My Husband’s business partner saw my intimate play

It’s a wonderful Friday afternoon, the sun is shining, and I’m just lying in the garden in my bikini bottoms, just going about my thoughts as usual…my husband Marc is still at work and I don’t expect him to be home any time soon because he still has various appointments As I listen to the birds and sounds in the air, my thoughts keep wandering into the realm of pleasure. Pretty quickly I realize that I actually have an incredible desire for sex, but there is no one there who could satisfy it.

So I take a quick look around to see if anyone could observe me in my position…but no one is in sight! With a smile, I quickly run into the house and get my dildo out of the closet I am already looking forward to the pure pleasure that it is about to give me, I lie down and relax on the deck chair and briefly consider whether I should really do it myself here in the garden, but after a moment’s hesitation I just think to myself, “Why not? Even if someone is watching, at least they’ll have a great show!”

I slowly caress my big, firm breasts and immediately my nipples stiffen, which in turn causes a pulling sensation through my body… I moaned softly. I imagined a complete stranger lovingly caressing me, how his tongue was pampering me, making me hot, and then taking me with passion. I slowly open my thighs, and my hand carefully touches my already wet pleasurehole…I just give in to my desire!

The dildo carefully presses against my lips and I rub it past my clitoris and back and forth between my lips… hmmm how much I love to slowly get more and more excited… the dildo finds the entrance and drills itself slowly and with my eyes closed I enjoyed the hard, large object that wants to drill into me, a loud moan escapes me as it penetrates deeply and I slowly start to fuck myself… my pelvis moves in rhythm with my hand… yes, I imagined him penetrating wonderfully deep and brings me closer and closer to my climax…

I hear noises far away, but they don’t interest me, I’m completely caught up in my horniness, I just give in to my desire and now moan uninhibitedly…until I come and the orgasm explodes in my body…my heart is racing, my breathing is quick and shallow…I slowly calm down and smile to myself. ..when I notice the noises around me more clearly…

“Mhhh, someone seems to be enjoying themselves a lot,” I hear and startle out my husband is standing at the terrace door – which wouldn’t have been a big deal – but he had simply brought his business friend home with him and both of them had probably just become spectators of my intimate show! I could have sunk into the ground…but Marc smiled at me so lovingly and his look told me that he really enjoyed this insight and my shame immediately disappeared…!”You looked wonderful in your pleasure, I could have watched you for hours,” he said and then corrected himself, “We could have watched you for hours! Sorry, Silvia, this is my business partner, Thomas, I should have warned you, but we decided at short notice to move our appointment home. Of course, we could never have imagined that we would be treated to such a seductive show.”I try not to show my embarrassment and just smile at them both. I take a closer look at Thomas and have to admit that he is an extremely attractive man, tall, dark, short hair and probably in his late 40s. Marc sees my scrutinizing look and smiles at me, knowing exactly what thoughts are currently going through my pretty little head…he just knows me too well.Since I’m still only wearing bikini panties, I quickly slip into my short skirt and a tight top. “And what are the two gentlemen up to here now?” I ask cheekily because the situation is somehow still full of eroticism. Thomas’s look tells me that he is still quite excited by this unexpected show and he replies with a mischievous smile, “I’m curious how I’m going to work with your husband here, with such a nice sight.””I’ll prepare you some refreshment first, then it’ll work much better.” So while I was preparing food in the kitchen, the two men in the living room were engrossed in their work, the mood seemed rather relaxed and friendly. I still can’t believe these two were watching my intimate play. How long might they have been watching me? The fact is they witnessed my orgasm and with this thought I smile to myself when I suddenly feel Marc’s soft lips on my neck, his arms wrap around my waist and I immediately tilt my head to the side and enjoy his warm touch.”My sweet, hot wife, this is how you spend your time without me…that was an incredibly erotic idea and I would eat you right here right now, you’ve made me so horny.” “Mhhh…how I would love to let you take me now” I whisper to him…and kiss him passionately while he is still standing behind me and pampering my body with his hands.A hand goes purposefully to my breasts and immediately my nipples become erect, I moan very quietly and I notice that I’m still horny… he nibbles on my neck, and my earlobes… because he knows exactly those the places that make me willing immediately! “You can’t…Thomas is sitting next door and waiting…ohhhh…no” I try to resist my lust but Marc doesn’t stop…he pushes up my skirt and skillfully takes off my bikini panties…he already has his finger between my thighs and finds my wet, dripping pussy…”Mhhh… you’re still so horny,” and quickly he put his two fingers deep inside me. I stand on my tiptoes… hold my breath so I don’t moan too loudly… and the thought that Thomas could possibly catch us has completely disappeared into the farthest corner of my brain. My horniness grows and I hold out my ass to Marc to show him that he should please me with his cock right then and there – now and immediately… and he doesn’t have to be asked twice.He quickly took his cock out of his pants and placed it on my wet, swollen lips… and with a jerk, he was inside me… I bit my lip, enjoying this first moment in which his cock hit me open Marc thrusts again and again, sometimes slowly, sometimes quickly, he pulls it out and puts it back on… it’s almost unbearable to endure this lust, my breathing becomes faster and he now pushes deeper and deeper into me until my orgasm builds up and how a wave threatens to take hold…I can no longer control my moans and enjoy the release that the orgasm finally gives me and while I’m still twitching I feel Marc inject his semen deep into my pussy! “Mhh…you’re so horny, I’d love to fuck you all day long,” he whispers in my ear **Guys, Please visit my Blog and Support me for more stories Link in my Profile**

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