My girlfriend was my friend’s slam piece before we met

One of my best friends growing up went to a different university to me (same on as my now gf). And he would always telling us about how he was seeing this girl. No romance just fucking.

He would tell us about how she used to lick and make out with his cock before sucking it. He would tell us about how she liked him to oin her down and fuck her. He told us about the time that he fingered her in a club and how he used to just be able to call her and she would come round pronto. Or if she couldn’t she would send him a nude

He would go into real detail about what she did for him (E.g. Anal, facials, spanking etc.) He would really set the scene like we were really there.

Fast forward 3 years. We met up and one of the group asked about the girl he used to fuck. He told us that she was with another guy now but he still had some pics of her. He whipped out his phone and showed us a picture of my girlfriend on her knees beaming up at him with his cum on her face and in her hair.

In fact he had a whole album of at least 200 pics of my now girlfriend during sex or selfie that she had sent him.

I noticed that the date of the one with cum on her face from about 3 months into us dating!

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