My stepsister part 29

*knock* *knock*

Fuck what’s that sound?

*knock* *knock*

I look over at Emily, she is still sleeping


Me:” ALRIGHT!.. I’m coming” fuck off I think to myself as I walk to the door, I take a look trough the peephole and I see my stepmom, I open the door and and says hello

Mom:” hey!… sleepy head..”

Me:” what” I smirk at her

Mom” have you seen your Sister around?”

Me:” step inside my humble abode” I say as I gesture with my hand

Mom just roll her eyes as she enters, she sees my sister sleeping naked on the bed, she turnes over to me and with a stern look says:

Mom” I hope you guys are careful!” She almost sound disappointed

Me:” I found her, that wasn’t that hard”

She continues to look at me

Me:” of course mom, we are both clean and protective of each other’s bodies”

She walks over and starts to caress my sisters ass

Mom:”good.. what did you do to her that made her sleep like a log?” She finally begins to gently smile

Me:” hmm not sure, I licked her pussy and she squirted in my face but other than that, nothing”

Emily:” hmm not now bro.. I’m tired” she says gently as she is still asleep, mom is continuing to caress her ass

Mom:” and what did she do to you?”

Me” well to be honest.. nothing.. except for letting me lick her tight pussy” I smirk

Mom:” well that doesn’t seem fair”


She stops caressing my sisters ass and begins to walk over to me, I think I know where this is going

Mom:” drop your boxers honey”

Before I can think my boxers are around my ankles

Mom:” fuck.. I almost forgot how fucking nice your cock is” she gets on her knees and begins to lick the tip of it

Me” aah fuck mom.. “I gently play with her hair as she suck my cock

Me:” AAAah fuck dads so lucky “


My mom continues to suck my cock

Mom:” AAH”

I look down and see my sister having her hand down our mothers pants

Emily:” continue to suck mom”

Mom:” mhhmm ah”

Emily:” did you guys really expect me to just lay in bed and watch ?”

Emily pulls our moms pants down and starts to finger her while she sucks my cock

After a few minutes Emily stands up and asks me to lick her fingers, without hesitation I do as I’m told

Emily grins:” it’s our moms pussy “

I push my dick far down our moms throat and she falls over thanks to Emily’s pants-pulling stunt

Mom:” oh ah damn it”

Emily steps over her face and sits down

Mom:” mhhmmfp “

Emily stands up

Mom:” I think we are taking things too far..”

Emily:” oh shut up mom, lick me please”

I can hear Emily starts to moan so I guess mom listened. I walk in front of Emily and gently slap my hard cock on her face

Emily smiles and askes me to turn around and bend over

Emily:” ooh.. I want to milk your cock bro..ah” she strokes my cock while she licks my ass, all the while herself is getting her pussy licked, mom taps on Emily’s ass and we all stop the action, the sweat and wetness has almost filled the room by this time

Mom:” I did not know this is what you guys were doing.. rimming and..and squirting..and”

Emily:” what’s so wrong about it? We love each other like a family should and nobody is getting hurt”

Mom” I know honey.. but don’t you guys want to get out there? Meet new people?”

Emily and I are now sitting on the bed, Emily is gently stroking my cock as we have this little talk

Me:” if I have you guys in my life I don’t think I ever need anybody else”

I try to reach out so I can grab my mothers ass as we are talking, she get closer

Emily:” yeah I agree “ Emily rubs her tight clean shaved pussy

Mom just look at us and start to smile

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