My Moms Friend -2

The next day I texted her good morning and asked what her schedule was.
She said she had to do some errands, and go to her sisters house to check on the dogs. I told her that I wasn’t doing much but that my mother would be home all day. Sarah teased that she should come over wearing a skirt with no underwear and flash me, so that I couldn’t do anything because my mom was there. We laughed and I said, yea right, well figure something out, even if its not today. She then replied that even if she has to make an excuse to sneak into my bed room, she was getting more of my cock today.
She then asked what my limits and kinks were, if I was into water-sports, spanking or anything like that. She prefaced that by stating that she watches A LOT of porn. She says that she watches everything her husband does, because that way he doesn’t know she is looking at it. She said he looks at a lot of INTERESTING and HOT stuff. She’s never told him that she watches it and the few times she has tried some of the stuff she watched he didn’t seem interested.
I said like what? She replied that she would show me sometime. She then said she had to go and she would message later.
When I went downstairs my mom was sitting at the counter. She said good morning and made me a cup of coffee.
Mom asked what my schedule was and I told her I finished nights yesterday, and I didn’t go back out until Monday. Mom said she was off and that we should do something over the weekend. I told her i didn’t have any major plans.
My mom said that she figured out that Sarah was the one that left her suit. She said “I had to remind Sarah that we shouldn’t skinny dip when you are home, and that next time she should ask me before just stopping in. With you moving back we cant just jump in the pool at a whim, or at least not jump in without a suit on.”
I tilted my head and said I was sorry for the inconvenience of everyone wearing a swim suit, but that they shouldn’t feel obligated just because I might see them naked or something. My mom laughed and said that her friends are prudes and it would mortify them if I caught them naked. “Just your friends? I asked, mom rolled her eyes and said she’ll make sure to have one on when I was home. To which I replied that its not like I’ve not seen a naked woman before. “Takes more than seeing a set of titties to get me going.” My mom laughed and said “Well Im sure it depends on the titties. But, you’ve been warned, and so have they.”
Just then i get a text from Sarah that said, this was right before I got a shower babe…. It was a video of her rubbing and fingering her pussy while peeing and then licking each of her fingers.
The next text said to meet her at her sisters house at 3pm.
I told my mom I was going to go out for the afternoon and probably wouldn’t be home till dinner time. She said that was fine as she was headed to the store any how.
I went to the bathroom to get a shower and sent Sarah an obligatory dick pick as i stroked it with soap.
I immediately got “wow, don’t waste all that cum, i need a refill!” to which i replied, “Mouth, pussy or ass?”
a minute later I got a pic back. It was from behind with her leaning a bit forward, she had her skirt flipped up. You could see her ass and pussy without panties, and she had a purple jeweled plug in. The jewel was about 2” around.
Her reply was “ALL”
I replied “holy fuck! Come bring that ass and pussy here to sit on my face!”
It was then I realized that both her hands were on her skirt in the pic. “Wait…who took the pic?”
She sent back the giggling emoji and said “A friend…”
I asked who again? “A friend that thinks I’m sending this to David.”
“Who is David?” She replied “my Husband…silly. Now finish what you need to do and meet me as my sisters at 3. I NEED to see you!”
I replied that I would see her then and looked up the address. I spent the rest of the day doing the mundane stuff of house work and cleaning the pool. About 130 I went to get a shower.
As I pulled up to Sarah’s sisters I noticed it was kinda like my moms house. Out of the way and except for the front porch very little was able to be seen coming up the driveway. Sarah was parked next to the back deck and I parked behind her.
She was just getting out of her car when I pulled in. She walked up to mine as I was getting out. I shut the door and she threw her arms around me and gave me a deep, tongue filled kiss that lasted a good 2 or 3 minutes. She was pressed against me kind of pulling my head down. She wasn’t wearing a bra and she was grinding her tits into my chest. Sarah made little mewling noises as we kissed and tongued each others mouths. She made sure she was rubbing my cock through my pants with her hip. I know she felt how hard I was.
When we came up for air, she said that she really needed that. “Its been a while since I made out like a teenager!” I laughed “Well you certainly didn’t loose any skills!” She bit her lip reached up, pulled my head down and whispered, “No, but Ive definable gained a few I will show you!” She gave me a quick kiss and then started walking towards the back deck.
Sarah told me she had to feed her sisters dogs, and make sure they got taken care of as her sister wouldn’t be back until Sunday evening. I looked around and saw there was a hot tub in the corner. Sarah giggled and said maybe we could do some “naked hot tubing later”. I replied i was game for anything, as i tossed her skirt up and smacked her bald ass.
She grunted, stopped and turned around. “I need to let the dogs out before I do anything else. Otherwise it wont get done. They will bark at you for a minute but they’ll be fine.” She turned around to go to the door and I smacked her ass again. This time she said “Fffuuucccck…” as the floor around her shoes became wet as she shook for a minute.
“Did you seriously just cum?” I asked. Sarah was reaching for the back door knob when she said “Yes, Ive been horny all day, Ive not let myself cum, my plug rubs me just the right way, I’m so worked up thinking about what we are doing and I am just sooo turned on.” With that she opened the door and her sisters dogs ran out barking, she asked if I could open the gate for the dog yard so they could get to it. She said she was having trouble standing let alone walking.
I laughed oped the gate and then walked back over to her. I leaned down and kissed her deeply, as I smacked her ass again. This time it sounded like someone spilled a drink. Her knees got weak and she let out this guttural moan. I sat her on the floor of the deck, and that’s when I noticed the pink antenna sticking out of her pussy. Her plug made a metallic clink and she grunted even louder as another puddle of liquid spewed forth from her pussy.
She had her arm around my neck, I was on one knee beside her, I reached down for her pussy as she attempted to get my shorts down with one hand. She shoved her hand inside and told me “I need your cock in me, right now!” I pushed her back, pushed down my shorts. She moaned “Leave the vibrator in, just shove your dick in!” As the tip of my dick pushed inside of her she was racked with the beginning of another orgasm. All of her muscles contracted and she let out this sound that wasn’t a moan nor a scream, but something between.
Her body was stiff and her hips were moving back and fourth, her pussy became so tight it pushed me out, her vibrator popped out and landed on the deck a few feet away, her butt plug fell was pushed out of her ass and fell with a thump as she said “Fffuuuuuccccckkkk!” at the top of her lungs, her fingers had dug into my shoulder. She squirted all over both of us. I leaned down and shoved my dick back inside. She wrapped her arms and legs around me and told me to fuck her hard. She said “fill my pussy with cum, make me your whore.” It didn’t take long and I was slamming her ass into the deck as i pumped cum as deep as I could get it.

I collapsed on top of her, she laughed. “Holy fuck that was hands down the biggest, best and I don’t have words for that orgasm!” I looked down at her, both our legs were dripping, my shorts were soaked, and if it wasn’t for the slats in the deck we would have been laying in a puddle. “Jesus I didn’t think someone could cum that much.” She laughed and said “I’m pretty sure I lost control of all my bodily fluids, but damn.”

As we lay next to each other she slowly strokes my soft dick. “So you liked the pics i sent?” She asked.

“Yea, definitely hot! Who took the one though? and do they really believe you sent it to David?”

She said, “yes they believe it. I stored your number with his name, and Ive sent him pics like that in the past that they took. So I’m sure your mom has no idea it was for you.”

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