My wife had fun in train journey [Indian]

Recently me [33M] and wife [31M] were visiting a nearby place , it was 7 hours journey and we both had booked 2nd AC ticket and got side lower and side upper.

When we went to our berth we found one couple already was sitting on our sit and they asked us to sit on the lower berth which was empty as they were getting down at next stop.

We sat there for sometime and latet that couple left on the next station.

I was feeling sleepy so i slept on the other lower birth and from next station two guys sat on that train.

I was in deep sleep but I remember seeing them when they came and sat.

Initially they were sitting little far from my wife.
I thought my wife will leave that place and sit on side lower seat.

But she continue sitting there.

After sometime when I opened my eyes they were little closer to wife, I should’ve got up that time but I was really very sleepy and slept again.

Third time when I opened eyes one guy was sitting very close to my wife and although their body were separate i couldn’t see there legs as those boys had put there bags and trolleys before legs.

I could see my wife was moving, not sure if it was due to leg moment or the train moment. But train wasn’t moving much.

Her eyes were closed and she was just her upper body was moving or shivering (can’t say but probably due to heavy breath). Then for first I thought of checking what’s happening and kept my eyes little open to see if I can figure out something but I was getting a little boner and I wasn’t having any blanket on so I decided to get up and see.

The moment I got up my wife got up too in seconds and within that micro second I could see those both of her legs between that guys legs.

It was connected like snake with each other.
She got up and sat on side lower without making any noice and she didn’t look at those boys till end of the journey.

I asked her meanwhile if she is fine and anything wrong happened there.
She said just don’t talk about it now Please.
I said okay relax and when we went home she said that guy was touching, he was continuously moving and making her sitting uncomfortable. I asked why didn’t she wake me up or sat on side lower.
She said she was scared of having a fight or something bigger.

I asked her if she got horny by it and she got angry on me. I didn’t want to increase this topic so avoided any further talk related to that but have masturbated a lot if I had waited for sometime more to see then what would have happened.
While I was sleeping what happened and what if I had gone for washroom for sometime what would have happened.

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