My husband won’t fuck me anal F18

Having anal sex was always a problem for me, I have no experience in this, I don’t know how to move when it’s behind, not to mention the pain and the discomfort it causes while I’m with my husband. I don’t want to say I hate it, because I’m still curious about why so many girls like it, but it is so uncomfortable for me that I don’t like it at all.
My husband, he truly likes to do it from behind so, lately, while we have sex, he often asks me if he can slide behind, which always turns me off. I don’t enjoy it, but he does, so I try my best for him, but it hurts so much we have to stop, every single time. I’m scared this might affect my marriage, it is his favorite thing and I just can’t do it.
One day, while I was in my office, I heard my secretary speaking with my assistant about how her boyfriend loved to fuck her from behind, and how easily she could take it. I heard the conversation, trying to pay attention, so I could learn something, but curiosity was far greater than me, so I called her in. Christina was embarrassed at first but when I told her about my problem, she gave advice, to always have lube, and to prepare for it, and be relaxed.
So, I tried, I prepared some lube, I tried to relax and focus on my breathing, but the second I felt my husband’s fingers around my ass I tensed up, and it didn’t work. I just can’t find a way to make this fun for the both of us. I was desperate, and we started arguing, this tension in bed got mixed in other aspects of our lives, so I had to find a way to solve this.
I wanted to learn, but I wanted to learn properly. So, I called Christina, I told her I wanted to see her to discuss work and performance, and other things, so she agreed. I talked about it with my husband, and he said yes right away, he wanted to fulfill his fantasy and I don’t blame him, but I truly wanted to learn from someone who knew.
I was scared, we’re talking about my husband fucking another woman, and I was scared he liked her so much he would leave me, especially because she could give him something I couldn’t. That evening I had everything prepared, some wine, a nice dinner for us, so we could discuss and hopefully make her agree to this. Christina arrived; my hands were shaky when I opened the door.
She was wearing a nice body-con dress that outlined her figure, with a little cleavage which my husband enjoyed at first sight. “Hi Chris, come on in,” I said. “This is my husband, Henry.”
Henry instantly took her hand and shook it. Then I led her to the dining room, “I’m going to bring the glasses, would you like some wine?” I asked.
“Yes, definitely,” she replied. I left her alone with my husband. I could hear them talking from the dining room while I searched for the wine and couldn’t help the horrible sensation in my stomach, I couldn’t believe I was going to ask her to fuck him in the ass, and I fought with myself many times, especially because she was my employee.
“Here it is,” I said when I came back, placing the wine bottle on the table in front of Christina. Henry opened it and poured some in every glass.
“So, you told me you wanted to discuss some matters, right?” she asked me immediately. I stare at my husband, feeling nervous and seeking some support from him.
“Yeah, please take a seat,” I told her as I sat down, “you’ll see, I called you because I wanted to offer you something, you’re an excellent employee, very focused in detail, capable of many things, and I’d like to offer you a raise, a big raise, and another day off in your week.”
“Wow, Mrs. Harrison that’s very generous,” she said, surprised.
“Yup, I thought about this very much and I think you deserve it, but you have to do something for me first,” I said, my hands shook so much on my lap, I was so scared of what I was going to ask.
“What is it?” she immediately asked.
“I want you to…” I couldn’t do it, my voice was shaky, “I want you to have sex with my husband.”
Her eyes widened, “what? That’s not…”
“And I want you to do it anally,” I finished. Her face turned red; my husband was embarrassed.
“Mrs. Harrison, I think you’re confused, when I gave you advice I didn’t mean this, I think I should go,” she said, taking her purse.
“Maybe you should find a new secretary, sweetheart,” my husband suddenly said, and I was surprised. Christina stopped midway to the door when she heard him.
She turned around, completely mad, “I can’t believe this, you’re forcing me to fuck your husband, so I can keep my job! Just because you can’t take it in the ass.”
I looked away, “fine, if that’s what it takes, you’d better give me a good raise after this you fucking bitch.” Suddenly, she dropped her purse and fell on her knees, unbuckling Henry’s belt. “Pay attention!” she snapped her fingers at my face as she took his cock out, I couldn’t believe Henry was so hard already.
“Get it wet, you want to have a nice slick and slippery cock if you want it in the ass, now watch me,” and then she began to suck my husband’s cock. I didn’t know how to react, I rubbed my face, my feelings were all mixed while I watched how she practically swallowed and gagged on Henry, his face was so filled with pleasure I began to feel incredibly jealous.
After a while, Christina stood up, lifted her dress and spit on her hand. “Lesson number two, make your ass slippery, either doing it yourself or making your husband lick it, I’ll do both just to make you watch how your husband eats my ass because you hate it.” Christina pushed my husband on the couch, making him lay on his back, and then she sat on his face. “Now, eat my ass, do it really good, so your wife can learn how to fuck.”
My husband looked so hungry the second he pressed his tongue on her ass. Christina reached down and jerked him off while he tasted her. I heard them moaning, breathing deeply as I tried to control myself, I couldn’t help but feel aroused by all this, even by my own feelings. “Now once your ass is slippery it is time to get it inside, I’m going to do it from behind to show you better,” and then, giving her back to Henry, she squatted over him and slid his head inside her ass, slowly.
“Oh fuck, your husband is thick, I love it,” Christina moaned, and then she stared at me, snapping her fingers, “Pay attention, you fucking scumbag, I’m not repeating this shit again,” she shouted at me. “You slide slowly on his head, see how tight it is? Your husband is about to lose it, and I’m not even taking his entire cock inside.”
I touched my breasts; I pinched my nipples while the fuck right next to me. “Aww this is arousing to you? I can see you’re envious of this, do you want to take his cock inside your ass? I can take it so easily, and look at him, he can hardly control himself.”
I watched Henry, and he was squeezing his eyes, his hands were on Christina’s hips. “Come on, be a man and fuck my ass hard, isn’t this what you wanted? Show me how much you want my ass,” Christina encouraged him, and I was surprised to see Henry lose control. He gripped her hips and began to fuck her hard and deep. “Mmm yeah, that’s it, your cock is mine now, all mine, you’ll never want another ass in your life.”
Suddenly Henry reached for my tits, “Take your shirt off, show him your tits, I want to see them too,” Christina moaned. I took off my shirt, and then she forced me down. “Lead his cock inside my ass, I want you to take a good look at it, I want you to see how it slides inside me,” she told me.
I held his cock, feeling it all slippery in my hand, I did what she told me. Suddenly, his cock slid out and Christina moved from top of him. “Now suck it, taste my ass from your husband’s cock,” she ordered me, forcing my head over his head. I sucked it and tasted it all, it was actually delicious and when she noticed I enjoyed it she slapped me away.
“Get back, that’s enough, now sit here and watch your husband cum inside my ass,” she said. Christina laid on my lap, with her legs spread open for my husband. Henry stood up and staring at me, he slid his cock entirely inside her. He fucked her hard, I could feel his thrusts through her on my lap. And then, without a warning, I watched them both cum, Christina’s body curled and moaned in pleasure as my husband filled her ass with his cum, he grunted loud.
“Now, you useless bitch, eat his cum from my ass, that’s how it has to look when you have anal sex,” she said, forcing me to lick her clean.

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