My teacher helped me passed my failed exam.

I was never good in math. I think my brain stopped working if i see numbers and equations.
so i often failed my exam. i normally doesn’t care if i failed but this time i had to pass so i can graduate from hs. but then i failed again.
i couldn’t accept it since it was my very first time that i really studied srsly for it.

I went to my teacher’s office to ask for another chance. I kept crying and crying. I entered to his office, secretly locked the door and tried to convince him to give me another chance to pass the exam.

he is worried at me since i didnt stop crying so he came to me and wiped my tears touching my cheeks with his both hands while his face is getting closer to my face then looked me in the eye and said “hey don’t cry don’t worry i’ll help you”

i felt soo emotional that i cried even more and hugged him like his my dad. he also hugged me back very tightly my boobs keep squeezing so hard into his lower chest. he still keeps hugging me tightly while he patted my back and rubbed it with his right had while his left hand rubbed on my hips.

i was just so messy at that time and scared of my future so i couldn’t think of anything else aside from my possible future if i cannot graduate.

my teacher keeps hugging me so tightly and then later pulled me into his chair. as he sits down, he spread my legs and carry me so i could sit in his lap dividing my legs wide open facing him on front.

i still kept crying nonstop to the point that my uniform is already so wet from my tears. he started to unbutton my top uniform because it’s already so wet until i only had my brassiere on me.

i understood why he removed my top because it was already soaked by my tears. but i still couldn’t manage to stop my crying. he hugged me again while his face on my upper boobs. said “it’s ok i’ll help you on your exam” and i cried so much again.

i’m so relieved since he is willing to help me but i’m too emotional that i don’t want to stop from crying. i haven’t cried much before so it’s kinda piled up at that point.

he still keeps hugging me while his face on my chest while i am embracing him upto his back.

i started to get hiccups from too much crying so he started to unhook my bra as it might be too uncomfortable for me. my boobs are already shown as he removed my bra and put it on his table. i still couldn’t stopped crying and hiccups and my tears are mess that i’m having a hard time to open my eyes anymore.

he started to rubbed my back helping me to calm done from my hiccups while his lips are rubbing left to right on my nipples.

as he about to asked me if i feel ok already, my nipple shoot into his mouth which stopped him from talking further. as i still kept crying while having too much hiccups and my swollen eyes were already closed, he started to suck my nipple while his left hand rubbing my back and right squeezing my boobs. i was too distracted from my crying and hiccups that i didn’t even noticed him sucking my nipples so much and squeezing my boobs licking them all around.
what i know is that my teacher is trying to comfort me from too much crying.

to be continued…

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