My sister and l married by Dave.Trudy2

After living with a girl for almost 2 years the relationship went sour so l moved in with my elder sister Victoria, Vicky was 4yrs 8-months and 6-days older than me, she had a spare room and the extra cash came in handy for her, we had always got on well and enjoyed each other’s company even as teens. Moving in with Vicky was like old times when living at home, it wasn’t unusual for me to be walking around the flat in just a towel after showering or Vicky only in her knickers and bra, we had nothing to hide from each other as she had caught me wanking off many a time and l had seen her in a lot less than knickers and a bra. One evening we were getting ready to go out when Vicky came into my room holding 2 dresses up in front of her asking which one should she wear, l replied it didn’t matter as we were only going to the local pub then for a curry, Vicky stood in front of the mirror moved one way then the other, l could see she was wearing skimpy knickers and a very uplifting bra. Vicky is 5ft 4” tall had reasonable size tits and a chubby belly that hangs a little over her knickers, but what got my attention was her pussy hair it looked like she had a forest down there l couldn’t help myself and blurted out she needed a shave, Vicky looked into the mirror to check the hair on her top lip then remarked ‘no she didn’t’, l pointed between her legs she lifted her belly and let out “OMG, l do need a trim”, Vicky explained that was her last boyfriend Roger’s job he would keep her tidy down there then commented on how some men like a hairy woman, l declared hairy yes, but not the Brazilian rain forest. My sister just grinned and left the room.

About 20 minutes later Vicky was calling me into the lounge l went into find she wanted the back of her dress zipped up, she looked different and her perfume was quite strong l joked if she was on the pull then Vicky had better shave where it counted, “bollocks” was her answer as she grabbed her coat and we left the flat. The pub was semi-crowded, we got our drinks and joined friends already at a table. We were all getting merry and one of Vicky’s friends husband flicked a cherry down my sister’s cleavage and without thinking l put a hand down her front to retrieve the cherry then popped it into her mouth and whispered when did she get her cherry popped, Vicky joked “it was a long time ago” and went to squeeze my leg but her hand went higher than intended and brushed against my cock.

It was getting late so we all made our way to the Indian restaurant , Vicky had her arm through mine, she leant into me and inquired why was my cock so hard then declared was it the feel of her tits when l took the cherry from her cleavage, l teased by answering “no” as l’ve seen the forest in her knickers, my sister kissed me on the cheek and said now she hasn’t got Roger to keep her in trim and l’m in the flat it could be my job, l told her she was lucky because l had just brought a new pack of razors. All through our curry my tormenting sister was running her hand up the inside of my thighs then thankfully we finished the meal and left the restaurant. We were both worse for drink, Vicky stopped and rested against a wall saying we should have caught a cab l leant in and kissed her on the lips she put her arms around me and our kiss grew more passionate, “god, l want to fuck you now” l told her, my sister took hold of my hand and we went down an alley between the shops. We began kissing again, l hitched up her skirt and slid a hand into her knickers then a few fingers into her very wet dripping hole, Vicky had my trousers and boxes around my knees vigorously wanking my cock, our breathing was deep then through her gasps and pants my sister positioned herself over a nearby bin and without saying a word l knew it was time to slide my hard shaft deep up inside Vicky’s warm hole. Her pussy was hot and dripping, it felt fantastic, l kept my cock firmly wedged deep inside my sister to savour the sensation of her warm very wet love hole gripping my shaft before easing my cock almost to the point of sliding from her hole then gently eased myself back inside her, l could feel my sister’s inner pussy muscles rippling over my shaft the deeper l buried my cock the more it heightened the sensation l was feeling, l slowly slid my shaft out again, Vicky let out a soft low moan and pushed herself backwards onto my cock. Our fucking grew faster her whimpers got louder; l was gripping her hips tight slamming my hard cock deep into my sister. It didn’t feel wrong fucking my sister, it felt right, it felt good, l gave a hard thrust into her and let-out “l’m cuming”, Vicky almost pushed me off my feet when she rammed herself backwards onto me and cried “oh fuck, oh fuck”, we stay joined together as my steaming hot sticky liquid shot from my urethral flooding my sister’s womb and with each load l shot inside her Vicky convulsed letting out soft whimpers. The contents of my balls slowed to a dribble inside my sister so easing my now sticky shaft from her wet dripping hole encouraged a slow stream of spunk to run from between her pussy lips and down her inner thighs. I wiped what cum that was covering my shaft over her bum cheeks then put my cock away, l heard Vicky say “that was a knee trembler” then stood upright to adjust her clothing and we left the alley to make our way home.

We got home poured a couple of large Vodka’s and sat on the sofa talking about what happened on the way home. My sister Vicky confessed to having fantasied about being fucked by me, l admitted that she got my cock hard when she walked around the flat in just her bra and knickers. Vicky with a wicked grin on her face said she had a job for me and asked me to bring a razor to her bedroom, when l went into her room she was laying on the bed naked with her legs over the edge, she spread her legs further and pointed at the forest between them then declared it was now my job to keep her bush in shape there was a towel, bowl of water, Vicky past me an aerosol of shaving foam which l squirted into my hand and rubbed into her pubic hair. I suggested all the hair should be taken off she replied that was my decision, so l began deforesting my sister, as l shaved Vicky she was asking what l thought of her figure, she was a plump girl which l liked but said if she put on a few more pounds and her tits hung down onto her belly that is my perfect girl. Most of her forest was off and Vicky’s saggy pussy lips were glistening, l slid a finger gently between them and stroked her clit she raised her hips and let out a long slow moan, l increased the rhythm which caused her cries to get louder and my sister’s clitoris began to swell and looked like a small cock protruding from between her pussy lips, l took it into my mouth and ran my tongue over the tip Vicky forced her clit harder onto my tongue and gave a loud shriek before shuddering then from nowhere she squirted, it went into my mouth, over my face and chest my sister completely soaked me. I grabbed a towel from the bed to wipe my face when l looked at Vicky her hips were raised a hand was between her legs squeezing her clit, Vicky’s whimpers were now a continued moan of pleasure. She lowered her hips gulping in mouthfuls of air panting when Vicky caught her breath she apologised for squirting saying it had never happened before, l assured my sister that having her squirt was fine because l knew she had enjoyed what l was doing to her then declared her pussy was shaven and all we had to do now was try it out. After giving her pussy a little tongue fucking l kissed my way up to her tits only stopping to suck Vicky’s erect nipples before moving further up her body till our lips were firmly pressed together, our tongues entwined and curled around one another like mating snakes. As l guided the head of my cock to Vicky’s clean-shaven love hole, she raised her legs slightly, l could feel her pussy lips begin to unfold over my cock then my sister’s inner pussy muscles gripped me tight as l drove my shaft deeper into her dark depths, it was then Vicky broke from our kiss to softly whisper “fuck me hard” and l wasn’t going to let her down. When my balls were pressed hard against the lower part of her pussy my sister took in a sharp breath, l knew my whole shaft was now fully inserted up inside her, l placed my arms under her legs and lifted them into the air then eased my shaft partway out of my sister’s eager wet pussy and slammed my whole cock hard back into her hole. Vicky let out “ah yes!” and that was the start of me fucking her hard, the faster and harder l slammed my whole shaft into Vicky her cries got louder and her pussy became a torrent of her love juices. My sister’s pussy was making squelching noise’s, l stop myself from exploding inside her by biting my lip, but l knew this method wasn’t going to work for too long. I really was pounding my sister Vicky’s delicious pussy hard my balls became tight and tingled, l yelled “lm gonna cum” and boy did l cum, on the first steaming hot load she gulped in mouthfuls of air and screamed “give me it, give me it all”, l thrust downwards and held my cock deep inside my sister to deliver my second load she began to convulse and tried to speak while trying to catch her breath, but gave up and just squealed, l gave another thrust downward this creamy load took her to the brim, l stay buried deep inside Vicky’s now sticky hole the last of my spunk trickled from the urethral opening at the tip of my cock. We stay interlocked both panting, l released the hold l had on her legs and we kissed passionately then l rolled to one side, we were exhausted and lay side by side neither one of us saying a word. It was Vicky who spoke first she straddled my chest telling me there was no need for us to be in two separate bedrooms she wanted me to share her bed from now on, l gave my answer by pulling her towards me and sucking one of her nipples, Vicky lay back by my side and drifted off to sleep in my arms.

I was woken by my sister’s lips sliding up and down my shaft while her fingers played with my balls, l raised my hips forcing the head of my cock to the back of her throat and emptied the entire contents of my balls, Vicky sucked at the same time and swallowed the lot then after licking my cock clean she lifted her head and declared that was her protein supply for the day, but will need more in the evening, now l was drained she went into the bathroom to shower and dress for work leaving me to recover from my morning call. I was going to join Vicky in the shower but she came out as l was going into the bathroom. After a quick breakfast we left for work, l might as well have stayed home l couldn’t concentrate because all l wanted to do was get home and insert the whole of my shaft into my sister’s snug fitting pussy hole.

That evening over dinner Vicky was asking me if l meant what l said, that my ideal girl would be bigger than her with tits that flop down onto her belly and she would also have to be very submissive. Vicky inquired what l meant by submissive so l explained she would have to do what l wanted without question and gave her an example, she was to take her knickers off then get on all fours lift her dress over her big round arse because l wanted to fuck her, she got to her feet slid out of her knickers and got on all fours, l was behind her with my cock in my hand in seconds, Vicky stretched her bum cheeks apart and l forced my shaft into her tight fitting arse hole she didn’t make a murmur as her arse swallowed my cock then as l fucked my sister l was telling her she had to now get her weight up to 16 or 17 stone with tits that were droopy like full cow udders because that was the sort of girl l would like to be in a real relationship with. I was fucking Vicky hard she was taking my shaft right up to my balls in her arse, l shouted she was about to get my load, Vicky yelled “Yes!”, my flood gates opened and Vicky was being filled, “fuck yes sis, fuck yes” l blurted out neither one of us moved till l had emptied my balls completely in her arse.

Over the next couple of months Vicky ate cakes, take-away’s, fizzy drinks anything to put on wait, but she was having trouble getting her tits to droop till we read that a breast pump will help increase the size of her tits, so she used the pump for about 3 months then stopped, her tits did hang down a little and she persevered with the breast pump. I had begun calling her my pig it wasn’t in a derogatory way it was my pet name for her and Vicky understood. My sister was willing to undertake anything l asked her to do and sometime she would suggest something we might try knowing l would enjoy. One evening l came home to find her on all fours with her bum cheeks pulled apart and on Vicky’s cheeks she had written for my brother only, l didn’t ask how she wrote across her bum and l couldn’t turn down the offering of her gaping hole before me, within seconds my cock was wedged first in her arse then to finish l shot my creamy load deep in her pussy.

It was a Saturday night, me and Vicky were drinking and playing ‘true or dare’ and things got a little out of hand, we had asked each other all the ‘was it true questions’ and done all the usual ‘dares’ to each other, when l dared my sister to go across the hall to Syd’s , he was a nice old widower, she was to stay dressed in the bathrobe she was wearing and the robe had to be slightly open, Vicky was to flirt with Syd while asking for milk or tea bags, l nearly choked when she agreed, but my sister promised she would get me back on my dare. I adjusted her robe to show my sister’s tits and tied the belt loosely so as to be open enough for Syd to get a good look at her chubby legs. Waiting behind our flat door l heard Vicky begin talking then give little chuckles when Syd spoke then l heard his door close, l was expecting her to walk back into the flat, but instead she had gone into Syd’s flat, l listened at his door to hear mumbling and my sister giggling, all of a sudden the door opened and Vicky stepped into the hallway holding a carton of milk. She came into the flat flushed and excited telling me her pussy was soaking wet due to her getting so aroused teasing Syd, Vicky confessed she was hoping he might touch her, hearing this got me hard, we didn’t make it too the bedroom l pushed her onto the sofa and opened Vicky’s robe, she spread her legs for me to slide my shaft into her wet pussy, l began fucking her and got close to spunking but held back then someone was knocking on the flat door l didn’t know whether to carry on fucking my sister but decided not to rush filling her inside and slid my shaft from her hole. Vicky went to see who was at the door, l heard Syd’s voice and my sister telling him l was still out, she invited him into the flat, l hid in the bedroom to watch her kneel in front of him and release his cock then took him into her mouth, she sucked his shaft gently, Syd let out low sighs then gripped the back of Vicky’s head gave a thrust into her mouth and groaned loudly. I could just make out her gulping down all that Syd shot from her balls Vicky kept him firmly in her mouth till he stepped backwards and put his now glistening floppy cock away. Syd helped my sister to her feet, she thanked him for the carton of milk and the extra creamy liquid he deposited straight into her stomach then showed him out, l went into the lounge and Vicky knew what l wanted, she got to her knees took my stiff cock out and began sucking me, closing my eyes l could see her sucking Syd’s cock all over again l couldn’t hold back and spunk shot to the back of her throat. Vicky had the ability to suck my cock as l was emptying my balls, she used my urethra like a straw to drain every drop of spunk from my balls. After we sat on the sofa slowly getting drunk before going to bed and this time my sister got my liquid sticky load dumped deep in her womb.

Since Vicky had now developed herself into my perfect girl by becoming submissive and putting on weight to be my pet pig l arrange for us to go on a trip to Las-Vagus the place was awesome, l also had another surprise for my sister. We went to a small chapel and paid $35 to be married by a Lennon look alike, we both knew it was the right thing to do, we were meant to be together as man and wife. On the flight home we tried to join the mile-high club but unfortunately the plane toilet was too small for me and my sister to get into at the same time so we did the next best thing, waited for the man in the seat next to Vicky to go to sleep, she put a blanket over us both and l finger fucked her while she wanked me till l covered my new wives hand with sticky spunk and she orgasmed.

We wanted to celebrate our married, but couldn’t invite friends as they knew we were brother and sister so invited Syd for a take-away and drinks. As the evening progressed and the drinks flowed, we played cards which soon developed into a more adult card game, Vicky lost two games, so l said her forfeit was to kiss Syd, adding l was sure he wouldn’t mind as she had already sucked him off, he didn’t realise l knew and had been watching them, Syd gave a grin and began kissing Vicky and that was the end of the card game but the start of a great evening. We got Vicky to her feet, l unzipped the back of her dress then unclipped her bra leaving Syd to remove the bra, he began sucking on her saggy tits, her nipples had become erect she pulled Syd’s head onto her tits and took a large breath before letting out a soft moan. While Syd enjoyed my sister, l carried on undressing her, she stepped out of the dress and knickers now around her ankles, l stripped and stood behind Vicky pressing my hard shaft between her bum cheeks, Syd had seen l was naked and he stripped. We took Vicky into the bedroom she lay on her back and in a seductive voice said “use me”, l knelt one side as Syd knelt the other, we each took a nipple into our mouths to suck and bite causing Vicky to begin squealing and wriggling, when l put my hand on Vicky’s pussy l found Syd’s fingers already wedged up inside her hole. He remarked on how Vicky’s hole was running with her juices, l told Vicky to spread her legs because l was going to fist her, Syd couldn’t believe his eyes as my fist disappeared into the dark depths between my sister’s legs, l got near up to my elbow inside her she arched her back and began to orgasm shouting at me to give her more. Syd was sat watching Vicky twist and convulse on my arm, l could see he was eager to take his turn, so sliding my arm from her gaping hole, l told him to try and no sooner was my hand out then he was easing his fist up inside Vicky’s waiting pussy, she kept her back arched, the further Syd slid his fist into my sister the louder her cries of ecstasy became, Vicky screamed “l want a cock, l want a cock” as Syd increased the rhythm of his fist fucking. We got Vicky on all fours and spit-roasted her, first l was fucking her stretched pussy then we swapped holes because Syd wanted to empty his sticky load into her pussy and my new wife was more than willing to accept all that what was stored in his balls. He fucked Vicky hard and fast before taking hold of her fat hips tight and thrusting his cock deep inside her, Syd yelled “l’m cuming”, l encouraged him to give the sow the fucking lot and it sounded like she was getting it all by the way Vicky gripped the quilt clenching her fist, her cries and whimpers got louder. Syd slapped one of her bum cheeks, his shaft flopped from Vicky’s gaping juice dripping hole she slumped onto her jelly belly panting and Syd rolled beside her, l got into position behind Vicky telling her to spread her bum cheeks then guided my shaft straight into her arse hole to start fucking my sister, her cries began to build the faster l fucked her, l kept fucking her for as long as l could before my balls tingled then tighten and a hot stream of sticky spunk flowed from my urethral opening flooding my sister / new wife / pet-pigs inside. I lay on her back joined by my shaft buried in her arse hole, Syd was kissing Vicky while fondling her tits, after a while we went into the lounge to have a few more drinks. It wasn’t long before Syd had Vicky on the floor the pair in a 69 position, he fucked her missionary, her arse and on all fours where she got his full sticky load dumped inside her. Syd went home and l took my new wife to bed with her dribbling spunk filled pussy, Vicky went to sleep and, in the morning, l gave her a fucking as l rammed my shaft into her pussy the spunk from the evening before gushed out, it was a very good night. After that evening, we invited Syd around when we wanted a different night of fun.

Later in the year Vicky announced she was pregnant, we decided to move away so Vicky could have the baby and we could then be a real married couple because far too many friends and people in the area knew we were brother and sister. Syd comes to visit every few months for a few nights of fun.

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