My stepsister part 18

I grab my stepmom and start to touch her round heavy boobs, my stepsister Emily is sucking my cock, my stepmom takes of her top and continues to make out with me.

Sis:’’ oh fuck bro.. you have the best dick i have ever tasted’’

Mom:’’ you Are lucky Emily, come here and kiss me babe, i want to taste his cock too’’

I think my stepmom is a little conflicted, she wants to taste my cock but does not want to blow me?

Me:’’you know mom.. you can..’’

Right when i am about to say that she can continue where Emily left off, Emily starts to make out with her mother, Emily now completely naked lies on top of her mother making out and touching her. Emilys big ass is screaming to Get eating out so i Get behind her and starts to lick both her holes.

At first Emily is surprised but quickly continues to enjoy the night, as i lick my stepsisters pussy and asshole i also use my hand to rub my stepmoms pussy, god she is so fucking wet.

Mom:’’i .. i think …’’

Emily does not let her mother continue to talk and i am having a good time eating out my stepsisters tight holes.

Mom:’’ oooh.. guys … Emily!…’’

Sis:’’what.. mommy’’ she says confused

Mom:’’ i think this is enough for today.. you both have been the best to me but i think it is important to not cross any more lines’’

Sis:’’oh mommy.. Okey … but can he atleast taste you before you go?’’

Before my stepmom can answer my stepsister puts her hand inside her panties and gently and quickly fingers her mom, before she gets up and askes me if i want to suck on her fingers, i think it only takes 1 second before i start to suck my stepsisters fingers.

Sis:’’ if you want to go now mom, you can… but i really need my brothers hard long dick inside me’’

Emily sits down on my dick and i start to suck her nipples as she rides me.

Mom:’’ i love you both so much… have fun tonight’’ she says in with a warm smile, she gets dressed and leaves the couch.

It does not take long before i start to cum inside my sisters pussy, again… Emily gets off me, kisses me then she goes to the bathroom to clean off, so now i am just sitting here on the couch with the feeling of my Stepsister and stepmoms wetness. This holiday is going to be a real fuckfest..

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