My Future Sister-in-Law by guywriting

Should I tell you about my future sister-in-law? Well, her name is JoeAnn, Joe for short. She was living with me and my fiancée (her sister) for a while in our 2 bedroom apartment. Anyway, Susan, my future wife, had gone to the mall, and, Joe and I were watching TV. I was 24, she was 18, and had just been divorced. We were watching something, when she took the remote and turned the channel! I looked surprised, but took the remote and turned it back. She grabbed it out of my hands and turned it again, then put the remote behind her back. Well, not wanting to let this teenager get the better of me, I tried to take it from her. We struggled and play fought. Now, I am in the (bad) habit of not always wearing underwear. I like him to hang free sometimes. Well, this happened to be one of those times. As we fought, I got her down on her back on the floor. I hadn’t noticed before now, but she, obvious to me now, didn’t always wear a bra. I had never noticed her nipples, but they stood out hard and proud now. I looked at her and saw she had been looking at me. She smiled, but then pretended to be smiling about the fact she had the remote.

“Want it?” she asked!

I’m wondering now if she meant the remote, or… Anyway, while I pondered that and what I had just seen, she made a quick move and flipped me off her and she got on top of me, and I really mean “me”. I don’t know how, but she had flipped me on my back and was now grinding her crotch over my now swollen cock but pretending to actually get a better position over me. I fought a bit, but was enjoying it too much.

Suddenly, she shuddered and after a brief pause, jumped up in an attempt to get away. She almost did, but I grabbed her ankle and she fell to the floor. I turned on my stomach, making her flip onto her back. She was wearing short loose shorts, something else I hadn’t noticed till now. From where I was, I could see right up her legs. As she tried to struggle and get away, I could see that she too didn’t always wear underwear! Also, the crotch of her shorts was wet! My crotch was wet too, come to think of it; both inside and out. I crawled up her legs still under the pretense of getting the remote. As I moved up her legs, she raised her hands above her head to keep the remote away from me. As she did this, it pulled her crop top t-shirt up. Not only could I see how hard her nipples were, but I could see the bottom of her size “C” breasts! She was panting now from the energy she was expending. I kept crawling up her legs till I could smell her cunt. I didn’t want to be obvious, so I stole a big whiff of her scent, and then continued up. She seemed to get a second wind and started struggling as I moved over her breasts, neither of us noticed that I had pulled the t-shirt over her breasts and her rock-hard nipples were being dragged across my t-shirt. I got right up face-to-face to her. She could feel how excited I was, and raised her hips up a bit and accidentally(?) let her legs open! I kissed her! Then reality hit me! I was kissing my future sister-in-law! I turned beet red and quickly got off her. She made no effort to pull down her top; she just laid there looking at me, well, looking at my shorts. The head of my cock had poked out the bottom. It was still oozing pre-cum. She licked her lips. She parted her legs even more.

“Don’t you want it?” she said again moving the remote above her head pretending to be meaning that.

“Dam right I do, and I’m going to take it” I said back and got up off the couch, my cock hardening as I said that.

She giggled and tried to slide up and away from me but in the process made her shorts slide down a bit. She made no attempt to stop them and kept sliding up the floor as I got closer. I got down on my knees and grabbed the waistband of her shorts. She kept crawling on her back away from me. Her shorts came down exposing her glistening wet pussy. Just a bit of hair, and those hairs were wet with her dew. I pulled at her shorts bringing her legs together and ripped them off her. Her legs instinctively spread even wider now for someone that wanted it. She was breathing hard now. I got up and stood over her. She had backed herself up to the wall and could go no further. I pulled down my shorts exposing my 8”s to her. Precum dripped from it and dripped onto her belly.

“NO” she said, “that’s enough playing around”

“I agree”, I said, “NO more playing around”. And with that I grabbed her out stretched legs and pulled her away from the wall and at the same time pulling her top up under her armpits.

“We can’t do this, my going to be your sister-in-law in a few days”, she pleaded and slowly closed her legs.

“Open them”, I demanded

“No, we can’t”, she said.

With that I got down and pushed her legs apart. Between her legs, I took my cock and rubbed it against her cunt lips and then her clit.

She spasmed again and I saw her cum leak out.

“It’s too big” she said, but before she could say another word, I drove my cock into her. She put up no resistance and was so wet he slid ¾ of the way in her before stopping.

Some unhuman sounds came from her as I felt her tighten around me again.

I pulled almost all the way out and then rammed him in all the away.

She groaned and squealed and grunted all at the same time.

“Noooooooo”, she screamed, but her pussy gave her away. She was enjoying this way too much As I started a fucking rhythm, she started meeting my thrust with thrusts of her own.

“IT’S ……………. FUCKING …………..HUGE”, is all she could say. “FUCK me PLEEEEEASE”

She was way better than her sister when it came to sex. I banged away at her with my balls slapping her soaked ass cheeks.

She was just grunting now with each thrust. She was worn out. I felt my balls tightening. I hammered away at her even harder.

“Don’t cum inside me though …………………..I’m ..not… on…the …pill” she was able to utter.

“TOO late”, I said as my cum boiled up. I growled loudly and exploded into her. The hot cum splashing against her unprotected uterus making her cum again. Her cunt tightened its grip on my cock as she came and squeezed every last drop of baby juice into her womb.

Exhausted, I lay on top of her till my cock softened and slipped out of her. I rolled off her. She was too tired to close her legs. Our cum seeped out and onto the rug.

I got up and looked down at her. She looked up and smiled. I was about to put on my shorts when she said “NO” She got up on her knees, her hair a mess, cum leaking out of her pussy and took my cock in her hand and popped it in her mouth. She liked my cock clean and then started licking my balls. “This is what a girl is supposed to do for her guy” she said.

Suddenly we heard the car pull up. I quickly pulled on my shorts; my cock half erect after that excellent “cleaning”.

She pulled down her t-shirt and got up too. She found her shorts and pulled them up. We went back to the couch, sat at opposite ends and watched TV as if nothing had happened.

“Hey you two couch potatoes”, Susan said, “Is that all you are going to go all day is sit and watch tv?” “Did someone spill something on the carpet?”

“Oh ya” I said “Joe spilt something. I’ll clean it up”

“Ok, you do that” she said. “Joe, come see what I bought for the wedding” and with that took her bags into the bedroom.

As Joe walked past me I grabbed her leg. “We have some unfinished business sis” and slid my hand up her leg and into her sopping wet pussy. I rubbed her clit and in seconds she came again.

“YES” she smiled and said looking at my hardening cock. “Yes we do sir”


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