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My First Steps Towards Being Lesbian

II worked as a Part time Receptionist in a Reputed Hotel. I was going to leave my job. So I decided to meet the Incharge Sofia ( Let us call her Holly ).

It was time for me to pay one last visit to the manager’s office. I knocked on the door and was granted access. Inside the manager sat at the desk. Her name was Holly.

Holly was tall. Really tall. She stood at just over six foot. Her shoulders were broad and she had a set of muscles on her that I was not sure a woman should have. She had long, shoulder length blonde hair that had a volume that would make 80s hair bands jealous. Though she was tall and large framed, she still had a great figure. I am always complimented on my hourglass shape. Holly, almost put mine to shame! Her breasts were large but looked great on her frame. If she was closer to my size she would have been considered “top heavy” but, she carried them well. She was almost the picture perfect Amazon goddess!

Holly’s size was sometimes intimidating to those around her. Personally, I found it kind of sexy. I knew she was a lesbian and didn’t mind when she would flirt with me a little before apologizing. She was always concerned about her employees and wanted to make sure she didn’t make them uncomfortable in any way. It was like a mothering instinct in her.

I had clocked out and had my name badge in my hand. Holly looked at me with a somewhat saddened expression. She had been a great boss. And an even better friend. Holly was one of the few people I trusted enough to tell what exactly I was writing about. Most of my friends and coworkers only knew I was published, not what the content was. Holly stood up and looked down at me. “I guess this is it.” She said.

“Yes,” I replied. “Thanks for giving me this opportunity.” I reached out my hand to shake hers.

Holly caught me off guard by giving me a hug. “Since you don’t work here anymore, I can’t get in trouble for this.” She said. I hugged her back. The exchange kind of made me teary-eyed. Holly wiped my eyes and told me “Pretty girls shouldn’t cry.” We exchanged numbers and promised to keep in touch. I thanked her again then headed home.

A few days later I got a call from Holly. She had a couple days off and wanted to know if I wanted to hang out. I agreed and asked where she wanted to go. We decided to meet a restaurant near her place. Before I knew it we had made plans to meet in only an hour. I rushed to get ready. I wasn’t sure why but, I ran through my usual date night kind of rituals. Something had come over me I couldn’t explain. I shrugged it off and headed out.

I pulled up to the restaurant and got out of my car. I loved the place. The food was fantastic, the staff was friendly, and the drinks could bring you to your knees. I walked inside and saw Holly sitting over at a booth near the corner. She stood up as I walked towards her. I quickly noticed she appeared as if she had the same thoughts come over her. She looked gorgeous. Her jaw hit the floor when she took a look at me. “Robin! You look fantastic!” she exclaimed.

I blushed and thanked her for commenting on her appearance. She blushed a little herself. We ordered some drinks and food then sat and talked. I asked her how work was and she asked me about my writing. We talked and laughed while we waited for our meals. My hands were on the table and Holly suddenly reached for them. Her expression turned more serious. “Robin, can I confess something to you?” she asked. I nodded. “You can tell me anything, Holly.”

“I called you here because I wanted to see you. I wasn’t sure if you were going to come. I have to admit that I was hoping it wouldn’t freak you out but I didn’t know how else to ask you on a date. You clearly are not a lesbian.” She confessed.

I didn’t know what to say. She was right, I wasn’t a lesbian but, I had been attracted to her. I squeezed her hands and smiled. Trying to break the tension I joked. “Well, you could have asked for a date. Also calling me sexy has been known to get a person a date or two.” Holly smiled. The whole atmosphere of the meeting changed. It was no longer two gal pals having dinner. It was a full on date.

We finished our meals and Holly paid the bill. I tried to pay for my share but then she reminded me it was a date. We walked to my car. Holly lived close enough that she could walk to the establishment. I offered to drive her home. After we got in the car, she asked if I wanted to do anything else before going home. I told her I would rather just find a place to relax. Holly nodded and began giving me directions to her house.

It didn’t take us long to get to her home. It was a small two bedroom house. It was very cozy looking. I pulled into the drive way and parked. I then killed the engine and that made Holly a little surprised. She invited me in and we walked to her door. We got inside and I noticed the place was just as cozy inside as it was outside. She offered me a drink but I was not thirsty. Instead I gave in to an urge to hug her. Her back had been turned to me and I latched my arms around her midsection. When I let go, she spun around and passionately kissed me on my lips. After a minute she broke the kiss with a look of shock.

“I am so sorry! I should not have done that!” she exclaimed. To help her mind calm down, I went in for a kiss this time. Once again the passion returned. We sat on the couch making out like a couple of horny teenagers. I had never been with a woman and the whole encounter was exciting me more and more. After what seemed like eternity, Holly broke our embrace. She looked me in the eyes. “Are you sure you are up for this?” she asked. I responded with a yes.

She stood up and took my hand. I started to stand up and walk when suddenly I got to see just how strong she really was. Her right arm cradled my back and I suddenly felt her left arm lifting my legs. There she stood holding me. She quickly kissed my lips and started to carry me to her bedroom. I kind of giggled a little. Here was this beautiful Glamazon carrying me into her bed as if were our wedding night. The whole thing turned me on more.

We got inside the room and she laid me gently down on the bed moving to lay beside me. Once again our lips met. The passion filled my mind with lust. I had not been with another woman before and wasn’t sure what to do. Holly understood and took charge. I felt her tongue part my lips and enter my mouth. We swirled our tongues together as passion built between us even more.

Her hand began to roam my body. I could feel her fingertips caressing my back and neck. She traced the outline of my ears which sent a shiver through my body. The way she touched me was different than my previous lovers. Holly was delicate and caring. She touched me like only a woman could. Knowing what made me feel good. This was more than just a need for sex. It was a need for passion.

She began to tug at my shirt. We broke the kiss and she pulled my shirt over my head. In one quick movement she tossed it to the floor. When she turned her attention back to me, she was pleasantly surprised to see I had removed my bra and tossed it away as well. Holly followed by removing her own shirt and bra. Her enormous tit sprang free. They were bigger than mine and looked more muscular too. I reached out to touch them. Their weight surprised me. Holly moaned as I explored her bust.

“Are you sure you have never been with a woman?” she asked.

I giggled and continued my exploration. Her left hand made its way to my breast as her right planted itself in my hair, petting my head. I loved having my hair played with. I lost my concentration on what I was doing. Her lips touched my neck and I nearly fainted. I have had lovers do this before but not with the passion and tenderness Holly had. I began moaning and breathing heavily. I didn’t want this to stop.

Holly’s hand pulled away from my tit and snaked down to my pants. She expertly unbuttoned them and pulled them down taking my panties with them. I raised my hips to help her slide them off. Again Holly followed by removing her pants and panties as well. There we laid naked and exploring each other’s bodies.

Her mouth went right back to my neck. Her tongue darted out from time to time as she once again massaged my breasts. I reached out and massaged hers as we both started moaning. Louder and louder it grew. Her lips began to move down my neck and on to my breasts. She took each one into her mouth and gently sucked them. The feeling almost pushed me over the edge. I gasped and moaned and ran my hands through her hair. I felt like I would cum just from this sensation alone. Holly, however, did not stop there. She moved down further kissing my stomach as she lingered around my naval. It made me even hotter.

Holly kissed the patch of skin that was shaved just above my vagina. Then she spread my legs kissing each one up to the knee as she moved it. Her mouth moved back down and hovered about my pussy. I was so wet already and her breath on me made it even more so. Her tongue darted out and hit my clit. I jumped from the sudden sensation. That was all the encouragement Holly needed. She planted her mouth on my aching sex. She lapped and sucked like a hungry animal. I soon found myself squirming on the bed. It did not take me long to hit my orgasm. Out of instinct, I grabbed Holly’s head and held it as I came bucking and screaming. It was amazing.

As my climax subsided, I let Holly go. I couldn’t believe I had done that. She moved back up to me and kissed me with my juices on her lips and tongue. This was another first for me and I loved it! Holly, held me and caressed me again. “Did you like that?” she asked with a smile. Out of breath I could only nod.

A few moments went by I regained my composure. I smiled at Holly and she smiled back. I placed my hand on her face and kissed her. I broke the kiss and looked into her eyes. “Can I try that on you?” I asked like an inquisitive beginner. Holly, nodded and laid on her back. I moved on top and started by kissing her breasts as she did mine.

Holly squealed when I took her nipple into my mouth. I sucked it like a greedy child as I massaged her other breast. Then I switched. After several moments, I moved down her body. I tried to mimic her movements from earlier and was rewarded by her spreading her legs for me. I tried to kiss her legs like she had mine but suddenly her hand landed on my head and guided me strait to her pussy. The scent of her arousal made my mind go blank. Instinct took over again and I dove into her sex.

I lapped just as hungrily as she had. The taste of her juices made my own flow again. I probed her lips and found her clit. I licked it back and forth wildly. Holly began bucking and screaming. “Oh God! Robin! Yes!”

I continued my actions as she gasped and moaned more and more. Her climax was soon upon her. She too thrashed against the bed as it hit. Her moans turned into partial sentences then into fragments as she tried to convey what she was feeling. I felt her cum on my face as if she had ejaculated like a man. Another first for me but a welcome one. I halted my assault as her climax subsided and moved back up to her just as she had done earlier. Out of breath, she smiled and kissed me.

We laid there for several minutes when Holly sat up and asked if I was willing to try something else. I inquired what she had in mind. With a bashful look, she asked, “Can I fuck you?”

I wasn’t sure what she meant and replied that I thought we were already doing that. She smiled and said “No. That was foreplay. I mean I want to really fuck you!”

Again I didn’t know what this meant but agreed. I had heard of women sometimes rubbing their pussies together and figured that was what she had in mind. I, however, was wrong. Holly jumped off the bed and went to her closet. This confused me. I could hear her fumbling around with something but had no idea what she was hiding in there. Lucky for me, I soon found out!

Holly returned to the room and I noticed she had a harness with a large purple dildo attached to it. Now things were clear. She wanted to fuck me with a strap on. I had no experience with this kind of thing. I was at first intimidated by its size. I was also unsure how Holly would get pleasure from this so I asked. She put her leg on the bed to give me a view of her pussy. I could see a second purple dildo buried deep inside her. She smiled at me as she noticed the light bulb go off in my head.

“Are you ready?” she asked. I simply nodded.

I let her guide me as she was clearly the experienced and dominant one in this exchange. She started by pushing me on to my back and pulling me to the edge of the bed. With one hand on my hips and the other on the artificial dong, she placed the end against my vagina. I was super wet and the toy slid in almost effortlessly. As inch after inch entered me, I felt something happen that never happened before. As she pushed the toy three quarters of the way in, I came! Once the whole thing was in she waited for me to get comfortable. The sensation was odd to me. I had used toys before on myself. Even had a lover use one on me as foreplay but never had one use like this.

I shuddered as I regained my composure. The artificial cock was huge and felt like it filled every nook and cranny of my insides. I was stretched to the limit. I loved every bit of it! Holly began to move the toy in and out with the movement of her hips. Slowly at first, as to let me get use to the sensation of the object inside me. I could hear her moan as she thrust the toy into me. Soon Holly began to build up speed. I too started moaning.

My hands grabbed the bed as I looked down to see my legs resting on Holly’s shoulders as she stood there pounding the strap on into me like a teenager in heat. My body bounced back and forth on the bed as she went to work on my aching pussy. One of her hands reached out and grabbed one of my bouncing tits. She began to massage it gently as if to contrast with the fucking she was giving me.

Over and over she moaned. I found myself constantly calling out. “Oh fuck!” I screamed over and over. Our sounds filled the room and drove our passion to new heights. I could feel an orgasm building but was soon aware that I was sitting on the edge. My body was happy but it wanted more. Holly too seemed aroused and slightly frustrated. Almost like our love making was good but needed something else.

I soon asked her to stop and change position. She pulled the toy from me leaving me with an empty feeling. I quickly moved up on the bed and got on my hands and knees, swinging my ass at her. This had an effect on Holly. She jumped on to the bed and grabbed my hips. Like a wild animal, she started to thrust into my open slit. I reached beneath me and grabbed the rubber cock. With Holly still bucking, I placed it at the entrance of my wet pussy. Her thrust suddenly sent the whole length of the toy right inside. I face planted on the bed at the sensation.

Holly, kept going like she was in heat. Fucking me hard and deep. I could only scream into the sheets and pillows on the bed at the sensation. I was cumming again and again as her animal side took hold. Again the obscenities flew from my mouth. Holly’s moans had turn to cries. She was close and it was going to be huge!

“Come on baby! Fuck me! Fuck me like the animal you are!” I cried out hoping to encourage her.

That was all it took! She slammed into me and screamed. I could feel her body shaking from the orgasm. I climaxed once again as I felt the toy seem to vibrate from her orgasm. Suddenly my legs gave out and I crashed on the bed, flat on my stomach. The toy popped from my quivering vagina and Holly’s arms let go of my hips.

Holly suddenly collapsed and fell right on top of me. Her weight crashed into me, almost crushing me. She quickly came to and started to panic thinking she had hurt me. I told her I was fine and she cuddled me in her arms. She slipped a hand down and removed the strap-on, tossing it to the side. Holly pulled me close. “Is that my going away present?” I asked coyly.

Holly nodded. “Image the present if you stayed.” She responded.

I sat up and looked into her eyes. I could not explain the attraction to her. I decided that it didn’t matter. I kissed her softly then said, “I would like to find out.”

Holly’s eyes lit up. “Are you saying you’re a lesbian now?” she asked.

“No,” I responded. “But I want to try more than just sex with you.”

Once again we kissed and she pulled me back down on the bed. We fell asleep as we snuggled. This was the beginning of a brief romance and a long friendship. Of course, even after the relationship dissolved, I made sure to keep Holly on my friends with benefit list. And even to this day, she doesn’t complain about our hook ups but, I will save those for later.


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