My wife (24) enjoys sharing me (38) with others

Let me start this off with our relationship has never been monogamous since it started. It has slowly morphed from the traditional open relationship to more of a cuckqueen type. She really only wants me or to watch me with other women and sometimes join. That being said I feel like I should tell you the story I came here to tell you.

One night we were out to dinner and my wife was feeling frisky and whispered in my ear “do you want to take the waitress home with us?” ( 19 Jasmine very attractive petite Hispanic girl with jiggly c cups and a plump booty. ). I smirked and said “if you can convince her I would love that.” I kissed my wife and went to the bathroom leaving my wife to work her magic.

When I come back to the table the waitress smiles and kisses my cheek and whispers “my sister and I will be off in 20 mins would you like to take us both home with you.” My jaw drops and I looked at my wife with a big grin on her face. Just before the waitress walks away she grabs my cock and whispers “I can’t wait to see it in person.” I melt back into the booth with my wife who kisses me passionately and says “I can’t wait till you wreck her and her sister for other men.” I smirk and we sit for a few more minutes before heading out to the front of the restaurant at the same time the girls should be getting off.

We all get in my car and my wife gets in the drivers seat and tells us all to get in the back. I sit in the middle of the two girls and introduce myself to our waitress’ sister (22 Angela a little bit thicker but still busty petite Hispanic girl) after introducing ourselves as my wife pulled out of the parking lot jasmine pulled my face to hers and kissed me passionately. I broke that kiss and turned to Angela and kissed her passionately as I felt jasmine start to undo my belt and pants. I pushed my hips up and she slid my pants down and my cock bounced free and she shrieked and gasped. Angela broke the kiss looked down and giggled “you weren’t lying sis this is gonna be fun.”

Angela was the first to softly wrap her hand around my cock. Followed by jasmine cupping my balls. Eventually they were switching back and forth stroking my cock sometimes together. Then Angela went down on me and started bobbing her head on my cock only getting about half of it down. Then jasmine pulled her head off and went down on me taking my whole length in her mouth. I held her head down for a few moments before releasing she came back up smoothly and says “use my throat don’t be shy my sis doesn’t really like sucking dick but I do.” I push jasmine’s head back down and start fucking her face while I turn to Angela and kiss her while I grope her breasts and ass as she moans into my kiss. After the 20 minute drive home we are pulling into the driveway at home and into the garage. Almost as the garage closes my cock erupts into jasmine’s throat I groan loudly and softly buck my hips with each rope shot into her mouth as I finish.

My wife turns and says “well done jasmine you are one of the few who could get him off on the ride home.”the girls giggle and my wife says “ok from here on out the clothes stay in the car and you to are here with him only. I am not here ok.” Both of the girls respond “OK” and strip in the garage putting the clothes in the car. My wife and I do the same leaving our clothes in the car.

Let me know if you would like to hear what happened inside the house.

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