My gf18 made me 19m cum while her roommate was in the dorm with us.

Hey yall long time reader but fjrst time posting, have a story inthink is worth sharing so here goes.

I hadn’t seen my gf in over a week since we’ve been so busy, so I went to visit her at her college where she stays for school, we met up and she was wearing the shortest skirt and sports bra that made her boobs look so good pushed up together they were basically falling out, she was showing me around campus and we talked and caught up, but while we were going around campus she’d occasionally “drop something” right infront of me and bend down and rup her ass against me which made me so hard, she did it a few times teasing me but one of the times I rubbed my hand under her skirt and felt how wet she was and she let out a moan it was so cute as her face got all red, we started walking back to her dorm and get in the elevator to go up, I grope her ass and feel how wet she was again but this time i slide my finger in her and she moans so loud and grips my cock thru my shorts, the door opened so we go to her dorm but come to find out her roomate was there, we say hi and talk for a bit then my gf and I get in her bed and cuddle up and watch an anime show, her roomate was pretty much doing the same on her side of the room with her headphones on, it was dark in the room so you couldn’t really see much besides the laptop screen so gf started to rub her hands up and down my shorts feeling my cock start to get hard again, I sit up and use the blanket to basically make a little wall so her roomate can’t see us, as I get harder she slides her hands down my shorts and as I feel her skin against my cock I let out a soft moan but her roomate had headphones in so it was ok lol, she kept going stroking me while I was playing with her niplles as they got hard then I slid my hand up her throat and to her mouth as she sucked on my fingers it was so hot her mouth was so wet I wanted my cock in it but it would be too obvious, so she kept stroking me and I kept getting closer and closer I started choking her which turned her on so much that she pulled my shorts all the way down and actually started to blow me as soon as she did It was just a cherry on top and I cummed in her mouth It felt so good my heart racing as was hers too since her roomate was literally 8 feet apart from us, after I finished in her mouth she looked up at me and showed me the cum in her mouth and swallowed it. We kissed a bit and went back to Watching our show. Definitely gonna try more stuff like what we did.

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