My stepsister part 14

I wake up after everything that happened in the dead of the night. fuck, thank god i am not going to work today. I check my phone… nothing. I put on my robe and walk downstairs. All the lights Are off. Damn i fucking hate taking a nap and waking up 5 hour later. I go Get a glass and turn on the kitchen sink, while i wait for the water to Get cold my mind is drifting. I think about everything that has happened in the past few weeks, how as soon as i got in touch with that internet stranger my life has been all about fucking my Sister. My Sister apparently playing with my stepmom, my stepmom looking at my dick, my guess is that this vacation is going to be fucking wild. Is my stepsister really touching her mom? Is my stepsister fucking around with my dad too? I didnt know she was such a horny slut.


I snap out off it.

Me:‘’wha..what?’’ I say confused as i look around the dark kitchen.

Mom:’’do you pay the bills here?’’

Damn my stepmom is standing there in her silky transparent nightdress the bra is barely holding her boobs in and the string thong.. damn..

Me:’’what do you mean?’’

Mom:’’i think the water is cold enough’’ she says pointing to the sink.

Me:’’shit.. sorry mom’’

Mom:’’ mom?..huh you usually just call me by my name, or stepmom’’

Me:’’yeah i know, but i was thinking about you and How you and I have talked to each other lately’’

Mom:’’yeah, i know.. im sorry honey its just..’’

My stepmom can’t even complete the sentence before i see her eyes getting watery.

Me:’’ Hey now, mom, i love you’’ I walk over to her and hug her. She hugs me hard back. After a minute of hugging (with my raging hard on) she looks at me.

Mom:’’thank you’’ she says before kissing my lips, i kiss her back, continueing to hold her. While she is kissing me she moves my hands from her back to her nice juicy ass.

At this point she have to feel it, we make out for a while but then.

Mom:’’ oooh sorry honey, im so sorry..’’

Me:’’ dont be… i liked it’’

Mom:’’dont tell your dad, please, it is just that he is always working, and after the Movie me and your Sister was watching i felt so lonely’’

Me:’’ its Okey mom, i Get it’’

Mom:’’ i think im just going to bed honey..sorry’’

My stepmom walks away and leave me in the dark kitchen alone.

So im thinking to myself ‘’is this is my sister’s doing, huh i need to thank her. I walk up to her room and stand in front of her door.

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