My stepsister 16

I wake up looking at the ceiling, still completely nude, what happened yesterday was fucking wild. I take a look over and see that my Sister is not laying next to me, i Get up and pick up my boxershorts from her floor, i sneak put of my sisters room and in to the bathroom where i take a shower. My mind is only thinking about my Sister and my mother and what had happened.. damn this is so fucked up. After the shower i go downstairs and the everybody is here.

Dad:’’ Hey son, we leave tomorrow for the vacation, if you still want to go’’

Me:’’ hell yeah i want to go, cant wait dad’’

Sis:’’yes daddy’’ my Sister says in a kinda sexual voice

Fuck Sis, Are you trying to make me horny again.

Mom:’’ Okey so we leave at 09:00 for the airport, everyone be ready’’

Me’’ yes ma’am’’

Dad’’ okey honey’’

Sis:’’ yes mommy’’ still in a very sexy voice

My stepmom just smiles at us all before she continue making breakfast.

I sit down with my Sister.

Mom:’’ so did you sleep alright honey’’ she says looking at me.

Before i can answer my stepsis says:

‘’Oh he slept like a baby and he is Kind of cute when he snores’’

My face turns red as fuck and i can see that my stepmom is getting a little akward
too. My stepsister is just waiting for someone to say anything.

Me:’’ ehhe hehe’’ i try to laugh it off

Mom:’’ so… you guys slept together?’’

Sis:’’ yeah i watched a scary Movie and i asked my best bro to come sleep with my hihi’’

My heart is racing so fucking fast.
My stepmom is just looking confused at me.

Me:’’ what can i say… i am a gentleman’’

Sis:’’ BIG time hihi’’

Me:’’ Well.. i need to continue packing my bag soo.. see you both later’’

I walk to my room as fast as i can. What a fucking tease..

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