My stepsister part 21 1/2

This is the long awaited part 21

I woke up the next morning as the warm sun gently kissed my face. The summer breeze blowing so sweetly through the curtains allowing for the best awakening I’ve ever had. “Damn it’s good to be alive” I think to myself.I quickly wash my face in the bathroom sink before I put on my swim shorts and a t-shirt. As I head out the door, I can feel the brightest smile growing. I can’t remember the last time I felt this good on an early morning. First stop, the minibar! I get my hands on an ice-cold beer, and quickly crack it open. I scan the resort to see many different types of people already bathing, playing, chatting and just having the best vacation they can. A group of friends are playing some relaxed version of volleyball in the pool, passing the ball back and forth with no attempt to win. Full relaxation, and hot guys and gals are smiling and laughing together. It makes me smile even more. I take of my flipflops and sit down to bathe my feet in the pool. Enjoying the early beer and the view and steal a few glances at the girls playing volleyball.

My phone chimes.It’s a message from my stepmom that reads: “Hey honey, we are eating breakfast, we’re in the restaurant and saved you a seat.” She ended the text with a smiley-face.I reply: “Great! Thank you, Mom! I’ll be down in two shakes!” I end mine with a winky one.

I put on my flipflops back on (the ones that don’t have a string between the toes. I fucking hate those. It feels wrong on SO many levels…) and walk back inside.In the hallway I pass a lot of hot girls… Where appropriate I try to give them a smile or a wink, or just to be a little cheekier than I normally am. As I get to the entrance of the restaurant, I only see my stepmom. I wave at her, and she ever so elegantly, waves back at me. Her thin summer robe almost floats in the air as she waves. It looks great on her. A perfect balance of sexiness and sophistication.I grab a tray and a plate, and find myself a second later with almost everything the buffet has to offer. I absolutely love hotel breakfasts, especially the eggs, so both boiled and fried came as a no-brainer. I balance my meal on a tray, find a chair and sit down besides my stepmom.

Mom: “Good morning, Honey.” A very chipper tone is coming from her. She must’ve had just as an amazing morning as me.

Me: “Good morning, Mom.” I reply and give her a taste of my vacation bliss.

Mom: “Do you have any plans for today?”

Me: “Hmm, no. Not really.” I reply quickly. “I might just stay here all day and do nothing. What about you?”

Mom: “No. I guess I’ll be sunbathing alone today”. Her tone shifted slightly.

Me: “Why?” I respond. “Where’s Dad and Emily?”

Mom: “They went to the gym about ten minutes ago, and then Emily wanted to practice swimming with him” I say nothing but give her a quick “A-ha”. I had forgotten that Emily is not a strong swimmer. She’d practice really hard at vacations and such, so she could one day beat me in a race, or something like that.

I give my stepmom a short huff before I tell her that there’s no reason for her to be alone then. It’s not like I had any good plans anyway, so I’d easily join her tanning session. Her face lights up once again at my remark.

Mom: “Oh honey, thank you so much!” We smile towards each other before I start inhaling this gigantic breakfast I made for myself.Even though she was finished eating, she sat with me. She starts to talk about some random trivia about the city we’re in, about the hotel and some light gossip she had managed to overhear in the hall. We exchange a few laughs and it seems like she’s having a really, really good time. Something about this day makes it feel so much more significant to have a simple breakfast, though be it with a special person. As I finish, she takes my tray and cleans up after us. I must’ve gained a pound or two from this meal alone, but I have NO regrets. Everything was cooked to perfection, and I’ll happily devour another meal like this tomorrow.

As we walk outside, the sun is now scorching the place, so anyone without shoes or slippers would probably burn their feet off. Luckily, we were both prepared enough, but the poor people in the pool would have a hard time to get out.However, it felt great to have a lot of heat for once. It’s a rare occasion back home. So for us it was more welcome than not. We exchange a new smile and make some easy chatter as we head to the bar for some cocktails.Drink in hand, we head for some sunchairs accompanied by a large parasol for some shade. As we sit, we both have a large exhale, almost in unison.

Me: “Any idea when dad and Emily will be back?” I ask her with my eyes closed.It takes her a few seconds to reply.

Mom: “Hmm, no. I’ve no idea.” Her voice was mellow due to the sun and the relaxation, it barely even sounded like her. I give her a small chuckle but try to not think to much about it.

After a good fifteen minutes, I chug the rest of my cocktail and look over at her. The thin summer robe she was wearing is now hung over the backrest of her chair. A brown bikini with an elegant, slightly browner, striped pattern meets the eye. It suits her style and hugs her body to perfection. A tad more sexy than sophisticated though, not that I’m complaining. She just became more of an eye-candy than the rest of the girls around the pool combined. Didn’t help much either with droplets of sweat running down her chest, and thighs.Bless this heat.

Me: “I need a new drink. Do you want one too?” I stand up next to her and pick up her empty glass. I might as well clean the table since I’m going.

Mom: “No thank you, but I’d love an apple, or something fruity.”

Me: “Roger that!” I reply as I make my way towards the bar.

Mom: “Oh! And when you get back, I we need to apply some more sunscreen on you! This sun could be dangerous” I look back and answer: “Yes, Ma’am!”

After my order, I turn around to see my stepmom walking away from our seats, robe in hand. She makes a sharp turn and suddenly is out of sight. I grab my drink, but forget the apple, as I rush towards where I last saw her.

Nowhere to be seen, I try to call out for her.

Me: “Mom?!”

She seems to have disappeared. I look around and call out for her a few more times. All of s sudden I can hear her from a little further away.

Mom: “HEY!” I finally see her, gesturing for me to come over. She had found a nice spot a little more secluded from the rest. It wasn’t hidden per-say, but it was cover with bushes and trees, so it offered a lot more privacy and it cancelled out some of the noise made from the people in the pools.

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