My on-off again girlfriend

So I’ve been with this girl who I love since we were in our teens. Our relationship was on and off because of distance. She would go through periods being obsessed with me but she was also super horny all the time. She ended up cheating on me during our first few months apart and we broke up, got together, and broke up again up until she graduated HS. She even lost her virginity to another guy and was dating another guy when I reconnected with her once.

She still loved me and when her relationship with her bf ended we got tg again and I learned a lot of stuff I didn’t know before because her losing her virginity and having a bf was a shock to me. She told me the details and even though at the time I was so hurt and humiliated, I was turned on and instantly got hard.

From then on it’s fucked me up and even though I’m dominant with her, it turns me on she’s been with other dudes. Right now we’re still in different countries but when she earns enough she’s coming here. I’m a student and can’t help her out rn either. However, she’s been seeing a sugar daddy to help her and to pay for her modelling career (no she doesn’t have a public instagram and her modelling is local).

She’s super hot at 5”6 with c cup tits, petite body, and a thick ass. She’s literally unreal with her body and it makes me insanely jealous and hard knowing she is seeing a sugar daddy while with me now. We’re not official at the moment because of the situation but she still talks to me and updates me on her life. She doesn’t know it turns me on this much but she likes making me jealous lol. Anyway this is my situation now.

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