My step-sister goes straight for my sack – Chapter 2: The Two Big Reveals

[Chapter 1](

“OH, *FUCK!* CASS!!!!!”, I yell automatically. It was fucking amazing. She was off to the races, sucking and slurping away with that perfect mouth, making loud, wet noises. Hot, slick tongue dancing in between my nuts and around them so fucking good. She licks up the stitch line of my sack from the very back and up along it to the base of my shivering cock and my eyes roll in the back of my head so hard to the point where I swear I could actually see my brain.

“Oh, my god, Cass! What are you *doing*!!??” I gasp in unbelievable pleasure. My hands are now outstretched to the walls on both sides of me to keep balance since her delicious, clean mouth going to town on my ballsack was making me incredibly weak in the knees.

Reaching up to stroke my cock again, this time much harder and faster (and all the way down to the base), she slowly moves her head back until her soft lips release my sensitive scrotum with a loud, wet pop, pulling the skin of it as far back as it can possibly go. I throw my head back and can’t help but moan loudly “Oh-ho-hooo… *fuck!* Holy shit, Cass! *Wow!*” She’s a sack-sucking pro. Where the fuck did she learn how to please a cock and suck and tug on a ballsack with her lips and mouth like this? She just seemed so innocent most of the time. I’m definitely not complaining. This is everything to me.

“Isn’t this what you wanted, Mr. Big Cock?”, her hand now twisting as she stroked. I love that she called me that. She sucked it back in again, making sure not to miss any part of my entire scrote. Fuck that feels sooooooooo fucking good. I gasp again and then make sure to lock the door this time as she sucks away like a fucking pornstar. I’m not letting *anybody* open it again.

“Oh god yes, Cass but… but… I just… I thought you *hated* me…” I was very confused but also in absolute warm, wet heaven. At least, my balls and sack were. By my fucking *step-sister.* She was being relentless with her incredible mouth-attack on my nuts and nut case.

She slowly released my balls from her lips with a pop like last time and it gave me literal chills. They were now coated and glistening with her sweet saliva. Good fucking god. She looked at me expressionless, and then looked down at the floor, still stroking but not as hard for a second and tells me,

“No. I… I don’t. I never did. The exact opposite actually.” Her firm twisting strokes cause the clear drop of precum leaking from my head to get so much bigger.

“What? I don’t understand. You’ve been harsh and unwelcoming to me since day one. I’m really confused.” I have to force my words out in between moans and heavy panting.

She looks at me again and strokes hard and fast again, still twisting. Oh my god.

“I know… I’m sorry, but… I *had* to be.”


She finally licks up the healthy drop of precum I’ve been sporting this whole time, making a long sticky string, and playing with it using her fingers before finally licking it off of them and sucking them clean. She is looking deep in my eyes the whole time she performs this naughty little act *”Uuuuuuuuunnnggggghhhhhhh”* I groan for a long breath. She’s fucking awesome.

“I did it because… I was pretending to hate you because I was afraid if I was ever actually nice to you even once, then my true feelings for you would end up slipping out and become way too apparent. And I could *not* let that happen.”

“True… feelings…?” My cock began to harden even more in her hand. Was she saying what I think she was saying? Another drop of precum started to form. She licked it up again but this time swallowed it straight from the source. *“Oh, God”*, her precum swallowing makes me say breathlessly.

“Yes… my true feelings… which are… I mean…*I love you.* I always have. You’re amazing and so kind and sweet and soooo cute! I know it was mean but it was my way of protecting myself, and you, I guess… Because it’s wrong for me to feel that way for you. I can’t. I’m not supposed to. It’s not allowed. As much as I wanted to tell you… I couldn’t. You were right across the hall every night. You were so close, yet so far. I almost always cried myself to sleep if my boyfriend wasn’t there. So I tried to convince the both of us that I felt nothing like that for you at all because it was acceptable and safe that way. I’m… I’m so sorry…” She let go of me and began to sob into her hands.

*Oh my god*

My body was becoming overtaken with warmth and I was beginning to tremble quite vigorously. My face was flushed and my cock was as hard as a steel pipe now, a steel pipe that was leaking like a fucking faucet. But I didn’t like seeing her cry. I never did. Obviously this time, of course, it was much different. I cried myself sometimes about her too. Especially when she left. I loved her and I missed her. But I tried my best to be tough about it and move on. This is bringing a lot of old feelings back to me. And new ones too. I tried my best to sit down in the cramped space in front of her and I removed her hands from her face, wiping away her tears as she looked at me so sadly. Not saying anything, eyes darting back and forth between hers, I put my hands on each side of her beautiful face and slowly lean in to kiss her on her perfect soft lips like I’ve wanted to for years and years. She accepts and my mind goes blank. Nothing in the world exists right now except for my lips and hers. They’re so soft and sensual. As we eventually break it off, our lips make a loud sound at the point of release. I very slowly open my eyes, almost in disbelief of what just happened but so very happy. She looks at me smiling, gently biting her fingernail. I could say a million things to her about how I felt but I just got straight to the point. I just didn’t want to waste anymore time. I had wanted this for so long.

“Cass… I love you too. Always, just like you.” She giggled cheerfully with her fingertip still in her mouth.

“But, so what then… you were just gonna be mean to me my whole life? This is an absolutely *insane* coincidence. A complete and *total* accident. How long were you gonna keep this game up for? You broke my heart so many times you know.”

“I’m so sorry, I guess I never really thought it all the way through. Or at least your feelings about it, just mine. I was selfish and mean about it because I was scared. I would get such huge butterflies every time I saw you and I’d end up acting very defensively, either coming across as unamused or kind of rude. When you opened the door for me today, the butterflies were more intense than ever and my heart rate skyrocketed. You couldn’t tell, but I was starting to sweat. I was so happy to see you. And really turned on. I got a little wet. And no, I wasn’t going to let it go on forever. I was planning on giving you a surprise tonight when you were asleep in bed. I was going to wake you up in the middle of the night with a blowjob. I wanted to let you know how I really felt so badly. I invited Eric here for blowjob practice for you since it’s been a bit since I’ve given one. I wanted to make sure I was in tip-top shape for you and your tasty cock. Well, mostly your balls. When I saw how hard you were in your pants earlier today when you saw me in my costume, I wanted to rip them off right then and there and just suck away. But I knew I had to wait so that my plan went the way that I felt it should have. The only reason I hesitated a bit to give you a blowjob right now was because I was honestly really surprised and also this isn’t really how I wanted to do it. But I’m glad things ended up happening this way, this is much better and way hotter in my opinion”

I just looked at her, sinking it all in.

“I masturbated to you all the time, in my room or otherwise. Why do you think I always took such long showers? I wasn’t doing that to annoy you even though you thought I did. I was making myself cum either thinking about you or looking at pictures of you on your Instagram account. I would moan your name every time I came. Sometimes it would be almost impossible not to scream it out loud. Remember when I turned 18 and started wearing more revealing clothing? I did that for you. I was teasing you even though I couldn’t tell you I wanted you so badly. I caught you staring a lot and it got me soooooo wet. Whenever you got hard in your pants, my pussy would become soaked and I would have to go relieve myself somehow. One time I heard you jerking off after I teased you and I peeked into watch. I couldn’t really see since your back was turned in your chair but I heard you moan my name when you exploded. I saw your cum shoot so high in the air and it took all of my strength to not run in and lick it up off the floor and clean your cock off with my lips and tongue. I had to go to my room and use my dildo and pretend it was your hard cock. That’s the hardest I ever came, harder than when I’ve had sex even. I thought about you everyday when I was gone, and pleasured myself to your pictures whenever I got the chance. My plan was to come home and finally let you know how I really felt. And here I am. And I’m so glad I mistook you for Eric. And I’m even more glad I got to suck on your big delicious balls. I love you so much, baby. I’m here…”

“I’m *yours*.“

I was in a state of disbelief. She said everything I’d ever wanted to hear from her and so much more. And her naughtiness got me even harder. Apparently I wasn’t very good at being discreet when checking her out, but it looks like that’s for the better. Hearing her tell me she got herself off when she saw me looking is a dream come true. Hearing her tell me she thought about me everyday when she left home warmed my heart. I wish she had come clean a long time ago but it makes sense that she didn’t, and I couldn’t really complain at this point. Not after she sucked on my sack the way she just did. I gathered my thoughts and went to respond but she stopped me by putting her lovely little finger on my lips to silence me.

“Shhh. It’s okay, baby. I know.” I wasn’t too sure what I was going to say other than that I love her and I always will. And I wanted to apologize for yelling at her earlier. I felt bad about that immediately. But I guess she didn’t need to hear anything else from me. Maybe she understood how I felt about her when she caught me jerking off to her and moaned her name when I shot my wad that one time all those years ago. So I just closed my eyes and kissed her finger deeply.

“Okay. Now stand up, good looking. Enough chitchat. I’m going to make you *cum.*”


Oh, *fuck* yes. I can’t wait. Just then the doorknob rattled. I stood back up and said,

*“Just a minute! … Or ten!”*

The girls voice outside groaned and said “Fine. Just make it quick.” I was relieved there was no backlash and that we were left in peace. I really wasn’t going to last much longer at this point. The sucking she gave my sack earlier and then the incredible words she just said to me right now had me throbbing and about ready to release.

Cassidy looked up at me and playfully said “Did you like when I sucked your balls earlier, handsome? Seems like you did. My naughty little step-brother likes having his big step-sister suck his balls and make them all wet. You’re so hot, baby.”

She went back to my balls with her mouth.

She sucked and slurped away on them like her life depended on it. I was moaning much more audibly now. I couldn’t help it and I didn’t even care about being heard now to be honest. She looked so pretty with her sexy pink lips wrapped around my nutsack. I just watched her and moaned while she snacked away like it was the last meal she’d ever eat. My entire sack was covered in warm saliva again and it was like it was right where they belonged. Like it was *home*.

I was moaning and groaning really loudly, her sucking, slurping and tugging bringing me closer and closer to orgasm. She didn’t say anything as she ate my balls, she just smiled a bit and giggled. The pleasure was absolutely incredible and really intense. She would lick my sack upwards along the seam at times like she did before, all the way from the back to the front, literally dragging and pulling my skin up along with her amazing hot, wet tongue. This made me moan so loudly. Then she would swirl her tongue around both of my testicles in circles and I would whimper and my whole entire body would shake. She wasn’t lying when she said she was going to make me cum. I felt like I was about to pass out. But I’m pretty sure I was going to blow my load instead.

“Ooooooohhhh, Cass… *fuck!* That feels so amazing, baby. You look so gorgeous. I’m getting so close. You really *are* gonna make me cum!!! Fuck!!!” I brushed her soft blonde hair aside as she looked up at me with those piercing aqua-blue eyes and sucked away. She started sucking my nut bag faster after I told her this and squeezed my cock with her little hand like a vise.

I removed her hand and said “Uh-uhhhh. No hands. Just your mouth. Suck my sack until I cum. Please. Just my ballsack. I’m almost there. And your beautiful eyes are helping me so much.”

She giggled and playfully said *“Sir, yes sir!”* and gave me a a cute little hand salute on her forehead. That made me laugh. I loved seeing the fun side of her, and this was the first time she’d ever directed it at me.

She went back to sucking my scrotum, faster than she ever had the whole time. The things she was making it feel and experience with her mouth had it absolutely trembling in pleasure and delight. She turned her head sideways and just devoured away with a sideways mouth. Ahhhhhhhh!!!! My knees are about to give out!! I could feel my orgasm building in my nuts, she was so amazing working with her lips and tongue. Sucking and licking away, making very loud and wet noises. I never stood a chance. My *ballsack* never stood a chance. I was trying to hold back, flexing and tightening up my cock to subdue the enormous inevitable ejaculation spray on the horizon but it was just no use. It was a losing battle; one that I had *no* problem with submitting to.

“Ooooooohhhhhh Cass, I’m almost there! Keep going, baby!!!”

Sucking, licking, slurping, lip-tugging and popping faster and faster.

*“Oh FUCK!!!!! God, here it comes baby!!!Where do you want it??!!!*

“All over my face, baby. Give me your fucking cum! Please!!! I’m fucking *begging* you.” She pleads as if her life depends on it. I can tell she really means it.

This was a dream come true. I’d always wanted to splatter her pretty face. It was a HUUUUUGE fantasy of mine. Her face is so beautiful and I wanted to see what it looked like covered in big ropes of my sticky, white cum. And now I was going to get to do just that. *Finally.* FINALLY!!!!!!

She grabbed my cock and slammed her hand all the way up and down my shaft hard each way while twisting again. Her soft warm little hand pulled my foreskin to its absolute limit in each direction, shifting it all the way from end to end top to bottom. When she slammed her hand down, my foreskin was stretched almost halfway down my shaft, totally flattening out. When she slammed her hand up, my foreskin went alllllllllllll the way up over the head, covering it. Just making it completely disappear inside my shaft skin. *Holy fuck*. She was really, *really* trying to get this load.

She gave me a soft loving kiss underneath my cock head and then another soft loving kiss right on the seam of my ballsack, dead center, as she sincerely whispered “I love you” to me and just absolutely I lost it. She then takes her fingertips to my sack with her other hand and playfully tosses it around in them, pulling and tugging it every which direction as far as it can go each way. God fucking damn!!! I instinctively stood all the way up on my toes as she forcefully jerked my cum out all over her gorgeous face while simultaneously finger-playing with my extremely sensitive ballbag. It was coming and there was absolutely *no* stopping it.

*“OHHHHH FUUUUUUCCCCKKKKK CASSSSSS I LOVE YOUUUUUUU TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!”* I scream as I unload rope after rope right up the middle of her pretty face while she forcefully jerks it out of my indescribably happy cock and sack, still shifting and twisting my foreskin hard each way as she strokes, quivering sack still getting tossed around in her fingers from her other hand. 4, 5, 6 ropes so far. I was shooting so fucking hard and far that it the beginning of each shot was just blowing right past her face and hitting the door behind her. I could hear the pitter-patter type sound of cum spraying against the door as I shot with what felt like 5000 pounds of force.

“Huhhhhhhhh!!” I whimper loudly in extreme pleasure while getting my cum stroked out of my cock like never before, sack still getting worked off to help me shoot out all that I possibly can.

“Mmmmmm yes daddy cum all over this pretty face. Give your step-sister exactly what she wants. Give your slutty step-sister your hot sticky cum. Please step-brother? Please *big* step-brother?” she purrs as I coat her. Since I was her little step-brother, I’m assuming she was referring to my cock when she said “big”. 7, 8, 9 ropes now. First spurts still blasting the door. Foreskin shifting in her hand, balls tossed in her fingers and unloading a part of my fucking soul with each strand of cum she’s craftily and expertly extracting from me. 12 long, sticky white ropes of hot ball juice all over her beautiful face and the poor innocent door and I’m finally done. She’s absolutely *plastered*. She uses her hand to wrench and squeeze out all that I’m worth from my emptying cock and her fingers still jostle my sack to help the rest of it expel from the tip. As my cock softens and drips with some more cum, she sucks up the last few remaining drops of semen dangling off my tip as my now drained cock hangs down and she giggles with an “innocent” look and smiles sweetly as she swallows them all, tilting her head forward as she looked up at me again. Her stunning face is even prettier than usual with all of this cum all over it and I pick up my phone that I dropped on the floor when Cassidy shoved me in here. I took a few pictures with flash and she modeled for me. Some pictures she closed her eyes and pursed her lips into a kiss. Some she smiled and put her fingertip in her mouth, looking so sexy and naughty. Some she scooped some cum in her mouth and stuck her tongue out with my load on it. Some she closed her eyes and threw her head back as she touched her pussy. She was amazing, and my cock and balls were *totally* drained. I mean my sack was *completely* and *thoroughly* worked over by her hot wet mouth and playful fingers. I fell back to the wall behind me and partially crumpled to the floor in disbelief and semen emptiness, almost dazed and kind of out of it now.

“Oh fuck, baby!!!! Gooooooodddddd!!!!! That was amazingggggg!!!! You *really* let my sack have it. Jesus fucking Christ. Can you scoop the rest up and swallow it for me please? I wanna watch you gulp it all down.”

I was lightheaded and quite possibly dehydrated. I could nearly feel all the fluid in my body go towards my load. That’s how big it was.

“Actually,” she smiles, “I think I have a better idea. Pull your pants up and put your mask back on.”

Uh oh, what is she up to…

I do what she says and she turns to open the door and start heading out, grabbing my hand and pulling me behind her as she motions to leave the coat closet in which I just received the most incredible sack sucking, shaft cranking and ball draining of my entire fucking life. I stay firmly in place and pull her back a little.

*“Are you fucking crazy????* You still have cum all over your face! Plus Eric is here and he and everyone else are gonna find out that I’m not him under this mask!”

“That’s the point, Mr. *Big.*” She says with a devilish smile and a wink. She then grabs my cock and balls through my spandex again and as she rubs them and plays with them firmly she says, “Let me do this or I will *never* suck your balls again”. I wasn’t really sure if she actually meant that but considering she made good on her promise of biting my cock earlier I wasn’t going to risk not listening to her demands again. She gives me another sweet giggle, making it seem like she wasn’t entirely too serious but I wasn’t going to take my chances.

I moan at her incredible groping and say “Okay, sexy. Whatever you want. I love you.”

“That’s more like it!” She says gleefully on her tiptoes. She then squeezes my goods tight for a quick second and while doing so says, “*I love you too, good lookin’!* And your big cock and tasty balls. And your *delicious* hot, sticky cum. Let’s go.”

“Oh wait! Looks like there’s some more cum left on the door!! Wow!!! You *really* unloaded, didn’t you!? There’s still so much!! I can’t believe I almost missed that!!!” There really was a lot left on the door. I swear it was the amount of a normal load that typically I shoot on it. She made me blast so much I think I shot up to 3 or 4 more times of what I normally do!!! It was slowly sliding down, and she scooped it all up with her hand. She shows me letting it fall on her lovely face as she hangs her fingers over it. It all drops from her fingers, adding more to the gigantic collection of baby batter ropes already completely coating her perfectly sculpted and chiseled face. Then she cleans up the remainder from her fingers with her mouth, smacking her lips as she eats it all up. Cassidy turns to the door and licks the remains of my enormous load off it too. She turns back to me and gives me a sexy wink, swallowing it down. All she says afterwards is “yummy” in a naughty voice.

If I wasn’t in love before, I sure as *fuck* am now.

“Okay! *Now* we can go!” She says joyfully as she grabs my hand again and begins to make her way out the door once more.

“Wait! You know what! I have another idea!” *Another* idea? This girl is crazy! She pulls my boxers and spandex back down and strokes me to hardness again. Then she grabs it and leads me through the house by the cock now instead of my hand. I’m gonna do whatever she wants, just as long as she sucks my soul out through my sack again.

As she pulls me through the hallway by my again hardening and somewhat still dripping cock, tons of cum still roped across her gorgeous face, people of course begin to take notice and make noises and chatter amongst themselves as they see. We finally stop in the gap in the middle of the living room where mostly everyone is gathered around. The music stops and the room goes dead silent. Eric is still by the door and sees cum-covered Cass holding me by my boner. He is speechless and dumbfounded. The room falls silent as everyone turns to look at us. I begin to get pretty nervous under my disguise. Cass breaks the deafening silence with these next words:

“Everybody! I have an announcement to make!!! Tonight, I *finally* sucked off the man I’ve always wanted to be with! Not even his cock, just his ballsack and big tasty balls! Then when he was about to cum I jerked him off really hard and played with his tasty sack with my free hand! And guess what? *I fucking loved it!!!!!!!!!!* And, no. It’s *not* Eric Taylor. It’s someone kinder, much better looking and with a much bigger and intact cock!” Again, not that big. But I’ll take it. Not really like her to judge a man by their cock size or state of circumcision though, but I have to admit it kind of made me chuckle a bit.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I present to youuuuu……

*My step-brotherrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!”*

She times taking off my mask with her last words and the whole room gasps and makes an array of different kinds of surprised and entertained noises. I just look around and give a little nervous half-smile and sheepishly wave as I hear things like “What the fuck!?” “Holy shit!!” and “Dude Cassidy the cheerleader is a total whore!!!!!” I wouldn’t exactly call her a *whore*, but I get what they were getting at. I *am* her step-brother, after all. It also added a bit of promiscuity to her profile since she was publicly dating Eric. Although apparently according to her it was to polish up on her cock-polishing skills! I’m glad I had her focus her mouth on my sack this time, because god DAMN that was good. But truth be told I gotta know how skilled her mouth is with cock soon!!! And honestly after the unbelievable sack working from her mouth and subsequent cum extraction I just received, I didn’t really care what they were saying as long as they didn’t go overboard.

My life just got *really* good.

With my cum still coating her face and starting to slowly drip off, she gets back down on her knees as I just sort of shrug and she quickly begins to suck my sack again as everyone watches…

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