My first time

I was around 18 years old and I went for a walk when I met a guy called Louis he was so sweet and kind but he didn’t know my past. He invited me to his house but when I got there I was greeted by a springer spaniel and a Rottweiler and as soon as I saw them I was in shock my mind filled with ways to make them cum

After talking and going to his house a couple of times I thought I’d have a little fun I took off my panties and when to his house I knocked on the door and as he opened it the springer instantly knew and stuck his nose in my crotch smelling my sweet pussy he pulled them away and I sat down on his couch next to him holding his leg and sliding my hand across his cock over his trousers

I felt his cock rise in his trousers as he went to the bathroom I saw the the dogs cocks hard aswell so as the springer laid on its back presenting itself to me I placed his cock in my mouth as I started to suck the dog off I felt the heavy Rottweiler mout me so I guided his cock into my pussy as my face is buried into the springers cock I hear the door open but I can’t get up and he sees me getting mounted by his dog and his dogs cock in my mouth I feel both cocks start to twitch as both dogs fill me up with there hot cum they get off me and I see Louis stood there with his cock out he walks over to me and grabs my hair and starts to pound my throat with his cock I was stuck as his house for 3 months in a cage and was only let out when him or his dogs was horny

The best 3 months of my life and now I’m addicted to it

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