My fantasy that I can’t forget

Lately I’ve been thinking about a lot of sexual fantasies and how it would be to be able to actually live out my dreams.

First me and and a trans with a huge beautiful dick, while my tiny clit is locked up in a tiny cage where it can’t even move. I’ll have to do everything I can to please her since my worthless small cock never will be able to satisfy anyone.
I’ll start with licking her balls while slowly stroking that huge cock that gets harder by every single stroke, when it’s getting harder my tongue slowly moves downwards past the balls, working my way towards her asshole while slowly stroking the big beautiful dick that now appears to be rock hard, and Im feeling she’s now really horny and I move my back up licking the balls gently, licking upwards of the shaft and then gently using my tongue to clean up the pre-cum that’s gotten out. When I’m done with the pre-cum, my mouth slowly starts to suck in that big beautiful penis that I envy so much, while sucking it really well and deeply I’m feeling my tiny worthless clit getting tighter and tighter inside the cage, that stops me from being able to please myself in anyway and shape. Then the tempo of my blowjob gets faster and faster, feeling that masterpiece of a penis pulsating into my hand and then blowing a huge load into my mouth while she’s enjoying the moment, after cumming, the tempo slows down to soft and slow sucking til she’s totally finished.

When her first cumshot is out I’ll have to use the cum as lube to get my asshole ready for that big thing I’ll just be dreaming about having between my legs. While I’m slowly getting ready to get used as the worthless fuck toy I am, she slowly stroking me with her hands around my tiny little cage, making me feel even harder and I’m feeling my clit starts drooling down from its cage.

Then it’s time to get that big cock of hers inside me, slowly pushing herself into my tight, warm and cum covered asshole, while feeling that enormous thing sliding and stretching it almost too the maximum of what’s possible to achieve. When the entire cock is inside me, he slowly starts to move faster and faster just like he wants it to feel.

After a little while standing there with my cage getting used as human fleshlight I can feel that the precum are running down my thighs and starting to feel that your soon going to explode inside the cage while that big dick is massaging the prostrate in a way making the entire body shake and without any way to control it, then she stops, just seconds before I’m going to cum. She’s standing totally still too make sure I’m not going to get the enjoyment of an orgasm yet, nobody with a small clit like that really deserves to feel how good it feels.
She pulls her cock slowly out again, making me let out a little sigh of joy when the thickness from the dickhead passes the prostrate on the way out. She pulls it out all the way, making sure my holes feeling like they’re never going to come back to life again.

Then she’s turning me around, I can see that huge dick standing straight out of her body. She starts by taking a deep look into my eyes and pulls my head towards that stiff and pulsating monster. Slowly pushing it into the mouth, and deep down the throat, making it totally airtight while using my head as a flesh light. Offer a few seconds she pulls it out again, tossing me onto my stomach with my mouth right by all the mess my worthless clit as made. She looks at me and says that I’ll have to clean up after myself before we’ll doing anything else, slowly cleaning up the mess with my mouth she sitting enjoying herself with the view of me, the worthless little thing without any control over my own body and pleasure.
She stroking that big dick slowly, after getting most of the precum out the bed she lay me down on my back, lifting my legs up pulling my ass towards her again.
She takes her huge dick and putting it beside my small pathetic cage, just to show that I’m nothing but a little boy toy that never will satisfy anyone with my clit, she whispers to me that you’re never going to get back out from your cage, and I know the only way to cum with permission.
Then she start working it into my butt again, feeling her huge dickhead pulsating inside my body, hitting the prostrate perfectly every time it goes by.
I’m feeling the cage pressing against my dick like never before, drooling over my stomach, she starting going harder, faster and you know that she’s about to fill me up with a huge load making me her cumdumpster. I’m feeling her getting harder and harder for every single stroke. I’m feeling the same way like last, she takes a few really hard strokes filling me up with her cum, just as she takes her last stroke she hits the prostrate perfectly and I’m cumming like never before, cum is flowing all around my stomach and chest, laying on the bed vibrating in pure pleasure while she’s pulling out for the last time.
Then she walks towards the door, turns around and says “clean up your mess, now” turning around walking out the door, letting me lay in bed completely naked covered in sweat and cum feeling like the worthless little toy I really am while licking my own cum of the bed.

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