My wife brought her mom up during sex

Ever since we became parents, sex life with my wife has been a little less exciting, and infrequent. we moved closer to my wifes moms, Mimi, acreage for help as my work involves a lot of travel. Mimi is 58, widowed and quite fit and beautiful.

one night, after a wine filled date night, my wife and i slid into bed and started playing, leading to some much needed sex. it was a little more wild thanks to the wine. But then as we fucked she said: “did you know that my mom has a crush on you”. i was confused. what?! then she went on, “she kept talking about you… she wishes you had a twin brother for her”.

it wasnt just what she was saying, she started riding me harder. her voice getting huskier…”do you want to fuck her?” – i wasnt sure if this was a trap? but i responded to her hips with stronger thrusts. i didnt say anything. and she kept asking “it would be so hot, watching you fuck mimi”

my wife kept talking about her mom. and when i finally relented and started going along, mentioning Mimi, she went wild and said something like “the theee of us fucking would be hot” and i just exploded hard while she came. the best sex we ever had.

she passed out seconds after cumming and i lay there breathless asking myself, wtf just happened.

i have suspected my wife and her mom are closer than usual, and its been a fantasy of mine that they are sexually active…. i think my fantasy might be real.

we have not talked about it since, but i am hyper aware of Mimi now, and noticing how sexy she looks and smells. ugh. not sure how to proceed with this but i want to explore this.

(NB: over a week ago. thought i would share to find new friends on here)

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