My turn, Wife’s week with 4 separate guys – Third night [MF]

Hub back for this one, she was rather busy and didn’t get to see herself with both of us, but I did, so I will narrate this one. This was night three the very next night.

So, we went out to meet up with a guy we met before that I’ll call J. He’s older, but we have this cool vibe the three of us. We talked about what we wanted for the encounter for a few days beforehand, and we went over it in the car on the way to the hotel.

We got to his hotel and talked and drank for a while. At a certain point, Wife came up to me, kissed me deeply, turned to J, kissed him deeply and said excuse me, I need to go change. She came back out in a long skirt slit all the way up, a top that bared her huge tits and crotchless underwear.

He and I shared kisses with her and played with her tits. I went over and poured another drink, and he sat her down, knelt in front of her and sucked and licked her tits for the next several minutes. She was gasping and moaning when she finally pushed him away and went to sit on the bed. She sat down and he took all of his clothes off. I finished my drink and watched as he put her further up on the bed and started licking Wife’s pussy and fucking her with several fingers. I was content to watch for about 5 minutes as Wife was making the best noises and J was content to just rev her engine. I removed my pants and underwear and walked over to the head of the bed. I grabbed her by the hair and just popped my cock in her mouth.

After 10 minutes of this, she had cum all over him twice and was simply licking my cock and balls while she writhed on the bed. J and I switched, and he turned her on her side and started fucking her face. She wrapped her arm around his ass and fondled his balls while he thrust in and out of her mouth. I ran my hands up her legs and fondled her soaking wet pussy and her wonderful ass. I put myself inside her and matched strokes with J, both of us stroking in and out simultaneously. We switched again a few minutes later and kept up the same pace and trapping her between us with her moaning like crazy. We were both close to cumming so we paused and repositioned her.

I went to drink some water, and he dragged her to the corner of the bed. J played with her pussy, and I started to pinch her nipples. I pinned her arms in place with my legs, straddled her head and put my cock on her mouth. J started fucking her again, this time holding her legs to his chest and pounding into her forcefully. She came about 3 times in a minute, so we had to give her a breather after this treatment.

Once rested, we moved her over to the couch we started on, he got behind her and I sat in front of her again. We proceeded to spit roast her for another 15 minutes. J was just leisurely stroking into her, and I was just bobbing her head up and down on my cock. J and I glanced at each other and silently mutually agreed it was time. He pulled out of her, and I dragged her to the bed. He asked who should go first, and I said as my guest, please go ahead. He again got her to the corner of the bed with him standing on the floor. This time though, he forced her legs back and dropped in to her. J then pounded her for 6 or 7 minutes, dropped his hips, held himself deep and unloaded in her. She screamed and cried out the whole time J was pumping. I did not give her a break. I pulled her towards me, rolled her over, and put my cock into her from behind. I started furiously fucking her and It took me no time at all to also put a load in her. We all started chuckling, Wife recovered on the bed for 10 minutes while J and talked about nothing.

We decided we were hungry so for the next several hours, we just hung out, had dinner, drank and talked about everything. She told me later it was the most successful she’s felt at MFM so far.

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