My friend and I have a guy at the drive in movies (FFM)

My friend John (M31) wanted to go to the drive in with me (F31) and my friend Erin (F28). We brought pillows and blankets and made the bed of his truck a comfy bed for us to watch the movie as we parked in the back corner. During the movie two girls jokingly kiss and he told us we should kiss too. I said sure and Erin agreed too, so we leaned over him and kissed. We laughed and she said let’s really give him a show. We started making out in front of him with lots of tongue. I could feel his cock start to grow as I had purposely put my hand on it to tease him. Just to drive him a bit more wild I stroked his cock over his pants as I started telling Erin to take my shirt off.

We all got under the blankets and Erin and I got topless and were making out and kissing each others chests. John couldn’t handle it and took his cock out. He asked us to suck it and we said no, our mouths were busy on each other. We were joking and planned on jerking him off together then blowing him. We both spit on our hands and his cock and as we made out we gave him a double handjob. Within five minutes his breathing got heavy and he came all over out tits. We licked the cum off of each other and then swapped it.

We did use our mouths but only to make sure all the cum was off his cock, then we got dressed and finished the movie.

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