My girlfriend’s new leggings

My (M21) girlfriend (F22) got the tiktok leggings for Christmas and finally wore them for the first time yesterday.
My girlfriend is 5’4 short stack brunette with big tits and a tight ass. We decided to go on a walk that day and she asked me what she should wear and I said she should wear leggings cause I can see all her amazing curves in them, that’s when she smiled and left the room. When she came back she was wearing cute black hoodie that hugged her titties and those tiktok butt leggings, she did a lil spin and said “Ok let’s go” with a lil smile.
As we were walking I couldn’t help but stare at her, every movement her cute lil butt jiggled and bounced. As we continued to walk I would periodically slap her amazing ass and it was like jello the recoil was jaw dropping, and I could tell she was getting turned on from it so I continued to do it.
When we finally got back I followed her up to her room and as soon as she got in there I bent her over her bed, ripped off her leggings and shoved my face and in hot sweaty ass and pussy and started eating and licking like I was starving. As soon as my nose hit her asshole and my tongue touched pussy she was moaning like she was in heat. The scent of her sweaty ass and the taste of her sweet pussy was making my cock throb and when I pulled it out it was dripping with cum.
I couldn’t resist, I stood up, took my hard 8 inch dripping cock and slammed it into her soaked pussy, which made her gasp and moan louder, every thrust made her ass jiggle like jello and every slap making me go faster till I pulled out and sprayed my hot cum all over her beautiful ass cheeks and down her back.
I sat down to catch my breath but that’s when she stood up grabbed me by the back of my shoved my face in her beautiful ass cheeks and soaking wet pussy till she came all over my face.
She got two more pairs of leggings for Christmas that she hasn’t tried on yet so I can’t wait to see how they look on her ☺️.

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