My friend’s crush wanted me

My friend Nia invited me to a small party on a boat. She was with me the night before where I went off with the golf guy. She told me it was more of a yacht than a boat and that there were going to be some cute guys there. I asked her if Nic was going to be there. She had a big crush on him but I didn’t know him so I was curious about him so I said I’d go.

We arrived and the boat was hugh. Even before we got on the boat, I saw a few good looking guys so I knew I made the right decision.

Nia introduced me to the host and within an hour, we were on the water. Music was pumping, the food was plentiful and the drinks were flowing. Once on the water, clothes were coming off and swimsuits were abundant. There were a few other girls there and all of them were beautiful. Seeing guys without their shirts off were making me horny and I knew I had competition to find a guy.

We eventually saw Nia’s crush, Nic. He was tall, with thick blond hair, a very toned body with a hint of 6 pack abs and a big bulge in his shorts. I can see why she had a crush on him.

Throughout the day and into the evening, I figured out I wasn’t going to find a guy. I was sitting by myself when Nic came up and sat beside me. He was really nice and so handsome up close. He was a little flirty and when his hand touched my knee, it made my whole body tingle.

The host of the party came up to us and whispered something to Nic. He then said, “yes, I can get more wine from below.” The host gave him a pat on the back and left. He asked me if I could help him get a few bottles of wine and bring them up to the party. I immediately told him I would.

We went below deck and I followed him into a room. Once we were in, he shut the door and kissed me. We were in a bedroom. I was nervous at first but he was a great kisser and I melted in his arms. It didn’t take him long to untie my bikini top. He kissed down my neck then began to suck on my full breasts. I couldn’t help but moan and run my fingers through his hair.

He backed away from me and started to pull down his swim pants. Once he did, I saw the biggest dick I’d ever seen. A large head that was on top of a long, thick shaft. “Suck it,” he commanded me. I pulled my hair back, squatted down and grabbed his hard member. I then remembered Nic was Nia’s crush and I was about to suck his monster dick. I was about to stop until he pushed the large head into my mouth. I forgot all about Nia and began to suck on Nic. It barely fit in my mouth and I could only get a third of it in my mouth. I tried to take more but he was too big to go into my throat.

After a couple of minutes, I heard the door open and I heard someone say, “Deb, what are you doing?” I took Nic out of my mouth and saw Nia standing there. Reality hit and I realized what I was doing but Nic was quick to react. He spun around, grabbed Nia and kissed her. She pulled away but he pulled her into him and kissed her again. I could see the anger leave her body and lust take over.

He took her hand and put it on his cock. I heard her say, “holy fuck, it’s so big.” He then untied her bikini top and sucked on her breasts. Nic stood up and pushed Nia to her knees. She knew what he wanted and she didn’t hesitate. She wanted he a little before licking him from base to tip. She did this several times before putting him in her mouth.

I went up to him started kissing him and stroking his cock while Nia was sucking what she could of him. He stopped me, told me to take off my bikini bottom and get on the bed. I was excited but also nervous about having such a big cock in me.

While I was taking my bottom off and getting on the bed, Nic stopped Nia and told her to take her bottom off too. He pointed towards the bed and told Nia to get my pussy. Nia and I had played together once before with her ex boyfriend so I knew she was good at eating pussy.

Once her tongue touched my wet pussy, I nearly came right then. I was so horny, any touch sent chills throughout my body. Nic watched us for a minute before moving behind Nia. She screamed in both pain and pleasure as he stuck his thick cock into her. Nia stopped licking me and had a tight grip on my thighs as he pushed all in.

“Holy fuck Deb, it’s so big. I’ve never been so filled before.”

Nic started pumping into her and I could hear how wet her pussy was. The smacking of their skin together was also loud. It didn’t take long for her to cum. I was rubbing my clit and made myself cum right after Nia did.

I heard Nic grunt and Nia scream again. He was cumming inside her. His thick cock was not pulsing inside her, bringing her more pleasure. I was disappointed that I didn’t get to fuck him.

“Switch places with Deb, it’s her turn.”

I couldn’t believe he was ready to go again and I wasn’t going to doubt him. When we were switching places, he dick actually looked bigger than before. I was definitely intimated.

I got on my hands and knees and Nic started to rub his cock on my wet snatch. When he pushed into me, I thought I was going to pass out. He was so thick and I wasn’t sure I could take all of him.

I didn’t have time to think about it. I felt his thighs against mine. I could feel him pulling back then slam back into me. After a few times, I was adjusted to his size and began to lick Nia’s cum filled pussy.

Nic started to smack my ass as he pounded away at me. He then grabbed my hair and pulled me away from Nia’s pussy. She got up and started to kiss me and suck my breasts. She moved and started to kiss Nic and play with my clit. This made me cum almost immediately. I fell forward onto the bed and Nia started to suck him clean.

“I want to ride that thick cock,” Nia said to him. He layed on his back and she mounted him like the stud he is. I didn’t want to be left out so I climbed onto his face and kissed Noa and played with her beautiful breasts. About that time, there was a knock on the door.

“Hurry up in there Nic, I need to use the room,” said the party host.

“I’ve got two in here. I need more time,” Nic said then continued to eat my pussy.”

“Okay but don’t be long.”

Nia leaned back and I could see her cream covering Nic’s cock. All of a sudden, she moaned loud and I saw a rush of fluid come out of her. She just squirted on his cock. She fell off of him and onto the bed.

Nic grabbed me, picked me up and put me on top of him. I grabbed his cock and pushed him into my tight, wet hole. Before I could adjust again to his size, he began to thrust into me. I couldn’t help but scream in pleasure at the rough fucking he was starting to give me. He pounded away and sucked on my breasts as I was at his mercy. I heard him grunt then I felt his cock pulsing inside me, filling me with his second load. His pulsing dick made me cum and I fell onto him, trying to catch me breath.

Nic pushed me off of him, got up and started to put his shorts on. Nia was putting her bikini on then helped me get mine on. Nic opened the door as I was tying my bikini top. I looked out and saw a girl sucking the host’s dick in the hallway. Nia and I stumbled out of the room, both fucked hard and barely able to walk.

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