My time as a sex surrogate. Client 312 Pt4

312 was a tricky case. I’d gotten too involved. I’d inserted (pardon the pun) myself into the midst of the problem. I was tanking my own therapy session.

I showed up to 312 penthouse 2 days later. I was taken up and 312’s mom greeted me and led me to his room. He was in bed. I saw his clothes on the floor. His moms hair and makeup was immaculate. They hadn’t been intimate yet today. He hadn’t said a word. Mom pulled back the covers. Her boys cock was rock hard. She started masturbating him. Usually he would have orgasmed by now. Mom stopped. She got undressed. As she unclasped her bra I saw precum droplets starting to cum out. I stopped her and directed her to go to the next room. The precum was done and he didn’t reach orgasm. I undressed. I unclasped my bra and my tits bounced out. He was still hard. I masturbated him slow. I edged him over and over.
I called his mom back in and had her strip. When she unclasped her bra he orgasmed. We did the same again she left the room. She came back in stripped. This time I had her remove just her panties. Not bra. No orgasm.

I concluded her had a form of detachment anxiety. He wasn’t ever properly weaned. They had lied about the age she first slept with him. He’d likely had dry orgasms when they started. It was a multi faceted complex issue.

I was done for the day. I called a colleague and he prescribed a drug known to cause lactation. I told her to breast feed him and follow some simple instructions to wean him properly. I arrived for our session. She had a towel over her shoulder and we went to his room. She was breastfeeding him. I decided to leave and come back at a better time. I got a text from her a week later saying she had successfully weaned him. That was the first part. I told them the incest was not medically treatable and it’s part of them. They should continue and invite others to be intimate with. They have to merely accept its a lifelong struggle.

I said I needed one more visit. As usual I was taken upstairs and greeted by mom. She led me to the bedroom, hers. They had dropped trying to hide it and he shared her bed. He was in bed. I got undressed. We all got into bed. She got on top and fucked him. It was a long fulfilling sex act. They both came. I instructed him to get on top of me when he was erect again. He did. He gave me a great orgasm before he came. I had his mother eat me out. She was great as well. I came.

She asked why I needed to have sex with him and why she had to eat me out. I said “you didn’t. I was simply horny” 😉
I told them the therapy was a success and complete. They both asked if I would come by and check on them from time to time. I said that’s not a good idea and that I’m free most Friday afternoons if that works for them.. ;).

I loved fucking the 312’s. We found a good douche for mom that corrected the PH imbalance. She now tasted good and is still the only woman I perform oral on.


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