My wife – hot wife part 2

We both came and calmed down. She went to the bathroom while I made our bed normal again. Once she came out, I asked her the question.

“So. John? My brother?”

“Oh come on. I didn’t mean him. I just said a name to make you cum” she responded

“Babe I came so hard, but you can tell me the truth. I find it hot”

“Okay. Look in the moment I thought about him, I just don’t want you to think too much into it.”

“I’m not. It just makes me horny again” I said with a smile as I grabbed my growing cock.

“Yeah? You like that I want to fuck your older brother?” She asked coyly.

I felt myself getting incredibly turned on again, but just as I made a move to have sex again, she told me goodnight and went to sleep.

A few days passed without mention of it, but I had jerked off many times thinking about her moaning his name. Now I’m at work and horny thinking about it again… I decide to head out for the day early and try to fuck her to find out more about what she thought.

A part of me though that maybe they had done something together, how else would she know his dick is big?

I arrive home and sneak inside, secretly hoping to catch my brother inside my wife. Instead I heard her vibrator and her moans. “Oh John fuck me. Fuck your brothers wife baby.” She screamed. I stayed behind the bedroom door so she wouldn’t see me and stop. I began jerking off to the sounds.

“Oh baby you fuck me so much better than your brother does. I fucking love your dick!” She moaned.

I could feel myself getting close to cumming so I decided to walk in and see if I could finish on her tits. I opened the door and she got scared and covered up, as she did her phone fell. I went to grab it for her and she told me not to. I picked it up anyway and saw that she was looking at pictures of him that she had apparently taken over the years.

She looked at me and grabbed my dick.

“I’ve always thought your brother was the hottest guy I’d ever seen, but you’ve awaken a sexual desire for him now baby” she said, and I began releasing ropes of my cum all over her.

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