them so they can experience actual intimacy along with the sex. I don’t mind her doing this at all because I think it’s really sexy and hot, but it’s also just really cool and wholesome, and I feel really happy for those guys too. She has done this for virgins too, but that has only happened a few times.

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