My roommate who is religious joined me after I played with myself.

I was offered a pretty wonderful apartment right before my first year of college, but I had to find a roommate. I eventually made an online friend who appeared to be really laid back and who, from what I could tell on social media, came from a very devout household. Although she wasn’t the type of person I would usually hang out with, I assumed she would be neat and easygoing, which is ideal for a roommate.

She had heard us fucking and seen me bring home quite a few males after a few months. The walls were thin, and I decided she could put on some headphones if she didn’t want to hear it. I wasn’t trying to be annoying. She asked me in the living room one day whether I preferred hanging out with all those guys over having a partner. I told her that I still wanted to have sex and wasn’t opposed to having a boyfriend—I simply hadn’t found any males who were suitable for a relationship.

She informed me that although she was curious to explore her sexuality, she was afraid that her inexperience would turn off all the males in her school. I told her they typically had less experience than they claimed to have, and they probably wouldn’t mind. She inquired if I had ever masturbated, and I had to giggle because I was very sure she had heard my vibrator buzzing a lot. She claimed she was unsure of the proper method because she had never done it before.

I told her I could show her how I touch myself, but it’s a bit different for everyone. Even though she was really humiliated, she agreed and said she would appreciate it if it was okay with me. I had found my kink by now, so the idea of exposing myself to her was making me feel attracted to her. I undressed to my panties and reclined on the couch with my back to her. She agreed to sit next to me when I asked her to.

I started toying with my nipples and rubbing myself gently over my underwear. She fixed her intense gaze between my legs, and I could feel it. My underpants had a damp patch that was becoming bigger. Her breathing was labored, and her cheeks were flushed. With my hand inside my underwear, I carefully dipped my finger in and out of my hole to extract wetness and massage it all over my clit. I took down my underpants at this point because I really wanted her to see my pussy.

She asked if she could smell them, and I laughed and said sure. She sniffed deeply, and I played with myself more while she closed her eyes and inhaled deeply. I asked her if she wanted to try it with me after telling her how wet it was making me see her do it. She raised her skirt up to her waist and took her panties down. Though she had a large bush, I could see that she had carefully trimmed the area around her lips, which were already quite moist. She groaned a little and dipped her fingers between her lips.

I had to slow down a few times when we were fucking ourselves while sitting on the couch to avoid cumming. I wanted to see if she could cum before me, and after a while, I could hear her breathing becoming faster, her eyelids closed, and she repeated “oh my god” whispers. She gasped and began to tremble, her asshole winking open and closed. She was still playing softly with her now swollen lips, and that was all the motivation I needed to finger fuck myself till I had an orgasm.

I had hoped that we would have more fun together, but it seemed like that was enough girl-to-girl time for her. A few months later, she did start seeing a guy, and when it came time for me to hear her fucking, I masturbated to them shamelessly.

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