My friend asked me to get her pregnant

So I M28 and my friend F26 used to work at the same place few years back and then I went to another company but we kept in touch. We sometimes have lunch or dinner and catch up or talk about personal things.
About a month ago we were having lunch and she told me that she wanted a baby and that she wanted to be a single mother because of her own reasons. Later on she told me that I had good genes and if I would be okay to donate my sperm . At first she was thinking of doing it in a lab of something. I asked her for some time to think about it and after 1 day or 2 I agreed to donate my sperm.
Few days later we met again for lunch and i asked her about the progress. Then she told me that it was too expensive and she could not afford that and if we could do it the old fashion way. As in fuck me and get me pregnant.
As a man I was excited but had to hide it kinda. So at night I went to her place and she propose we do shots so that it would not be that awkward. So we took the shots and when the alcohol started to kick in we went in the bedroom. She started undressing so did I. I looked at her amazing body and I was already hard lol. She layed down and I licked her pussy. When she was wet I just put my dick in her. I was kinda drunk so I don’t remember too much but I did came inside her.
Then I had to spend the night because I was drunk.

After one day or two, she messages me telling me I should come over and do the deed again. So in the evening I went to her place she opened the door she was wearing a sexy underwear with a robe. That turned me on, we went upstairs she laid on the bed and I started going down on her. This time i was sober i remember her moans while her thighs were squeezing my head. This time there was a lot of kissing involved and I could feel how wet she was. We were in doggy and I told her I was close, she started to throw it back and said “Cum in me please, fill my pussy I want that baby”
That made me go nuts, I exploded inside her.

We had sex about 8 times during the course of a week

The last one was yesterday she just texted me “I think I am ovulating today, you should take car of me”
I went immidiately at her place and had sex with her. She was more wet and more energetic. She was riding me it was like her body needed my cum. In the end we were in missionary, her pussy was more wet than ever she could tell i was close, she grabbed my face and told be “Put that baby in me honey”
I was determined at that point, I was going faster and faster in and out of her pussy I wanted to cum in her so bad, it was the final push, I went deep inside her I could feel my cum shooting in her, she felt my dick throbbing in her and she lock her legs around my waist pushing me deeper inside her allowing all my cum to get inside her ovulating pussy. It felt so good, I stayed in her till I went soft.
I kinda hoped I didn’t knocked her up because that felt so good I want to do that again.

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