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Hi incest lovers! Incest is good to enjoy. I am saying this through my personal experience. Don’t miss this opportunity. Let me introduce myself. I am a 32 year old working person, staying in Bangalore and I am the great fan of ISS. I started reading stories since many years. Now let us come to the story which I had experience with my own mom. She is now 52 year old woman, a housewife. Her stats are 36-36-38. She is a traditional woman but good looking.

I got interest on her while my parents were having sex which I saw accidentally, when I got up for loo in night. This was around when I was 18 years. Since then I started seeing my mom as a woman. Like all of you, even I got guilt feelings towards my mom but later my curiosity won and I started seeing her as a hot woman. I made up my mind to see my mom nude. So I started peeking while she was taking bathe and started watching her boobs and ass while she doing her work. This went on for years and the feeling towards her got stronger. I started dreaming about her for intimate moments. So I decided to seduce her but I wasn’t aware of how to proceed. Then the ISS stories helped me.

Once I peeped into the bathroom and saw her nude while taking bath. She noticed it and scolded me like anything. One day afternoon, she was sleeping in the bedroom. She was wearing saree and her legs were folded. Since she was not wearing inners, I got a chance to see her hairy pussy. That made me really hot my sexual feelings about her got stronger. Since she was asleep, I pushed her saree down so that I can see her pussy properly. Then I tried to touch and caress her hairy pussy. She suddenly woke up and caught me and scolded again. Later I stopped such activities for few months.
Let me share some brief about my family. I am the second son and altogether we are five siblings including me.

We were living in 1 BHK small house. While I was doing all these activities, my father got ill and he got bed ridden. He cannot do any sex with my mom. He sleeps alone in the bedroom and we all sleeping in the hall next to each other. So I used to sleep next to my mom. Initially, I didn’t do anything. Later I started getting sexual feelings for her. I started observing her smooth lips, fair chicks, and body. While she was asleep, I gave her gentle kisses few times, touched her boobs. That used to make my dick hard and good feelings. Later I used to masturbate and enjoy the feelings thinking about my mom. One day she was sleeping next to me putting her hand on my stomach. Slowly I adjusted myself so that her hand goes on my cock and my cock got erected within no time. I slept like that with more happiness. In the morning she was normal and didn’t ask me about that. Later in the night I started rubbing my cock on her ass and cummed and slept like that. She didn’t ask me about that also. So I gained confidence and started exploring her more. This was happening for years but I couldn’t fuck her.

One night when she was sleeping deeply, I made my effort to open her blouse hooks and saw her boobs and nipples. Nipples were dark brown in colour. That made me more desperate to have her. Next few days I thought of touching her mouth with my cock and felt very happy and did it, but second time while doing so, she woke up and scolded me. With all these attempts and scolding, I came to know that she knows my intentions but she is not taking any initiative. While I am doing all these things for many years and she started missing her sex for more than 10 years.

I started reading incest stories and seeing incest porn. Finally, I decided that I need to try something different to have my mom. I also wanted to help her physically since she may be starving for sex due to the inability of my dad due to his sickness. One day she and I were at home in the afternoon. I went to her and said, mom, my dick is paining, can you please check? I took it out, it got hard and I started shaking it. She said, go to the bathroom and do it, not in front of me. But I masturbated in front of her only. She again scolded me and said I am your mom, don’t try this on me.

Next day I did the same in front of her. She said you are really shameless son. This time she didn’t scold me, maybe she gave up on me. Then I said, mom, please help me. I just need a female’s hand to touch my hard dick and shake it. I am not asking for anything else. She understood that I am not giving up and just asking her to touch my dick and nothing else, then next day when I went to her, she looked at me and laughed and said, do you need my help. I said, yes mom. Then she hinted me to go to the bathroom and she also came with me. I opened my pant zip and took out my dick. She took it in her hand and started shaking it. I started making some sexy sound.

She laughed and finally I cum. Then she cleaned her hands and went.
Later we got a chance to go to another city for my cousin’s wedding. I suggested mom that we will stay in some good hotel so that we get good sleep, instead of staying at wedding place which will be crowded. She agreed for that. Then we travelled together and checked in to the hotel room. We took bath there individually and got well dressed up and went to the wedding function. I noticed that she was looking gorgeous in new saree, mehendi on her hands and shampooed hair. After the wedding function, we came back to the hotel in the night. We had to stay there for another two days for remaining formalities and some work.

After returning to the hotel, I praised her beauty and said, mom, you are looking young and cute today. I hugged her gently; she also hugged me and said you also look handsome in this dress. Then I gave her kiss on her chicks. Then I changed my clothes in front of her. While doing that, I just became little naughty and showed her my penis also. She looked at it and laughed. I said, mom, can you change your dress here itself, I want to see you. She smiled and said, don’t be a naughty boy. She said you have seen me when you were a kid, now you are grown up, you should not think such things about your mom. I said, please mom, once only, I want to see your full nude. I have not seen any female or gal nude at this age also.

She said, it’s not good and it’s awkward for me. Then I said, mom, I know you are starving for sex for many years now since dad became sick. Maybe I can help you if you don’t mind. She got little angry on me and said, are you mad, I am your mom and not a gal friend. I said it’s possible with full secrecy if you just open up your mind. Rest is your call. Then she suddenly went into the bathroom and closed the door.

When she didn’t come out for 15-20 min, I got worried and knocked the door. Later she opened up. She was wearing a gown. She went to bed and was still silent. I asked, what happened, mom. She said, nothing, I am just confused. Then I also went to bed and slept beside her. I put my leg on her legs and one hand on her stomach. I said, don’t worry mom. I know we can help each other. She said, are you sure you will keep this top secret? I said I promise mom. Then she closed her eyes. Slowly I moved my hand upward and pressed her boobs. She didn’t say anything. That was the green signal for me.
Then I got over her body and started kissing her face, lips, neck, boobs and everywhere on her body. She started responding. Then I pulled out her gown also. She was not wearing any inners. She was shy. I also got nude and slept on her.

Then we started kissing and doing foreplays for quite some time. She also started kissing me passionately as if she got a chance suddenly after a long starving. I started sucking her nipples. She said now there is no milk. Earlier you used to suck my nipples for milk. Then I went down and started licking her love hole. She smiled and said, you know you came out from the same hole and now you are making love with it. I said its multi-purpose mom, love you. Then she also started sucking my hard dick. She said this is my first time after so many years. I said feel free and enjoy mom. Then she got up and went for the loo.

When she came out of bathroom, I grabbed her there only and pushed her to a wall and started kissing her in standing position. Then I sat down and started licking her wet pussy. She spread her legs to allow me for licking it. She said your dad also never did like this. I said I will give you all the pleasure which dad also didn’t give you. Then I lifted her nude and took her to bed. I said, mom, I want to fuck you now. She smiled and said, what can I say? Then I spread her legs apart and pointed my hard dick towards her love hole. She had a smile on her face. Finally, I got my dick into her pussy and started fucking her. She also got engaged passionately and we both enjoyed it a lot. Finally, I poured all my cum inside her juicy pussy. Then she hugged me tight and told me to sleep like that without taking out my penis. Then we slept in that position for some time. Later I had three more rounds during the night.

Next day morning, we got up and got fresh. She prepared coffee for both of us. Then we ordered breakfast in the room itself. I said, Maa, can we have some drinks today, we will celebrate this like our honeymoon now. She said you have really crazy ideas. She smiled and kept quiet. Then I ordered drinks also. We both took drinks during breakfast. She had drinks for the first time in her life. Later she said, Manu (my name is Manish), please don’t call me Maa or mom now, you can call me by my name. Her name is Chandni. I said ok Chandu darling. Then I gave her a lip kiss again. Slowly drinks started working on her, she started talking more and naughty also. She asked me, Manu, who am I for you? I said you are my gal friend, lover, and wife. We are on honeymoon now. She said please give me real pleasure, I am missing it for a long time. Help me get away from my guilt feeling, I will cooperate with you. I asked her, honey, did you like my night performance, she said, yeah very much. Today you make it more hardcore. I want some new ways. Then I showed her some porn movies on my mobile. She was very curious to see them. She had never seen such movies before.

Then I took her for bath. We got nude. I started licking her under the shower. She also did the same with me. Then I fucked her again in standing position. She said you can put all your cum inside only. As she was operated there was no chance of pregnancy so we did without protection. Then during the day, I did with her in a different style like doggy, normal, on the sofa, standing, corner of the bed, etc. Then she told me to extend our stay for two more days for full enjoyment. Now we have a very good understanding. We enjoy together whenever we get a good chance. Chandu has accepted me as her lover now for special secret romance, love and sex.
Please write to me on [email protected] or hangouts me if you like this story. I believe in secrecy, so nothing to worry. Love you all. Mani

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