My friend masturbates to me and has a fap folder

this happend actually happened a couple nights ago. we had a little party for my friends’ bday- all my friends were there, including one of my best guy friends, lets call him M. M and I usually play video games together and I like to use his league tft account because he has cute skins, and he gains elo ( winwin scenario)

im pretty small and lightweight so after only a couple drinks of soju.. i was knocked out, M was a sweetheart and helped me into my friends bed.

i woke up in the middle of the night and my phone was dead and everyone was downstairs asleep. I couldnt fall back asleep so I took M’s phone to play some tft, and as I switched apps on his iphone i noticed he had a photos application running with screenshots of me fom ig, fb, etc., and even screnshots of our video calls where he can see parts my butt and cleavage..

there were photos of other girls i know in the folder, but its pretty surreal to know that one of my best friends is literally jerking it to photos of myself. it actually did make me horny seeing that I was part of his fap collection, and it was strangely erotic seeing my friend in such an intimate light. its kind of hot knowing that hes finding pleasure and cumming to the thought of (probably?) fucking one of his best friends

anyways im acting like I never saw this. maybe I’ll start teasing him in our calls though

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