My trip to the sea😊😽

In August, I went to the seaside just to relax for a couple of days. It was a short weekend that didn’t last long…

Early in the morning I made an appointment at a beauty salon to get myself in order before the trip. Hair removal, massage, solarium, hairstyle, well, everything to please the eyes of men who will cross my path. The beauties in the salon had been discussing places to relax for a long time, I took note of one place called “Wild Beach”, which inspired the hope that it would be wild in terms of entertainment and sex with strangers.

And so, I took the tickets, packed my things and hit the road. The road was long, the whole day, I didn’t have to meet anyone, since I was alone in the compartment. But having arrived in the city, I was attacked by taxi drivers, salesmen, minibus drivers and just passers-by, with offers to help me carry my bag, go out of town, and just have a good time. The latter suited me, and I decided to try my luck.

\- Good afternoon, how much will it cost to get to the “Wild Beach?”

\- Oh, are you a lover of wild entertainment? I’ll take you there for almost free.

\- But somehow I will have to pay?

\- Have a seat, we’ll figure it out on the way.

The guy grabbed a large bag of things from my hands, threw it into the trunk and ran to open the doors for me so that I could get into the car. We had not driven much, about 10 kilometers, from the station, when he stopped near a small park and smiled sweetly. To which I thought: “Well, I wanted some entertainment, take it with pleasure.” Before I could finish my thought, his tongue swept across my cleavage, touching my nipple a little I was wearing a rather open thin T-shirt and a mini skirt, about 10 centimeters long. Without doing anything, I simply remained in my place, looking into his eyes, and did not move.

\- Come to me. Don’t be afraid, I won’t hurt you. You’ll like it.

Jumping onto his lap so that the steering wheel was behind his back, we began to kiss each other. His penis immediately pressed against the fly of his jeans, and I released the animal into the fresh air. His head was open, and having pulled the string away from his panties, I just immediately sat down on him and closed my eyes. The guy lifted his shirt up, exposing my breasts, and began to suck my nipples, biting them a little painfully, and I rode him, picking up the pace.

It was a little cramped when I fucked him, and after opening the doors I had to get out of the car to fully enjoy the sudden sex with a stranger. I stood doggy style, leaning my hands on the hood, my butt towards the road, and waited for him to set. Cars honked at us, and a couple even slowed down to watch some free porn.

The driver of our car had already completely taken off his pants and entered my open, weathered hole. My breasts were rubbing and beating against the hot hood, and my nipples were literally burning from such a temperature. The boy did not lag behind, spanking me, biting me, pulling my nipples. His friend was not big, and therefore he had to fuck me for about 15 minutes so that I could get a long-awaited, but short-lived orgasm. It all ended with me squatting and writing and sucking him so that he would cum in my mouth. Two men who were passing by were already watching us and wanted to settle in, but I had very little time.

After the guy came in my mouth, I swallowed everything and took the number from the guys who were nearby. And after half an hour I arrived at the “wild beach”, where it turned out that nudists were relaxing…

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