My first Anal with my Boyfriend

My year-long boyfriend was so fantastic that after he licked me to numerous orgasms, I rolled over, put some KY in his hand, and spread my cheeks. I’ve never had anal before, and I’ve only had intercourse with one other guy, and to be honest, he was so thin down below and only about 4 inches long that it didn’t break my hymen. My lover now has a large one, which appears to be 2 inches thick and 7 inches long. The first time he put it in me, I bled. He has been pushing for anal for 6 months, and I was concerned because of his size. I gave him my pussy, my mouth, and my boobs, and he used to put baby oil in my butt crack and rub it back and forth, come all over my back and his stomach. This time, I promised him he could have all of me, just the way he wanted.

I took it; he tried to be nice, but it hurt a lot. After about 10 minutes, it wasn’t burning as much in my buttocks, but it was still uncomfortable, and as I asked him to take it out, he pushed in and came into me. My BF cums a LOT more than that first guy (the little one about whom my BF is unaware). I believe he would fill practically a whole shot glass with cum. I’m not sure if that’s a lot, but as it moved up my buttocks, I could feel the strength surging up inside me. He was pushed to the limit, so I’m estimating it went up around a foot. It began to come out later at home, in the middle of the night.

He explained that the more we performed it, the better it would be. My first time was on Friday night, and he did it to me again that night and twice on Saturday. I finally persuaded him to give me regular sex so I could go on Sunday, but before he went, he did it in my buttocks again. He’s right that it’s easier and less painful, but with him pushing in and out of me and shooting large loads all the time, I’m almost living in the bathroom. I warned him that once I recovered, we wouldn’t be able to do as much down there.

This was my first time and it feels really great .

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