My now ex sent me a video with another guy’s cum

I was away for a few months because I was working in another state, we use to chat and see each other on camera and sometimes I asked for some hot videos.

At the moment I didn’t know and for me it was really hot because she was really wet and even sucked her fingers after the introduce her fingers in her pussy it was really hot.

I didn’t see anything wrong with the videos but one day I wanted to master masturbate and what better way to watch my girlfriend videos, so I watched a few and I notice something I didn’t notice before and it was like white cum coming out of her pussy, she played with it for a few seconds and put her fingers in her pussy.

I thought I was probably just imaginating things and I watched another video and I saw cum dripping put from her pussy and that’s went I realized she was cheating on me and masturbating with another guy’s cum. I asked her about it she denied and a few months after we broke up she told me the truth.

She was sleeping with some guys and she was letting them cum inside her. I still have her videos and sometimes when I’m really horny I masturbate watching them and imagining how she was getting fucked while I was masturbating with her videos after she was done.

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