My landlord by justintime2424


Hello my name is Jessica, I’m 19 and just got married about a week ago. First let me start by describing myself, I’m 4”9 100lbs red hair petite build with 32B cup size. My husband however is 22 5”6 and has a bigger build being that he works as a contractor building homes and he loves going to the gym. Me and my husband got married because we got pregnant and we felt it was only right to get married. Being that I am pregnant my husband felt that I shouldn’t work so he started working extra hours that way I could stay home. This story takes place one Tuesday morning, we rent from a local guy named Randy. Randy is a 40 year old bluff black male that owns a lot of rental property’s in the area when something brakes he likes to fix it instead of paying someone to do it. My husband called him a few weeks ago because the wall outlets in the master bedroom and living room were not working, being that my husband has been gone a lot at work that leaves no time for me and my needs. I have always been a very horny person and now that I am 4 months pregnant it’s even worse. That Tuesday morning i was home alone and I was laying in bed with just a bathrobe on using my vibrator when Randy came by to fix the outlets, he knocked on the door but I was so caught up in what I was doing I did not hear him. He used his key to let himself in and not seeing anyone he came down the hallway and to my bedroom. As he opened the door my eyes shot open to see Randy standing in the doorway with his tool bag while I laid in bed with my bathrobe open and my legs spread wide. We were both in shock as he looked me up and down, apologized and walked back down the hallway. I was still blushing and got up tied my robe and put my toy away. I worked up the courage to go find where my landlord went and saw him in my living room testing the outlets. I walked up by him and started to apologize but he stopped me saying that it was his fault and that he will not tell anyone about what happened and will forget what he saw. I asked him if he would like something to drink which he gladly accepted so I went and fixed him a glass of water, as I was bringing it back to him I couldn’t help but notice how buff he actually was, he was wearing sweat pants and a tank top and all I could see was his big strong arms. As I gave him his water his eyes met mine and his hand touched my hand, I was so turned on by him and it didn’t help that I did not get to finish since he interrupted me. I felt so guilty because I am married and I am carrying my husbands baby but I was so horny. Randy said that he needed to go test the ones in my room now so I walked with him to the room, as he was on the floor working I set down on the bed across from him and started small talk. I did not think about the fact I had on my short silk robe on and my legs were apart when he looked back at me, I noticed that his eyes dropped down from mine and he could see right between my legs to my clean shaven wet pussy. His eyes got big when he noticed and he stood up to face me I noticed he huge bulge in the front of his pants, he walked up to me brought his face to mine and began kissing me shoving his tongue in my mouth. I could not resist and started doing the same, he broke away and started biting on my neck working his way down as his hands opened my robe, he brought his mouth down to my nipples and started sucking and biting as I began to moan in pleasure, once he was done with my first nipple he worked his way over to my other nipple but Stopped in between my breast licking and kissing my skin, after he attacked my second nipple he licked his way down my chest and stomach stopping right before my soaked pussy, I could feel him breathing on me and it was driving me crazy to the point I grabbed him by the back of his head and shoved his head into my pussy, as he took my clit into his mouth I was breathless as he sucked and bit down, he released my clit and licked his way down my pussy shoving his tongue in my wet tight hole then licked down to my virgin rose bud. When he came back up and sucked on my clit I could not hold back no longer and a powerful orgasm took over and made me spray him in the face. As he stood up he took his shirt of and I could see just how buff he was, he started to take his pants off but I reached out with my foot stopping him, I set up still on cloud 9 and took my robe off and then got off the bed and went to my knees, I kissed his stomach and licked across his pants line before I took both hands and pulled his pants down. As his pant slid down I could see his huge dick through his briefs, I could see the outline of his cock head and put my mouth around it sucking it through his briefs. I had to have it so I slid his briefs down and there in my face was my first ever BBC and it was the biggest I have ever seen I later found out that his cock is 9in long and 2in girth, as I opened my mouth he placed his hands on the back of my head and and push his cock in my mouth, I could tasted his pre cum which was nice and salty. I have a small mouth so once he had about 4 inches of his beautiful black cock in my mouth I begin to gag and choke on his cock, how ever this did not stop him and he kept pushing more in, once I had around 6 inches inside me he started to pull back out. He removed one hand from the back of my head and brought it down to my tits and pinched my left nipple hard, I screamed out and he took that opportunity to shove his cock back in my mouth going down my throat until his ball rested on my chin, I couldn’t breathe and tear rolled down my face as this continued on for the next ten minutes until he picked me up and placed me on the bed. As he hovered over me and I saw his cock between my legs, I got nervous about the size vs my tight white pussy, and it was starting to sink in that what I was about to do was wrong, I was married, pregnant and this man was about to fuck me, I just laid there as I felt his huge cock start pressing in my small pussy, I have never had anything so big enter my body as I did now, it felt so amazing, I felt so full and the next thing I know he was balls deep inside my wet cunt and I loved it. As I laid there having him pounding my tight pussy I felt another orgasm coming, all of the sudden he rolled us over and the next thing I know I was on top, I begin rolling my hips back and forth riding his huge dick, it felt so amazing felling his cock rubbing my clit and then my ass hole as I rocked back and forth on him. As I feel my orgasm coming closer I start bouncing up and down as fast as I can as he reaches up and squeeze both of my tits, at the last minute I pull his cock out of me and begin to spray my juices all over his cock and stomach. The orgasm was so strong I fall forward and lay across his body, as I lie there out of breath he reaches down and grabs his cock to place it at the entrance of my pussy pushing forward until he is all the way inside of me again, he places his hand on my ass and spreads my cheeks apart as he begins fucking me hard and deep. I feel so full, he is stretching my tight pussy out yet again. As I lie there biting his neck and ears. He brings one of his hands up to my mouth and pushing two fingers inside, I take them and suck on them feeling his huge dick going in and out of me. He takes his hand back down to my ass and spreads my cheeks apart, and the next thing I know he starts rubbing those two wet fingers across my virgin rose bud, he pulls his dick out and shoved it back in my pussy, and as he does this he pushes one finger into my asshole, as he fuck my pussy with his dick he fucks my ass with his finger. My ass is in pain as he shoves his full finger inside my ass hole, as the pain starts to go away he adds the second finger I scream out in pain as he shoves both fingers all the way inside of me. The pain goes away and another orgasm starts to build as I feel him push his fingers down towards my pussy and his dick through my anal wall. This goes on for the next 15 minutes until he begins to grunt as his orgasm comes near. This violent fucking felt so amazing, like nothing I have ever felt before until he took his other hand and pushed two more fingers into my ass, pulling my asshole to the sides with his four fingers, making me scream as he shoved his dick deep inside, spraying my uterus with his cum. He pulls out and shoving back in five more times each time spraying his load inside me. As he stops he pulls his fingers out of my ass and brings them up to my mouth shoving them inside my mouth, I don’t know why but I start sucking them and bobbing my head up in down cleaning all of my juices off them. He pulls them out after about two minutes and rolls me over on to my back with his cock still inside me, once he is on top he pulls his cock out of me releasing his cum that is inside of my pregnant pussy, as it leaks out of me down my ass onto my and me and my husbands bed. He stands up and tells me to be a good little slut and come clean up my mess up, as I crawl across the bed I can feel his cum leaking out of me dripping on the bed, I look back between my leg and can see his cum dripping off my puffy lips and clit. I reach out and grand his cock which is still somewhat hard and bring my lips to his head and kiss it before I take it into my mouth bobbing up and down. I then remove his cock from my mouth and start licking down his shaft cleaning my juices and his cum off of his cock. I start licking and sucking on his balls before I get up and tell him to lay down on the bed. As he lays there I go between his legs and start licking under his balls then down to his asshole trying to push my tongue inside. His cock starts to grow again as I go back to sucking him and jacking him off. This goes one for the next ten minutes until I lean forward and start jacking him off harder causing him to blow his load a second time, this time he sprays my tits and stomach as he shoots 4 ropes on to my pregnant body. Once he’s done I start rubbing his cum into my skin of my tits and stomach, and for some reason it turned me on knowing that I have another mans cum in me and on me and I am rubbing it in to my pregnant stomach. Once I’m done I start licking my hands clean as he gets up to put his clothes back on. As I stand there naked with my landlords cum leaking out of me, my phone starts to ring, it’s my husband calling. He calling to let me know that he is on the way home that his boss let him off work for the day that way he can come home for the landlord to fix the outlets that way I don’t have to worry about it. He ask me if he has been over yet and I tell him no as Randy walks by me taking his hand and pushing his fingers inside my cum filled pussy as he walks out. My pussy is so sensitive that I gasp. My husband ask me if I’m ok and I tell him yes that I just was having back pain. He tells me to lay down and take it easy, he will give me a back massage after Randy is done for the day. I tell him I love him and I will see him soon, after he hangs up I put my robe on and walk out to find Randy grabbing his tools. As I walk him to the door he pushes me into the wall kissing me before he walks out the door saying he will be back once my husband get home.

After he leaves I rush to the room to clean up the mess and strip the bed. I get dressed putting some thongs and my gray yoga pants on as well as a shirt, as I walk to the laundry room with the soiled bedding I can feel cum leaking out of me still. After I come out the laundry room my husband is walking in the front door, I walk up to him somewhat blushed still to great him. He leans in to kiss me and I kiss him back hoping he don’t notice that my kiss taste different since I just got done cleaning Randy’s cock and licking his ass hole. He pulls away and smiles saying I look beautiful. As we got to our room he noticed that I stripped the bed and told me that I was supposed to take it easy. I told him that the baby was on my bladder and I had a accident this morning, he laughed and asked me if it happened again as he points to my crotch, I looked down and noticed that Randy’s cum must have leaked through my thong and pants. I blush and laugh as I say yea I guess so. Just then we hear a knock at the door, my husband said he will get it that way I can clean up.

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