My Girlfriend swallowed

33m with 37f. Yesterday we were watching an anime on my couch and she started feeling up my dick which Instantly got me super hard. Precum started leaking from my tip. I pulled my cock out and she lightly ran her fingers up and down my shaft and tip. I told her I was craving her mouth. She began to suck my throbbing cock gently, slowly increasing intensity. Her mouth around my cock felt so good. I grabbed her head and pushed it farther down into her throat. She continued to take me deeper into her throat and picked up the pace. 5 minutes into it, I told her I was going to cum and she continued. I felt my cock stiffen as my cum came flowing out into her mouth. She sucked it all out and swallowed it. It felt like it kept coming out for eternity. After I was done she smiled and gave me a kiss. This is the first time I experienced someone swallowing. It was so hot.

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