My FWB had a female roommate who would watch us fuck

I was dating a woman a few years ago who had a female roommate that she was very sexual with. They would not only fuck each other just for fun, but send each other nudes, film each other, etc. Of course, this piqued my interest and while we eventually did have a few threesomes, there were a few times prior to that that were frankly just as fun, in different ways.One night I was over and we were watching a movie or chatting in bed- whatever activity was the decided upon precursor to hours of fucking.

We started making out and her hand wandered down and was rubbing my cock through my jeans. The door was open just a crack and just as my FWB pulled my cock out and lowered her head, her roommate pushed the door open gently with a big smile on her face.

“Can I just watch for a bit?”

My friend looked up and smiled and said, “Fine with me!” and I enthusiastically nodded my head. The roommate sat in a chair across the room while my friend wrapped her lips around my cock. I locked eyes with her as she pulled her feet up onto the chair, pulled her skirt up, and started rubbing her pussy through her panties.After sucking me for a while, my friend peeled off her top and her skirt and panties and slid down on my cock, facing me, riding me. I kept the eye contact with her roommate who had now removed her panties, giving me an eyeful of her pussy as she rubbed. My hand wandered to my friend’s throat as I gently, but firmly clasped as I know she liked.

My friend then declared, “fuck me from behind so i can watch her too.” I did as told, sliding into her from behind, my hands on her hips. I started slow, matching pace with her roommate’s fingers on her pussy. My friend and I held her gaze as she sped up, fingering herself, watching us fuck, biting her lip. I increased pace, fucking harder and harder as my friend moaned. Her roommate whimpered, fingering herself faster, watching us….

Finally, I pulled out and came all over my friend’s back, just as her roommate came, mouth open wide, fingers wet. My friend stretched with a smile, her roommate giggled and put her panties back on. I laid down next to my friend, cleaned up her back with a tissue as her roommate exited, saying, “thanks for the show”

.This happened a few times before she finally joined us….

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