My Girlfriend Kept Me Hard for the Whole Drive!

So, my girlfriend in university, Liz lived in Maryland and we had long weekend, so we drove over from Ohio where we went to school. Liz thanked me for doing the driving as she hadn’t taken her ADHD meds. She didn’t take them every day, and was taking a break from them. We had a couple hour drive to do. About an hour later she noticed I was getting restless and asked again if I wanted to take a break from driving, to just let her know. I said no, that I was fine. She could just relax.

She asked if there was anything else she could do to release the tension, putting her hand on my shoulder and rubbing it.

I gulped and immediately put her left hand on my crotch.

Her eyes widened because she was a bit shocked at first. We had never really done anything kinky before in our relationship, or anything that could be considered risqué.

“Are you sure? You really want this?”, she asked.

I nodded my head. She immediately unbuttoned my trousers and unzipped them, pulling my cock out before I had the chance to get hard by anticipation.

I got into the right lane and put the car in cruise control, and relaxed as she caressed my dick until I got hard.

But she didn’t stop there, or to be very literal she did exactly that. After a few strokes she would stop stroking me, and she would stop if I started to moan too much or loudly. She turned it into her project for the drive, periodically reaching over and stroking my cock for a few minutes, and then stopping.

She kept doing this for almost an hour or so, before finally finishing me off, using a Kleenex to clean up. It made for an enjoyable drive.

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