My first time at the movies

I had been at the cinema for quite a while with my then ex-boyfriend when he suddenly leaned over to me and whispered, “I’m in the mood for a blowjob in the cinema.” My eyes widened in surprise and I let out a slight cry. But soon a tingling sensation spread through my stomach and I felt my knees go weak.

I quickly turned to him and whispered back: “Are you crazy? Here in the movies?” But even I couldn’t hide the fact that the idea was getting me pretty hot. My boyfriend just grinned cheekily and gently pulled me towards him. His breath brushed my cheek and I felt my nipples slowly erect.

It was a small, rather unknown movie theater and we had almost the whole back compartment to ourselves. Luckily there are no cameras in cinemas. My boyfriend pushed me into my seat and started kissing me gently. I returned his kisses longingly and my hands wandered over his body. His cock was soon hard and I could hardly wait to finally take it in my mouth.

I carefully opened his pants and took out his cock. I pushed his cock into my mouth. He moaned softly and gently pressed my head against his best piece. I let my tongue circle around his glans and felt him getting harder and harder

The movie theater was almost empty and there was hardly anyone around. But just the thought that someone could turn up at any time made me even hotter. I sucked on his cock like there was no tomorrow and became bolder and bolder. My tongue played on his shaft while my hand massaged his balls. Again and again, I plunged deep into my throat and took him all the way in.

A low moan escaped my throat and I could feel how close he was to climaxing. I wanted to make him squirm as long as possible and slowly let go of him. But he held me tightly and gently pushed me back onto the seats. He bent down to me and kissed me intensely while he pulled down my pants and briefs.

I spread my legs wide and he started to pamper me with his tongue. I shivered under his touch and moaned loudly. His fingers quickly found their way to my pussy and I felt the pleasure roll over me. He licked, sucked and nibbled on me until I was on the verge of orgasm. But then he stopped and grinned cheekily at me.

“This is my revenge for the blowjob,” he whispered in my ear before pulling me onto his lap. My legs wrapped around his hips and I felt him thrust deep inside me. He thrust into me hard and I couldn’t hold on any longer, he had to hold my mouth shut so that no sound came out of me.

When we both came and sank down next to each other, exhausted, we both realized that we would have to repeat this more often in the cinema. It was exciting, forbidden and incredibly arousing. We may have missed the movie, but it was definitely worth it. And who knows, maybe someone was watching us after all…

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