My old friend’s younger sister

So recently after 7 years i met my childhood friend. He was my best friend but few things happened that ended our close bonds. But we decided to renew it and we are good friends again. Most important part is his 7 years younger sister (she is 21 yo now). She was always like typical younger sister, sweet etc.
Some time after our first meeting after 7 years, he invited me to his place, to play some video games like old times. There i saw super fucking hot blonde and when i say super fucking hot i mean it. Like total bombshell perfect body and face. First thought “fuck he has hot gf”.
Then he says “oh you remember my younger sister?” and i am totaly shocked, puberty was generous for her. It was hard to stay calm. I found out that she came to him for few days. We all played games, drinked some beer, joked like good old times.
When the beer ran out my friend decided to go to store for some more and we stayed alone with his sister. She wasnt wearing bra. I am not kind of guy who get easily excited but fuck i was little drunk and horny so i got hard af.
She noticed it and smiled. “I see you are excited to see me” she said. “Hard to not be when seeing this kind of body” i answered. “Yeah you like it? Wanna touch it?” she said and lifted her tshirt and showed her massive tits. “You know store is pretty far away so we have some time for fun, it is hard to not notice your bulge”.
She was amazed by my size too “Fucking hell you are a horse”. Then she gave me best blowjob in my life. She has amazing lips and technique. I cummed as never before
Unlucky we didnt have time for more beacuse my friend came back from store.
If you wanna hear more just DM me.

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